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Pomeranian Puppies for Sale in Pune

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active & energetic pomeranian puppies for sale in pune.
Price 18000
Location m.g road - pune
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top quality pomeranian puppies for sale in pune.
Price 21000
Location deccan - pune
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pomeranian puppies available for sale in pune.
Price 16000
Location katraj - pune
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Want to Purchase Pomeranian Puppies?


These are not sporadic cases, but most of the puppies that you find displayed in the windows of pet shops, especially in large shopping centres, come from Eastern countries. It is one of the biggest dog traffic engines. But the shopkeepers are not breeders, the only thing that interests us is to attract people, sell their products and unfortunately a puppy is one of these. Who would not be fond of a tiny 4-legged playing in a showcase devoid of stimuli? But first it is better to ask ourselves some questions like, where did they come from? Who raised them? What is Pomeranian dog price Pune? The answer to these questions are properly given by only genuine breeders.

Responsible breeders of Premium Pet House study and know the breed thoroughly. They breed only one, to which they specialize! They follow their dogs, they don't stress them, and they let all possible buyers visit their business. They fear nothing, they know that from them people will find: responsibility, love for their dogs, professionalism and experience. This is why puppies from a qualified breeder like Premium Pet House cost a lot. There is hard work behind it, many expenses and a very precise selection in order to reproduce healthy subjects, there is a guarantee! Healthy are the parents of the kennel, healthy will be the puppies to be adopted.

Pomeranian petshop In Pune

Pomeranian puppy for sale in Pune is live at our website. Explore the various breeds of dogs and ask for Pomeranian puppy price in Pune from experts. Our Contact Number is 9168044651


Pomeranian- a breed with a centuries-old history, which became the ancestor of many other breeds. The ancestors of the Spitz were extinct peat dogs. The very concept of "spitz" means "sharp" (German Spitz). Characteristic features of Pomeranian dogs are pointed muzzles and ears, thick fur, often white, and a twisted nose.


Pomeranian puppies are considered ready for sale not earlier than three months. By this time, they are fully strengthened, and they are issued documents: a puppy card and a veterinary passport with instructions for vaccinations.

Some unscrupulous sellers may pretend to be a monthly Spitz as a dwarf, so it is better to seek a puppy in a kennel or to prove breeders with a good reputation. In Pomeranian dog shop in Pune you are guaranteed to receive not only a healthy and well-groomed puppy, but also recommendations for feeding and care, and you will be provided with qualified support at first.

How much is a Pomeranian dog price Pune? It depends on several factors. First of all it is professionalism of the breeder and quality of care of dogs. Also included are the costs of documentation, feeding, vitamins and vaccinations. Secondly, this is the classification of a puppy. Promising show-class puppies will always have to pay an order of magnitude more than usual.

The final colour of the Spitz is formed only up to almost three years. In order to determine the future colour for sure, you need to look at the colour behind the ears, slightly spreading the hair. And it can also be identified by parents, as puppies often inherit their coat colour.

Origin Germany and Poland
Breed Group Toy Breed
Height 7 to 12 inches (18 to 30 cm)
Weight 3 to 7 pounds (1.4 to 3.2 kg)
Lifespan 12 – 16 years
Playful, Extroverted, Intelligent, Friendly, Sociable, Active
Apartment Friendly 
Price  10, 000 – 75, 000

Now that you are thorough with both sides of the coin when it comes to getting a Pomeranian puppy, you can reach out to us if you are willing to be proud Pomeranian puppy parents today! just Connect at - 9168044651

Pomeranian puppies for sale In Pune
Pomeranian Price In Pune


Small Pomeranian coped well with the role of guards, announcing the barking of the arrival of strangers. These were frugal dogs that did not eat much compared to large guard dogs and were therefore available to almost all peasants.

As the breed grew in popularity, these dogs gradually evolved from working to decorative. They are good companions, which can often be found at exhibitions and even in circus arenas.

These dogs are Kind and Patient

Funny appearance and cheerful character make the Pomeranian puppy in Pune a wonderful pet, which is famous for its kindness and patience. Despite the suspicion of strangers in these dogs there is no aggression. Spitz dogs can be not only sofa dogs, but also live toy nannies for a small child, who will never snap at any children's pranks.

They retain their energy and playfulness until old age. Pomeranians are not for nothing considered companions. Communication with the owners is very important for them. It can be both joint walks and entertainments, and simple stroking, sitting in a chair or on a sofa.

These Dogs are Intelligent

Pomeranian puppies for sale in Pune are smart and clever. Classes with them bring one pleasure, and education is possible even for those who have no experience in dog breeding. They get along well in high-rise buildings and in private homes. Spitz dogs do not require long and exhausting walks, although they will always be happy to walk next to their beloved host.

Pomeranian dog for sale In Pune
Pomeranian dog price In Pune

These Dogs are Cheerful

German Spitz owners are never depressed. It is impossible to be sad for a long time when such a merry miracle rubs near you. Spitz are very cheerful and energetic. In addition, they are big fans of all kinds of games. These dogs are balanced and completely non-aggressive. But outsiders are treated with caution and will always be notified by a loud bark about their arrival.

These dogs adjust well in home Atmosphere

Spitz, especially small species, belong to barking dogs, so they can interfere with rest or often wake a small child. By the way, they always have a wonderful relationship with children. Spitz dogs are equally suitable for a private home and for living in urban high-rises. But one of the disadvantages of the breed is the care of hair, which also sheds almost all year round.

They are smart, clever and resourceful. With proper upbringing and care, German Spitz for many years will be a nice and cheerful companion for your whole family, able to lift any mood.


Pomeranian puppy in Pune is very easy and fast to train. They are so smart that in addition to the necessary commands perfectly master the various tricks. Plus, Spitz try to be creative and resourceful with their learning process. They often demonstrate their vision of the team, which is always unquestioningly fulfilled, but in a slightly different way. Try to conduct lessons regularly and with a share of playfulness and ease.


Pomeranians are domestic dogs that need to be kept in a house or apartment. But be prepared for the fact that getting used to the toilet can take several months. It is better to start with getting used to the diaper. And Spitz dogs are constantly shedding and require hair care.

They should be bathed as infrequently as possible, both before and after this procedure. In addition, daily combing is required. So the Spitz will not only look well-groomed, but will not be twisted into tufts of wool. You need to regularly cut the hair around the anus so that it does not get dirty, otherwise you will have to constantly wash your pet or watch his untidy appearance.

The dog's coat should be kept dry. Therefore, after bathing or walking in wet weather, it is recommended to dry it with a hair dryer. You should periodically treat your pet for fleas and regularly clean your ears.

Lovers of aesthetics or to simplify care, you can use a procedure such as a Pomeranian haircut. It is done either at the client's home or in the salon, but always a professional groomer who will not spoil the appearance of your pet. If you plan to visit exhibitions, then before them every time you need to bathe and cut the dog.


Pomeranians are owners of good immunity and are not prone to hereditary diseases. How long Pomeranian live directly depends on proper maintenance and feeding. On average, it is 14 years, but often longer. Sometimes, unfortunately, there are problems such as:

• Subluxation of the knee joint, as well as weakness of the ligaments of the extremities.

• Dental problems. In Spitz deciduous teeth have elongated roots, which can be a problem of their change to permanent and often have to be removed.

• Eye diseases. Most common in Spitz dogs with bulging eyes, so you should refrain from buying such a puppy.

• Digestive problems from dysbacteriosis to obesity.

• Cough associated with the peculiar structure of the larynx.

• Problems with growth (dwarfism).

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