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you will find here most adorable dog breed Puppies For Sale in Pune. Finding the most responsible and genuine breeders can take a few days. Good breeders not only provide you with your new best friend but also help and guide you over your Dog's lifetime that's the reason premium pet house came in to the picture. Year 2024 marked our 18th years In Dog breeding Industry. We specialize in Heavy Size Champion Quality healthy, outstanding personalities, and adorable baby Punch faces & Double Bone.

A dog is one of the few aspects in life that are exactly how they seem – adorable, loyal, protective, and playful!

Life is always better with a dog around. Whether you are looking for a friend who stays with you without judging you, a lovely guardian who would risk their lives for you, or a playful buddy to play with, these furry friends check all the boxes about being an ideal companion!

Puppies For Sale

If you are looking for the best options for bringing a puppy of your preferred breed home, your search ends here! Along with our dog breeding services, we provide dog lovers with some of the healthiest and most adorable Puppies For Sale in Pune.

At Premium Pet House, you get an array of dog breeds that suit your requirements and are in sync with your preferences.

Here are some of the breeds we offer you for sale:

Puppies For Sale In Pune

 Puppies For Sale in Pune Dog For Sale in Pune

If you are a fellow canine lover and searching for dog breeders near me, then premium pet house is always here to help you. if you want to inflate your love by bringing an adorable puppy home or getting your pet bred, we are here to help you every step of the way.

All of our puppies are carefully bred and raised for the best in temperament, health and intelligence. They come with up to date vaccination Certificate. & De worming Schedule. At Premium Pet House They are raised with constant attention from us and hand raised as much as possible. Our main objective is to raise healthy, happy, beautiful babies. Our tradition is guarantee the best KCI registered Puppies For Sale in pune.

We only show our puppies by appointment. Please feel free to call or email to schedule an appointment to meet your new puppy or have any questions. It will be pleasure answer your questions and help you to find your new baby!

You will Feel Unconditional Love in Four Legs, with furry Friend & Tail. Dog is only choice when it comes for having a pet in home. As per the studies, pet dog’s population in India was 19.5 Million on November 2018, it is expected to increase to till 31 Million (Even more than that) at the end of 2023 It is clearly indicating Indian Citizens loves to have dog as a pet in house. If you are hardcore dog lover and want to have beautiful dog puppy at home, Premium Pet House is Just a Place For you.

Ethical Puppies For Sale.

Premium Pet House provides you with completely ethical and efficient dog breeding services for your pet. Our breeding farms are dedicated to making sure that dogs stay in a safe and conducive environment before and after the breeding processes are carried out.

As your Puppies For Sale, you can approach us if you are willing to find an ideal mate for your dog or want to purchase your favourite breed and take an adorable puppy home. You can rest assured that we love dogs as much as you do and treat all our furry friends with utmost care.

There has always been a stigma around dog breeding owing to the unethical practices carried out by a few dog breeders. Breeding is often considered to be a forced or immoral activity that is against the will of the dogs.

However, at Premium Pet House, we take of the dogs and puppies just like an owner and a dog lover would. Whether you are bringing your dog for breeding or coming to take a puppy home, we will provide an adequate amount of food shelter, and affection for our little friends.

Dog Kennel In Pune Dog For Sale In Pune

If you are still on the fence about the breeding services, our doors are always open! Get in touch with us today and we will guide you through our breeding services and our role as dog breeders. Contact - 9823704651

Our Dog Breeding Services In Pune
Preserving Specific Traits

Selective dog breeding allows us to preserve specific traits such as physical characteristics, health conditions, mental abilities, aptitudes, and skills pertaining to specific breeds of dogs.

If you own a rare breed of dog and want to preserve their traits in the offspring’s, our ethical dog breeding services help you do the same in a safe and secure manner.

Procuring Healthy Dogs

As compared to natural mating, our breeding services make sure that healthy dogs are bred to obtain healthy offsprings. We tend to the dogs at our facility with utmost care and keep them in a healthy atmosphere, making sure that the health of the puppies is not compromised.

If you are approaching Premium Pet House for taking home a puppy bred by us, we guarantee that the puppy will be in sound health – physically and mentally.

A Wide Variety Of Dog Breeds

Different dog lovers have different preferences when it comes to bringing new guests home. While some prefer breeds that are high on energy and extremely playful, some prefer guard dogs, and others prefer bringing home puppies that look like fur toys.

At Premium Pet House, we shelter a wide variety of dog breeds that cater to the preferences of every dog lover.

dog fo sale In Pune  Puppies For Sale in Pune
Your Trusted Guides

Apart from being dog breeders, we act as your trusted guides when it comes to getting your dog bred or buying a puppy. Whether you have any confusion or query about any matter relating to dogs in general or your pet in specific, our team will provide you with seamless assistance and guide you all the way.

However, when it comes to shouldering responsibilities of helping you find a suitable puppy and assisting you with ethical dog breeding, we are waiting to connect with you! Click Here Contact - 9823704651

Feel free to ask us anything.

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