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English Bulldog Puppies for Sale in Pune

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show quality english bulldog puppies for sale in pune.
Price 90000
Location baner - pune
Contact 9168044651
Sex male / female
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excellent quality english bulldog available for sale in pune .
Price 86000
Location karve nagar - pune
Contact 9168044651
Sex male / female
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top quality english bulldog puppies for sale in pune.
Price 81000
Location aundh - pune
Contact 9168044651
Sex male
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Want to Purchase bulldog Puppies?

English Bulldogs In Pune

Are you looking for a sweet, caring, and playful companion who would never fail to entertain you? If so, you should certainly consider bringing an English Bulldog puppy home. Premium Pet House provides you with cute and healthy English Bulldog puppies for sale in Pune. We help you choose a pet based on your preferences and provide you with all the necessary information.

We make sure that money is never a barrier between you and your love for pets! We provide you with pet options at the best Bulldog price in Pune. You can rest assured that we wouldn’t let you spend more than what is required to bring home your new furry friend!

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If you are looking for any more information about the English Bulldog Dog breed that would help you make a solid decision, you can reach out to us and we would be more than happy to assist you in the best way possible. Our Contact Number is 9168044651

Brief Introduction About English Bulldogs

Now a popular domestic pet breed, English Bulldogs were originally used for driving cattle to market and competing in a now redundant sport called bullbaiting. Bulldogs originated in England, descending from fighting mastiffs brought to the British Isles by the Romans. They are medium-sized dogs with low-slung and thick-set bodies. They can be easily recognized by their big, square, and short-muzzled heads. With short and sturdy limbs, English Bulldogs sport broad chests and shoulders.

Origin United Kingdon and England
Breed Group Sporting Group
Height Male: 31–40 cm, Female: 31–40 cm,
Weight Male: 23–25 kg, Female: 18–23 kg,
Lifespan 8 – 10 years
Willful, Docile, Friendly, Gregarious
Apartment Friendly 
Price  1,20,000 - 2,50,000

Now that you are thorough with both sides of the coin when it comes to getting a English Bulldog puppy, you can reach out to us if you are willing to be proud English Bulldog puppy parents today! just Connect at - 9168044651

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Benefits Of Having English Bulldog Puppies

Natural Entertainers

There is never a dull moment around an English Bulldog. Whenever you are feeling low, they act as the cutest therapists and help you in cheering up. Their never-ending urge to impress and entertain you would make them act goofy and funny to bring a smile to your face. Being naturally entertaining, Bulldogs can easily become the center of attraction in your parties.

English Bulldog dog price In Pune

Surprisingly Good Guard Dogs

Although they are short in stature and weigh less than 40 pounds, English Bulldogs make surprisingly good guard dogs. As opposed to their usual calm and composed demeanor, they can get fairly aggressive and intimidating if they feel the need to protect you and your family. With an English Bulldog at home, you can trust them to look after the place and your kids in your absence.

Low-maintenance Dogs

Unlike pets with heavy fur, English Bulldogs shed moderately. This makes it easy to maintain them as you would not be required to clean their mess often and spend a lot of time and effort behind catering to them. You also don’t need to bathe them regularly. A simple brushing session with a rubber pad or a bristle brush every week is enough to keep your Bulldog puppy well-groomed.

Ability To Adapt Well

Owing to their “no-nonsense” attitude, English Bulldogs have the ability to adapt well to any environment. Whether you live in a massive villa or a tiny apartment, they would find no difficulty in adjusting to the new environment when you bring them home. This quality makes English Bulldogs an ideal choice for first-time dog parents looking for a playful companion.

Kids Love Them

English Bulldogs quickly become kids’ favorite because of their energetic and playful nature. It doesn’t take much time for a Bulldog pup to vibe with kids and develop a strong bond with them. If you have kids at home, you can leave them with your pet for hours without worrying about either of them getting bored. Your Bulldog puppy is bound to keep the kids thoroughly entertained.

Now that you are well-versed with the key benefits of becoming a Bulldog parent, you can reach out to us and have a look at the English Bulldog puppies for sale in Pune. From their grooming requirements to medical needs, we would provide you with all the necessary information to ensure that your experience as a dog parent is worth being cherished!

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