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Dog Breeders In Ahmedabad

Dog breeding is an extremely important activity has gained a significant amount of momentum over time. It is necessary for dog owners to get their dogs bred the right way to ensure healthy puppies. Many pet lovers also prefer buying puppies directly from the breeders.

However, a few unethical and irresponsible dog breeders have resulted in the degradation of the activity as a whole. Activities like running dog mills simply for the purpose of making money out of forced breeding have completely ignored the health of dogs being bred.

It is important to understand that if the breeder is aware of the specifics of dog breeding and does make any use of force, the activity can be conducted in a productive and ethical way. There are several dog breeders like premium pet house who breed healthy dogs having an excellent temperament.

Dog Puppies For Sale In Ahmedabadd

Dog Puppies For Sale In Ahmedabad

It is important to focus on such breeders instead of the unethical ones. It is often healthy for your dogs if you take them to a reliable dog breeder for mating. Many breeders also indulge into selling the puppies they breed.

If you are looking to mate your dogs or purchase dogs from a breeder, we at We are all ears to all your questions! You can contact us in case of any queries and we will do our best to provide satisfactory answers. connect with us as a best dog breeders near you. We ensure that our services will lead you to the most ethical, reliable and responsible breeder for your dogs.

puppies listed with are not obsessed with making profits. Just like you, there are genuine dog lovers, wanting to create healthy and adorable puppies. Here, you will find all major dog breeds, providing the best services at highly affordable rates.

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Why Choose Premium Pet House As a Dog Breeders near you

Dog Price In Ahmedabad

Suitable for all budgets

Depending on the breed of your dog, you might want to spend a significant amount of money or pay limited costs to your breeder. Whatever your needs are, the dog breeders listed with us will suit your financial requirements.

All the services provided by the premium pet house are affordable and light on your pocket. We value your money and will never charge more than what is required.

Varied services

We have several puppies listed on our website, belonging to all major parts of the country. Premium pet house provide every possible service as an ethical dog breeder in Ahmedabad.

Premium Pet House acts as a reliable one-point contact for dog lovers / pet parents. You can go through our services and share us with the details of your specific requirements. We will get in touch with you and provide you promised services.

No matter what breed puppy you are willing to avail from the puppies listed with us, we will make the best possible negotiations and get you an ideal deal for your budget.

Our primary motive is to provide you with a centralised platform using who you can avail / purchase several dog breeds from our website. Also, please note that every single of these services are fully ethical with no scope for foul play.

Obtain specialized breeds

Within all the ethical boundaries, Premium Pet House help you obtain specialised breeds of dogs, which would not have been possible otherwise.

You might want to eliminate specific mental traits, physical characteristics, genetic conditions, skills or aptitudes. On the other hand, you might also want to add or preserve certain specific characteristics in your dogs.

In either of the cases, our staff will help you obtain the breeds you are looking for through natural and selective breeding. You can also contact premium pet house if you want to purchase puppies belonging to a specialised breed.

Pushing nature’s boundaries!

Over time, nature has influenced the existence of several breeds of dogs. However, the nature may have its shortcomings and limitations in certain areas. These limitations can be surpassed by the act of breeding.

With the help of our specialist, you can undo some of nature’s drawbacks when it comes to dogs. This is essentially carried out by selective breeding. Through selective breeding, you can alter even the most basic genetic traits of dogs, an activity that would have long-term implications.

If done right, you can create an entire new genetic line of a dog breed. You can use this process to incorporate desirable characteristics within a breed and eliminate unwanted traits from the same.

This way, along with altering breeds according to modern requirements, you would also help the concerned dog breed in getting better and more efficient. This is something that nature is not able to fulfil by itself!

Saving rare breeds from perishing

We have often lost the battle with nature for preserving some of the most beautiful breeds of birds and animals.

However, dog breeding is a small silver lining for preserving dog breeds.

There are many dog breeds that are getting increasingly rare due to lack of attention or interest of people in them. Dog breeders can save these breeds from perishing by multiplying them.

Although you may argue saying that it is a part of evolution, our negligence and change in the way of living has been triggering the extinction of animal life in general at a rate that is much faster than nature’s course.

Receiving an expert’s advice!

First-time pet-owners are often advised to purchase dogs from dog breeders. This is because a dog breeder has all necessary information about majority of dog breeds. They are well-versed with all intricacies regarding dogs.

A dog breeder can advise you on matters such as toilet training, food habits, bating and grooming habits. They can also counsel you on whether the concerned dog is fit for your lifestyle and your family.

In short, a reliable dog breeder can be a good guide on purchasing and maintaining dogs; especially if you are a first-time pet owner.

Puppies For Sale In Ahmedabad
Dog Kennel In Ahmedabad

Getting your dog’s history

Dog breeders often go back several generations for creating or specialising a breed through selecting breeding. This way, they have a complete history about the dog you want to purchase from them. You may also get to meet your puppy’s parents if you buy them from breeders!

A guarantee of good health!

In most cases, puppies purchased from breeders are extremely healthy. Many dog breeders also provide a health guarantee for the puppies they have for sale.

This is because a breeder will often breed dogs for obtaining healthier off-springs. However, if a dog breeder is providing you a health guarantee, it is advisable to understand all the terms therein.

Generally, there are specific health issues listed in the guarantee. If your dog faces these issues, the breeder would provide you with a refund, or with a replacement puppy.

Access to lifelong help

Majority of the dog puppies listed on Premium pet house are genuine dog lovers and are attached to the dogs they breed. Owing to this special bond, most of our breeders will provide you with relevant help and guidance throughout the life of your pet.

Your pet will always have shelter

Many pet owners face the issue of leaving their puppies alone when they have to be out of town for a longer period of time. In such a situation, many pet shops might refuse keeping your pet for a longer time.

However, a dog breeder would always have their doors open for puppies you bought from them. As mentioned earlier, our dog breeders are really attached to the dogs they breed and would never refuse for any assistance you require.

You can therefore travel without any worries as your pet will certainly have a safe shelter to live in the meantime.