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Maltese Puppies For Sale In Pune

The price of Maltese puppies for sale in Pune ranges from ₹55,000 to ₹1,00,000. this price Changes on the breeders’ experience and the puppy’s pedigree. If you are willing to get a Maltese puppy in Pune that is purebred and trained, it would cost you more. Maltese is 100% hypoallergenic dog breed available in india.

Extremely suitable for indoor living as well as small areas, the Maltese dog for sale is intelligent, gentle, and responsive at the same time. This beautiful dog breed has always been a great companion to humans for centuries.

The way lush silken white hair drapes his body will definitely make you fall in love with Maltese. His coat falls to the floor and his curl of a tail arches charmingly over his back.

maltese puppies for sale in pune.
Price 85000
Location karve nagar - pune
Contact 9823704651
Sex male / female
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maltese puppies available in pune.
Price 86000
Location airport road - pune
Contact 9823704651
Sex Female
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import bloodline maltese puppies for sale in pune.
Price 95000
Location kaspate vasti - pune
Contact 9823704651
Sex male
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The cute black button nose often turns pink in case, the dog is not receiving enough sun. On the other hand, the noses of female Maltese turn pink when they are in heat mostly. you will get here best maltese puppies for sale in pune.

It is important for you to know that Maltese puppies always make wonderful therapy pups due to various reasons like loving personalities as well as small size.

One of the best things about this breed is, Maltese is a real people pleaser, you can scoop them in your arms and cover them with adoring kisses.

Maltese dog breeder In Pune

If you are looking for any more information about the Maltese Dog breed that would help you make a solid decision, you can reach out to us and we would be more than happy to assist you in the best way possible. Our Contact Number is 9823704651


It is important for you to know that this dog grows only seven to twelve inches in height and weighs between four to eight pounds. If you love snuggling pets in your lap then a Maltese puppy is perfect.

The dog offered by us is well-known for its long and smooth white coat that hangs beautifully down to the ground. It does not have an undercoat and sheds very little. But to avoid Maltese coat from getting matted, you must brush it on a regular basis.

The long hair of Maltese puppies can be tied in a topknot in order to keep them out of their eyes. You can trim the hair short and give a puppy cut. Such type of haircut will give your pet an adorable look.

You must know that Maltese dog has cute floppy ears along with a compact body, sloping shoulders, brown eyes as well as a black nose.

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Breed Name MALTESE
Origin Mediterranean Basin
Breed Group Toy Breed
Height Male: 21 – 25 cm Female: 20 – 23 cm
Weight Male: 3 – 4 kg Female: 3 - 4 kg
Lifespan 12 – 15 years
Playful, Affectionate, Sweet-Tempered, Intelligent, Easygoing,
Apartment Friendly 
Price  75,000 - 1,50,000
Maltese-Dog purchase In pune

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Keep one thing in your mind, the personality of a dog is usually based upon the environment and experiences they have with the world. Although, this breed is famous for its several amazing character traits including obedient, gentle, trustworthy, loving, and smart.

Living with a Maltese puppy is always a fun and playful experience. You would definitely love growing old with them.

This breed is like humans and loves to stay close to them, moreover right underfoot, cuddling in the lap or cozy in your arms. Since Maltese love the attention and closeness of humans so much, they might be prone to parting anxiety.

In order to avoid such kind of separation anxiety, you can opt for crate training for your dog. In this way, you can give your little furry friend a safe as well as a comfy place to rest when you are not home and leave them alone.

Maltese dogs often make a perfect family dog and are very good with older children. However, you might find them to be a little snappish with young children present in your home.

But don’t worry because such kind of behavior can be easily prevented by giving your dog training and socializing them with small kids.

One of the best things about Maltese is, they are extremely alert and react immediately against unfamiliar people and noise.

Frequently Asked Questions About Maltese Puppies in Pune