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Dog Grooming Services In Pune

Dog Grooming

Excellent pet grooming services not only make your pets look beautiful but they also make them healthy. Since dogs have made a special place in the family, we take care of them and love them like any other family member. Their grooming becomes very essential. They should get your best care, love, and attention. There is no better way to pamper them with dog grooming services. Pets love to get pampered and they return the same love in their cute little ways.

If you are looking for grooming for dogs and want your dog to have a calm and relaxing time, then Premium Pet house is the right hub. Their dog grooming services are excellent. They have a highly talented staff that is trained to understand the requirements of your dog.

Benefits Of Dog Grooming

Dog grooming is highly considered to improve the looks of a dog. It does have other benefits too, not only does your dog look great and smell wonderful but they also have a positive effect on their wellbeing. Some amazing benefits are as follows:

Working Hours

Below Are our Standard Working hours for All the Services.

  • Monday 08:00 -- 09:00 P.M.
  • Tuesday 08:00 -- 09:00 P.M.
  • Wednesday 08:00 -- 9:00 P.M.
  • Thursday 08:00 -- 10:00 P.M.
  • Friday 08:00 -- 09:00 P.M.
  • Saturday 08:00 -- 10:00 P.M.
  • Sunday 08:00 -- 10:00 P.M.

Reduction In Ear Infections

To prevent any ear infection, getting rid of all the build-up and dirt from your dog’s ears is very vital. Apart from this, the groomer can trim any extra hair that causes further problems. One of the most leading causes of deafness in dogs is ear infections. Getting your dog’s ears checked at regular intervals will maintain their hearing for a very long time.

They Have Better Hygiene And Smell Great

This is one of the most obvious advantages of dog grooming. There are various hygiene benefits that come with proper grooming. Brushing and cleaning away all the dirt and dead skin can be very favorable for your dog’s hygiene and smell. A smelly dog is enough to make anybody cringe. You nose be thankful if you take your dogs for a fresh groom.

Trimming Nails is Beneficial

You always forget to trim your dog’s nails regularly but it is extremely vital for your dog’s health. If the nails are too big, it becomes a problem for your dog to walk properly. They tend to change postures to be more comfortable because they have longer nails. This can be more dangerous and severe.

If you leave your dog’s nails too long, this can cause various ailments such as deformations, bad posture, and arthritis. A good tip is that when they stand and their nails are touching the floor, this means it’s time for a trim.

Getting rid of mats

Dogs that have medium to long fur, they most probably will have mats. Mats are developed when the fur is entwined and bunched. If you leave these mats untreated, they can aggressively pull on the skin and grow bigger. A dog will feel uncomfortable if they are tight or present in sensitive areas. Constant grooming and brushing curbs the chances of mats from occurring.

Checks On Fleas

If you own a dog, you know that fleas will be present. One great advantage of going to a groomer is that they will rigorously check for fleas and their eggs. Constant brushing, clipping, and washing of doggy fur will help to cease the rise of fleas. For a tiny fee, your groomer might give you some treatments to get rid of these annoying blood-suckers forever.

A Healthy Dog Coat Will Shed Very Little

No matter what dog breed you have, grooming is paramount for your dog. Proper brushing and washing will help the quality and health of their coats. Even if you just brush your dog, it removes all the dirt, dead skin, and other things. Brushing also makes the coat healthier and shinier because it helps to spread the natural oils throughout their coats.

Detection Of Any Health and Skin Problems

Groomers become close to your dogs when you take them for grooming. They will notice if there is any kind of abnormalities happening. These can include lumps and bumps that you probably did not see while brushing them. Early detection is a great key to identify any issues and stopping them from becoming severe conditions.

Your Dog Will Look Gorgeous

Apart from all these dog health benefits from proper grooming sitting, one very important advantage of all is that your dog will look beautiful. If your dog looks dirty or smells bad, it can be poorly reflected on its owners. Making sure to have a beautiful, tidy and clean dog is always positive.

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