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Dog Price List In India

Know Everything About Dog Prices and Breed Selection for Smart Purchase of your New Pet!

Not everyone knows what it means to have a dog, although most likely all lovers of this species will have no problem listing all its merits.

Adopting or buying a dog is an incredible and life-changing experience, considering the fact that it involves a lot of commitment and many sacrifices.

If you are planning to buy puppy online in India, contact Premium Pet House for assured services. Their professionals not only guide you throughout the legal buying procedure but also mention every breed’s dog price along with alternate choice; so that you end up buying a perfect dog breed for your home.

Golden Retriever india

9 Factors the Influence Dog Price in Market

1. From the quality, class of the puppy. All dogs (adults) are divided into 3 classes - pet class (pet), breed class (dog for breeding), and show class (dog for exhibitions). In one litter, there can be puppies of all three classes, and there can be only pet-class. A breed class is born less often, and a show class is not in every litter. There is also a pedigree marriage, but such puppies cost money, because they invested exactly as much in them as in show-class puppies.

Breeding marriage - dogs that do not meet the standard of their breed at all, having obvious disqualifying vices. Such puppies for sale in India are sold at cost with the condition that they will never be knitted and exhibited (most often documents for them are not issued). This is the case if they are not euthanized at the time of birth. It's not just that a defective puppy costs the same, and sometimes much more than normal, and is sold much cheaper. And in the fact that disqualifying defects (not counting colour) are very often associated with the health of the puppy and its viability ... And, of course, the reputation of the breeder suffers markedly from the appearance of such puppies - therefore, most breeders prefer not to revive all puppies who have signs of marriage at the time of birth.

Golden Retriever Puppies In India
Golden Retriever Male Puppy Price in india
Golden Retriever Puppy India

2. From the title of parents. The title does not always mean that mom and dad are cool representatives of their breed, but the fact that they meet the standard of this breed. At least six dog experts consider them worthy, testifies accurately.

Golden Retriever Puppies In India

3. From complications of mating, pregnancy and childbirth. It's one thing when the dogs tied themselves up, and then at the right time the bitch gave birth herself. And quite another, when breeder had to call a mating instructor, then there was toxicosis and other complications, and then a caesarean section, as a result of which one weak puppy was born, which had to be fed artificially. The services of a mating instructor and a veterinarian are now very expensive, and there is no need to talk about drugs and artificial milk at all.

4. From the number of puppies in the litter. The costs of a trip to the "groom", a mating instructor, the mating itself, gestation and childbirth are the same for any number of puppies. Consequently, the fewer puppies in the litter, the more expensive each of them is, the puppy price in India increases.

5. From the price for knitting, whether the knitting was field or local.

Puppies from the option "tied under the puppy" or "to give the boy pleasure" in the neighbouring yard at cost are noticeably cheaper than puppies obtained, as a result, of a trip to a super-male (whose owners want a super-price for mating) to the end of the world.

6. Depending on how large and famous the kennel sells puppies.

It is clear that if the kennel is large, then he has more opportunities to expect "his" person for each puppy than a person who once tied his dog and grows all the litter at home. In addition, the kennel usually becomes famous when the puppies born in it begin to win at shows. And this means the correct selection of pairs, the right cultivation, upbringing, etc. This is at least some promise of quality (there can be no guarantees). And you have to pay for quality... In addition, in order for the nursery to become famous, it is necessary to work very hard and invest a lot of effort and money - why should this not be paid?

7. Depending on whether this breed is in vogue now.

A puppy of a fashionable breed will be sold in any case, even if it is not very good in appearance and psyche.

8. From the age of the puppies.

The sooner the puppy for sale in Sangli finds its owner, the less the owner of the will have time to spend on it. And, the younger the puppy, the less likely it is to see what it will look like when it grows up. It is logical to assume that the younger the puppy, the cheaper it costs. But here is the paradox - a grown up puppy is sometimes given very cheaply or even for free - just to be taken away. The breeder, especially the inexperienced, is very afraid that if the puppy is not taken away right now, he will remain forever.

In addition, those who acquire the first dog in their lives and acquire it "on the couch" prefer to take very small puppies to grow them personally. Experienced dog owners, especially those who purchase a dog for a show, prefer to take a teenager. Therefore, according to this point, dog price in Sangli is very dependent on the experience and professionalism of the seller - if this is the first litter sold, then the older the puppy, the cheaper it is, if the breeder is a professional, then vice versa.

9. From the conscientiousness of the breeder.

Good food, vitamins, toys, veterinary care costs money. Bad food also costs, but much less. The more the breeder spends, the greater the dog prices will be and the more expensive they will have to be sold (you cannot insist that the breeder give you his money!).

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