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Beagle Puppies For Sale In Pune

The cost of a Beagle puppy in Pune ideally ranges from ₹30,000 to ₹80,000. According to the funds you are willing to allocate for bringing a Beagle puppy home, you can find a pet of your choice. Getting a purebred Beagle in Pune would certainly cost you more than bringing home a crossbred puppy. Irrespective of the kind of breed you are looking for, always make sure that you approach pet stores and dog breeders in Pune that use healthy and genuine methods of breeding and raising puppies. A day always starts a little better if you wake up to the sound of a happy “Woof!”

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A dog is way more than a man’s best friend. These furry friends are always there for you to share your worries, to protect you from danger, to help you exercise, and make sure you are in shape! Being a dog parent is a job that is, in equal parts, fun and responsible.

If you are looking for some of the most adorable Beagle puppies for sale in Pune, you have landed on just the right page!

At Premium Pet House, we make sure that you find the healthiest and the most beautiful Beagle puppies as your new companions. You can rest assured that we will provide you the best Beagle price in Pune, not making you spend anything more than what is required.

A Little Introduction About Beagles.

Beagle is a small hound breed that looks similar to a large foxhound, originally bred for hunting purposes. Their height ranges between 13 and 16 inches and weighs anywhere between 8.2kg and 15.9 kg.

Beagles come in vibrant colors like lemon, red and white, or tricolor. They are known for their big brown or hazel beady eyes and long ears hanging lowly between a broad head.

Owing to their joyful, loving, and companionable nature, a Beagle is often referred to as “merry” by dog lovers. Beagles are highly energetic, intelligent, curious, and playful dogs that require a good amount of playtime with their owners.

You can always approach us if you are willing to obtain more information about Beagles before scouting through Beagle puppies for sale in Pune.

Breed Name Beagle
Origin United Kingdom, England and Great Britain
Breed Group Sporting Group
Height Male: 36–41 cm Female: 33–38 cm
Weight Male: 10–11 kg Female: 9–10 kg
Lifespan 10 – 15 Years
Intelligent, Amiable, Even Tempered, Determined, Excitable, Gentle
Apartment Friendly 
Price  30, 000 – 80, 000
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All you need to do is reach out to us and we will shoulder the responsibility of finding you exactly the Beagle puppy that you are looking for, Give us a call on 9823704651

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The Benefits Of Bringing Beagle Puppies Home

Low Maintenance

Beagles are not one of those puppies that need to be thoroughly maintained and looked after 24/7. They are a fairly low maintenance breed with fewer messes to clean up and lesser shedding to deal with. If you comb and groom your Beagle on a regular basis, there is hardly anything that you need to spend your time on when it comes to maintaining your puppy.

Beagle dog Price in Pune
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They Are Happy Dogs

You will rarely find a Beagle that is grumpy and angry. Naturally, Beagles have a temperament that is calm and happy. It is very easy to befriend them and make them happy with the smallest gestures. They love a good company of children and people who indulge them in playful activities.

Champion Bloodline Beagle Puppies sale in pune
Price 30000
Location Boat Club Road - pune
Contact 9823704651
Sex Male and Female
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Energetic Beagle puppies sale in pune
Price 32000
Location Katraj - pune
Contact 9823704651
Sex Male and Female
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Quality Beagle puppies sale in pune
Price 30000
Location Bavdhan - pune
Contact 9823704651
Sex male and female
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