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Pug Puppies for Sale in Pune

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top linage pug puppies for sale in pune.
Price 24000
Location dattwadi - pune
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show quality pug puppies for sale in pune.
Price 25000
Location tathawade - pune
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Price 19000
Location kheshav nagar - pune
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Want to Purchase Pug Puppies?

Pug Puppies for Sale in Pune

You figured out which one breed belongs to the dog of your dreams? Then you probably can't wait to take a gorgeous one home with you puppy. To avoid unpleasant surprises, however, we recommend that you buy a dog belonging to a selected breed, turning exclusively to a Pug Dog Shop in Pune.

If you are looking for any more information about the Pug Dog breed that would help you make a solid decision, you can reach out to us and we would be more than happy to assist you in the best way possible. Our Contact Number is 9168044651

Why it is important to turn to a serious breeder?

We are sure that you want to buy a healthy and good-natured animal, with which to spend many happy years. And we imagine that you certainly don't want to deal with behavioural disorders, illnesses and consequent frequent visits to the vet. Those who buy a puppy from any unscrupulous breeder often find themselves dealing with all this.

What seemed like a bargain soon turns out to be a nightmare, in terms of economic investment, because often the veterinary expenses that are necessary are far higher than the price paid for the purchase of the puppy. Furthermore, by doing so you will have directly contributed to financing the criminal businesses of that irresponsible breeder, and indirectly to perpetuate the suffering of other animals.

This is why it is essential to try to carefully select the breeder to buy from Pug Puppies for Sale in Pune. A serious professional selects with criteria and care the specimens to be bred: for this reason, for a reliable breeder, the health and good temperament of the breed will always have priority.

By excluding sick specimens and those with undesirable behaviours, the breeder allows a particular breed to keep its characteristics intact over time and makes sure that you can receive a little dog that won't surprise you in the future.

Pug Puppy Price In Pune

A Brief Introduction about Pug Breed

The "Dutch Bulldog" is more commonly known as the "Pug", the British and American denomination. This is due to its great popularity on the internet. In recent years, this breed has been all the rage on the web, especially on YouTube, where many videos have made it their star. This dog was for a long time the favourite breed of princesses and aristocrats! Marie-Antoinette herself had one.

Breed Name PUG
Origin China
Breed Group Toy Breed
Height 30 – 36 cm
Weight 14 to 18 pounds (6.3 to 8.1 kg)
Lifespan 12 – 15 years
Charming, Clever, Playful, Mischievous, Docile, Stubborn
Apartment Friendly 
Price  15, 000 – 80, 000
Pug puppies for sale In Pune
Pug Dog food In Pune

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Pug physical characteristics

The Pug looks like a real mastiff, but in a small size. It is a medium sized breed, males around 30/40cm, females being somewhat smaller. Their weight is generally between 6 and 10kg. As for the colours, they differ from one dog to another. It is considered that there are six main colours of dresses: apricot, sand, black, very dark brown, silver and even white for albinos. The mask generally remains black.

He has short, soft, and smooth hair. Its head is round, broad, with a flat top.

His muzzle is square and short, and the rest of his face is lined with deep, wide wrinkles. Its tail forms a small corkscrew going up on its hip, its ears are small and soft, forming either a rose or a button.

Character and aptitudes of the Pug

Pug pet store In Pune

Pugs are cheerful and love children

Pug for adoption in Pune is extremely popular for its softness, which has earned it a reputation for being very good with young children! He always has energy, liveliness to spare and a cheerful spirit without fault. He is not aggressive in nature, he does not growl when we stroke or hug him. He can be quite curious, and he can alternate between a sporty or rather calm lifestyle. He can bark a lot to show his emotions, he is also very playful and much attached to those close to him. He loves company and is therefore very sociable. But he also tolerates solitude very well, as long as he has toys to occupy himself during the day. Whether you are at home regularly or just in the evening, he will be happy! Do not hesitate to take them as a couple so that they can have fun together.

Pugs are faithful

Faithful companions for people of all ages. Being close to the owner is the real calling of pugs. Fans of lying on the couch may seem lazy, but black pug puppies for sale in Pune are also willing to accompany the owners on walks, participate in active entertainment. To pets breed pug is tolerant, get along with cats and other dogs. Responsive to noise, loudly report danger.

Pugs remain calm with other animals and humans

If you adopt a Pug at a young age, then you will be able to educate him however you want. He will become whatever you want to do with him, he is very intelligent, and so it will be very easy. However, it should not be allowed too many liberties. He will have a natural tendency to laziness and fattening if he is too pampered. If you don't socialize him, he may be suspicious or fearful of other animals and people. So do not hesitate to bring a little firmness in your education, in order to avoid the development of social stubbornness.

This will allow, among other things, to avoid an overly possessive side with his master, which could harm his relationship with others. This firmness will also make it possible to ensure that he does not take himself for the king at home. This socialization must be done before 6 months in order to optimize its character over the long term. Once he gets used to the presence of other animals, he is totally adapted to living together. It is an extremely sensitive animal, touched by emotions and feelings, so it will be necessary to show it a good dose of gentleness and love. Small downside: the breed is known to be a little reluctant to potty train, so take your troubles patiently.

Pug dog for sale In Pune

Pugs are perfect for apartments

This affectionate dog gets along very well with other animals and humans in general. Its size and character make it suitable for apartment living, and allow you to travel with it without any problem. He will be inclined to watch television with you, and will even adopt certain human behaviours (such as putting his head on a pillow to sleep). The Pug has a certain sense of humour, he will tend to play pranks on his owner. He will be a true, loyal and reliable companion dog at all times. He will develop a lot of his character in accordance with the education you provide him. It will therefore adapt to your habits, if you are not the athletic type, it will stay with you without any problem and will not suffer from not practicing physical exercises. Pug puppies for sale are educated very easily, and are very sensitive to the emotions that will be provided to them.

Pug Dog Price In Pune
Pug Price In Pune

The Pug: His physique, his health

The average life expectancy of a Pug is around 11-12 years, which is still a good average for a dog of this size. The breed is however relatively fragile, or in any case it requires very special care. Because of its robust side, its joints are not very flexible, so it is better to avoid stretching its limbs during games, or even to let it jump or drop it from places that are too high. This is also why you will have to try to monitor your weight.

Pug grooming

It is important to maintain Pug Puppies for Sale in Pune well, its multiple folds can cause hygienic problems. Regular bathing and shampooing is recommended. Be careful with his muzzle, however, he must stay dry and clean.

While the list of potential illnesses may seem long, the Pug is nowhere near as delicate as it sounds. It is important to take good care of him, so he will rarely get sick. However, some lines are less fortunate than others and may experience specific health problems. If you are afraid of this, try to choose a good line!

Frequently Asked Questions About Pug Puppies in Pune