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American Bully Price In India | American Bully For Sale In India

American Bully puppies For Sale In India

Are you looking for a pet who is equal parts cute and strong? Do you like being constantly accompanied by a playful little friend who would do anything to keep you safe? Do you prefer an ideal combination of strength and affection in a puppy? If the answer to all these questions is a big “yes,” you are looking for an American Bully!Are you looking for a pet who is equal parts cute and strong? Do you like being constantly accompanied by a playful little friend who would do anything to keep you safe? Do you prefer an ideal combination of strength and affection in a puppy? If the answer to all these questions is a big “yes,” you are looking for an American Bully!

American Bully is a fairly new breed of dogs that make great companions to humans. Bred specifically to be companion dogs, American Bullies are shorter than large dogs but have the same aggression, vigor, and strength. They are playful and full of energy, often helping their owners in their daily exercise routines. American Bullies are also extremely protective of their owners and possess unconditional loyalty for them.

At Premium Pet House, we provide you with the healthiest American Bullies for sale in India. Whatever your requirements are, we have the right option for you at our breeding farms. Our team of ethical and responsible breeders will guide you every step of the way as you look for the right American Bully puppy for you or your loved ones.

Moreover, all pets at Premium Pet House are available at the best American Bully price in India. We understand your love for puppies and do not let price be a hindrance between you and your American Bully puppy. Our breeders will also inform you about the overall cost involved in feeding and maintaining the pet once you take it home with you.

Even if you haven’t made up your mind about getting yourself a good-looking American Bully puppy, you can always approach us and have a look at the options we have for you. We assure you that you won’t be dissatisfied!

American Bully Price in India
Breed Name American Bully
Origin United States
Breed Group Bull Breed
Height Male/Female: 13 – 20 inches
Weight Male/Female: 20 – 60 kg
Lifespan 8 – 13 years
happy, outgoing, stable, Good-natured, amusing, and confident
Apartment Friendly 
Price  30,000 - 80,000

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A Brief Introduction To American Bullies

American Bully is a new breed of medium-sized dogs bred to be ideal companions to humans. Also called a Bullypit or an American Bully Pit, an American Bully is known for the immense strength it has for its size. Despite being smaller than most conventionally large dogs, these pets can intimidate intruders and keep their owners safe from all dangers.

American Bullies sport a coat that is short, stiff to the touch, close, and glossy. With a broad skull and sharp cheek muscles, they have high-set ears and well-defined jaws. They look like sturdy little companions you do not want to mess with! Their deep and broad chests make them carry themselves with pride and confidence.

If you are looking for American Bully puppies in India, you will need to choose from one of the five major categories – standard, pocket, extra large (XL), classic, and extreme. Their weight and height differ according to the type you choose. On average, an American Bully is around 13 to 21 tall and weighs around 70 to 120 pounds. Make sure you inform the dog breeder you approach about your preferences to select the best puppy.

American Bully Price In India

The American Bully price in India typically ranges from ₹30,000 to ₹80,000. This price depends on factors like the dog’s size, color, type, lineage, location, and breeder reputation.

At Premium Pet House, you can explore different options at the most affordable American Bully dog price in India. Thinking beyond profits, we have priced all our puppies at rates that do not burn deep holes in your pockets! We know what it is to be an unconditional dog lover and do our best to make your journey of becoming a pet parent as seamless as possible.

Show Quality American Bully Puppy Price In India

American Bully Feeding Cost

Being high-energy dogs, American Bullies need their daily calories to be taken care of. Feeding them high-quality dog food can cost you anywhere between ₹3,000 and ₹5,000 every month.

American Bully Training Cost

While they are intelligent dogs, American Bullies do require socialization and obedience training during their younger days. This helps them grow into well-mannered and sociable dogs. If you seek help from professional training, a training session for your American Bully can cost you as low as ₹5,000 and as high as ₹20,000, depending on the level of training you are looking for.

American Bully Grooming Cost

American Bullies have short coats that do not require minimal grooming. However, they do require regular grooming to stay clean and healthy. While you can groom your pet at home by bathing them and trimming their nails on time, a session with a groomer can cost you around ₹500 to ₹1,500.

American Bully Healthcare Cost

American Bullies need your undivided attention when it comes to taking them for regular checkups and vaccinations. The healthcare cost of an American Bully depends on its age and the purpose of your vet visit. Generally, you can expect to spend ₹5,000 to ₹10,000 annually on your pet’s healthcare needs.

American Bully Toys And Accessories Cost

Raising a puppy is no different than raising your own child! Once you bring an American Bully home, it is advisable to give them toys and accessories to keep them occupied and make them comfortable. Toys and accessories like a bed, leash, collar, etc. can cost you anywhere between ₹1,500 and ₹5,000.

American Bully Price In India: An Account Of Major Cities

Here is the estimated American Bully price in a few major Indian cities:

Location American Bully Price
American Bully Price In Mumbai ₹35,000 - ₹85,000
American Bully Price In New Delhi ₹40,000 - ₹75,000
American Bully Price In Bangalore ₹30,000 - ₹80,000
American Bully Price In Kolkata ₹30,000 - ₹80,000
American Bully Price In Chennai ₹30,000 - ₹80,000
American Bully Price In Hyderabad ₹29,000 - ₹80,000
American Bully Price In Pune ₹30,000 - ₹75,000
Energetic American Bully Dog Price In India

Why Should You Get A American Bully Puppy From Dog Breeders?

While a single Google search will give you a range of different pet shops selling American Bullies in your city, it is always advisable to get your pet from a reputed dog breeder. Here are a few reasons why you should purchase American Bullies in India from dog breeders:

American Bully lifespan in India
American Bully Dog Breeds in India

Complete Knowledge About American Bullies

Dog breeders have complete knowledge about all breeds they nurture at their farms. You can expect a trusted dog breeder in India to provide you with all the necessary information about American Bullies before you take an adorable puppy home. Before you finalize your decision, you can have all your doubts cleared and questions answered by a breeder.

Buying Healthy Puppies

Dog breeders know the health of puppies much more than pet shop owners. Being well-informed about the breed, a breeder will ensure that you bring home a healthy American Bully. They will also give you relevant information about your pet’s health and assist you in giving it a long and healthy life.

Knowing The American Bully History

As opposed to most dog breeds, American Bullies do not have a long history. They are fairly new companion dogs in the market. However, dog breeders will give you the complete history of the breed in general and your pet in specific. From knowing the key purpose of breeding American Bullies to getting your pet’s birth date, you can know everything from a reliable dog breeder in India.

Making The Best Choice

Of all the options available with them, a dog breeder will help you make the best choice. All you have to do is give them your requirements and preferences regarding the American Bully you are looking for. They will do the rest and help you bring the healthiest puppy home with you.

Meeting Your American Bully’s Parents

You can know a great deal about a puppy by interacting with its parents. When you visit a breeding farm, breeders are likely to show you around and help you meet the chosen puppy’s parents. The way they look and behave reveals a lot about your pet’s adult life.

Access To Expert Advice

When you work in association with a dog breeder, you have access to personalized support and advice. From the moment you approach a breeder, they will always be available to you even after you bring an American Bully home. From issues concerning your pet’s health to a range of different complications you may encounter, you can expect to find answers to all your questions by reaching out to a breeder.

Why Choose Premium Pet House To Purchase American Bullies In India?

Complete Assistance

At Premium Pet House, you receive complete assistance in bringing an American Bully home. We help you go through all available options as per your needs and select a healthy puppy for you and your family. Being a new breed, not everyone knows everything about American Bullies. We provide you with all information you will need as a pet parent to raise and nurture an American Bully in the best way possible.

Easy On Your Pockets

We give more importance to unadulterated love for dogs over anything. All pets at our breeding farms are priced at the most affordable American Bully price in India. As we provide you with the puppies directly from our farms, we can eliminate any premium you would otherwise pay for your pet. Our breeders also help you manage the costs involved in feeding, grooming, and training your American Bullies.

Access To Multiple Options

Premium Pet House gives you a range of different options to choose from as you set out to purchase the best American Bully in India. From sizes and colors to types and pedigree, we give you multiple options and help you choose the best of the lot.

Breeding Responsibly

We harbor immense love and affection for all dogs at our breeding farms. Every team member at Premium Pet House ensures that our dogs are bred in a safe and healthy environment. Until you come and take a cute little American Bully with you, it stays in a conducive environment with us!

American Bully Dog Price in India
American Bully Breeders in India

Benefits Of Purchasing American Bullies In India

American Bully temperament

Hassle-free Grooming

American Bullies are not the kind of dogs that require extensive grooming. Thanks to their short-haired coats, they can do with minimal grooming. With an American Bully at home, you do not need to worry about brushing their coats every day. However, it is advisable to bathe them regularly and trim their nails on a regular basis. It is also important to look after their oral health and keep their ears clean to prevent infections.

Excellent Guard Dogs

While they are smaller in size than typical large dogs like German Shepherds and Dobermann, American Bullies make great guard dogs. Their muscular bodies and energetic personalities can intimidate any intruder. They are also very sharp at sensing danger and will always alert you about the same. With an American Bully at home, you can rest assured that you and your loved ones will be safe.

Great Exercising Buddies

If you are planning to follow a fitness regime and exercise regularly, an American Bully will definitely help you with the same! Being high-energy dogs, they need their daily dose of exercise. Your pet would love to accompany you on walks, jogs, and runs as you sweat it out while spending time with your little companion! It is also important to indulge American Bullies in physical activities to give them an outlet for their energies.

They Make Wonderful Family Dogs

Despite their sizes, the term “gentle giants” suit American Bullies perfectly! They are highly affectionate dogs that have nothing but love for their owners and their family members. Once you bring an American Bully puppy home, it is bound to become an important family member. Everyone in your family, right from the kids to the senior citizens, will love to spend time with their new companion!

Low Shedding

The short coats of American Bullies prevent them from shedding heavily throughout the year. Having an American Bully at home will not make you labor a lot while dealing with dog hair everywhere! However, this does not make the breed hypoallergic. While they do not shed a lot, American Bullies do shed and you will still have to deal with some dog hair in your house. If you or anyone in your family is allergic to dog hair, you may need to reconsider your options.

Unconditional Loyalty

Bred to be companion dogs, American Bullies possess unconditional loyalty for their owners. In times of danger, they would prioritize your life over their own. Once your pet gets familiar with you and your family, it will shower you with a lot of love, care, and loyalty. The gentle giant will follow you around and make sure you are happy at all times. In fact, it will go out of its way to keep you happy and entertained.

American Bullies Are Intelligent

Although they require extensive obedience and socialization training, American Bullies are extremely intelligent. They are quick at learning simply by observing people around them. Even if you choose to train your pet at home, it will grasp the prompts without the need to repeat them multiple times. Their intelligence also allows American Bullies to alert their owners about potential intruders or any other danger.

They Make Friendly Pets

Despite their intimidating looks, American Bullies have an even temperament and friendly personality, provided you get them from the right breeders. People often assume that they get aggressive and irritable for no reason. However, that is definitely not the case. As long as people and animals around them behave normally, American Bullies act in a friendly and cooperative way.

Important Considerations Before Bringing A American Bully Home

The Need For Daily Exercise

If you are planning to bring an American Bully home, make sure you take it out for at least two walks of thirty minutes each. It is also advisable to indulge your pet in physical activities inside your house to keep them healthy. Being filled with immense energy and having a strong diet, daily exercises help American Bullies keep themselves fit and fine!

American Bully smart puppies in India

Feeding Them Can Get Expensive

It is never a good idea to compromise when it comes to feeding your American Bully. You may need to spend as much as ₹5,000 every month to feed your pet high-quality dog food. As their energy levels are high, American Bullies need enough food to maintain them and ensure their well-being. Make sure you are aware of its feeding habits and the costs associated with the same before bringing an American Bully home.

American Bully breed price

American Bullies Can Get Clingy

Bred specifically as companion dogs, American Bullies can get a little too clingy and needy with their owners. You may find your pet following you around within and outside your house. Once it gets comfortable with you, it needs your attention all the time. While most pet parents enjoy the love and attention they receive from their pets, it is important to know that this habit can get slightly irritating, especially if you are not having a good day!

Not the best of friends with other pets!

Another important consideration before bringing an American Bully home is that it may not be the best of friends with other pets. The breed often tends to get pushy with other pets (especially dogs), making it difficult for all parties to co-exist. Their aggression often gets the better of them, leading to unnecessary brawls you wouldn’t want to be a part of! However, giving your pet the right obedience and socialization training at a young age can help you tackle this problem.

They Can Get Difficult To Manage

American Bullies are muscular dogs with enormous strength. While they are some of the best companions you can have, they can also become difficult to manage when they get stubborn. Trying to dissuade your pet from doing something will never be as easy as pulling its leash and taking it away. An American Bully will put all its energy into whatever it is doing, making it difficult for you to control the situation!

Age-wise Food And Care For American Bullies

Due to their shorter sizes and wider bodies, American Bullies have a tendency to get overweight in no time. When you bring an American Bully home, it is important to feed them just enough to keep them healthy. The frequency and type of food given to an American Bully differs according to its age.

Here is the feeding routine you should follow for your American Bully at different stages of its life:

4 Weeks

This is when your puppy should start eating solid foods. At this age, introduce small amounts of solid food in your pet’s diet to keep it healthy and make it accustomed to solid food. It is advisable to maintain the ratio of 3/4th water and 1/4th food to help the puppy grow into a healthy adult.

8 Weeks

When your American Bully puppy gets eight weeks old, you can start structuring its daily diet. At this age, it is beneficial to feed your puppy four meals per day. To establish a healthy eating routine, pet parents often take the plate/container away even if their pet hasn’t finished eating its food. This keeps the puppy from overeating and getting obese.

12 Weeks

As your American Bully gets one year old, you need to reduce its food intake. At this age, do not feed your pet more than two meals per day to keep it healthy. Apart from these meals, you can also give them treats and snacks in between.

American Bully health problems
Major Health Conditions For American Bullies

If you are on the lookout for American Bullies for sale in India, it is important to know the different ways in which they can damage their health. Here are a few major health conditions an American Bully is likely to encounter in their life:

Hip Dysplasia

Just like most other breeds, American Bullies are susceptible to hip dysplasia. This is a health condition wherein the ball and socket joint in your dog’s hip fails to fit in perfectly, leading to pain or lameness. The broad and muscular build of an American Bully makes it prone to this condition. If the hip dysplasia in your puppy becomes unbearable, the only way out is hip replacement surgery.

Cardiovascular Disease

Your American Bully can also develop cardiovascular disease, leading to serious health complications. The breed is particularly susceptible to congenital heart failure, a condition that is present since a puppy’s birth. Once you diagnose your pet with this condition, it is important to go for frequent vet checkups throughout its life.


American Bullies, just like humans, can develop hypothyroidism due to abnormalities in their thyroid glands. This health condition can lead to further complications like weight gain, hair loss, fatigue, and more.


It is also advisable for an American Bully parent to be aware of the different allergies their pet can suffer from. Typically, the breed is susceptible to food and environmental allergies. Food allergies in an American Bully can be caused due to items like wheat, corn, chicken, soy, dairy products, and much more. Environmental allergies can be caused due to pollen, fleas, dust mites, mold, and more.

Allergies in most dogs manifest themselves in the form of itchiness, incessant coughing, sneezing, wheezing, hair loss, and many other forms. Before you bring an American Bully home, ask the dog breeder if you should be worried about any allergies beforehand.

Eye-related Conditions

American Bullies can develop a range of different eye-related problems throughout their lives, including cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), cherry eye, glaucoma, and more. Most of these conditions can be treated successfully if you get your pet diagnosed at an early stage.

Skin Conditions

Some of the most common skin conditions encountered by American Bullies include mange, hot spots, and seborrhea. Mange is a skin condition caused due to tiny mites burrowing under your dog’s skin. It is a highly contagious condition and spreads easily from one dog to another, leading to sores, itchiness, and hair loss.

Hot spots are a type of dermatitis in dogs caused due to stress, allergies, or bacterial infection. The skin condition leads to red and inflamed skin spots with puss. Seborrhea is a condition that results in dry and flaky or oily and greasy skin. It may be caused genetically or due to hormonal imbalances and allergies.

Ear Infections

If you are careless in cleaning your pet’s ears regularly, it can lead to ear infections. These infections may be caused due to bacteria, ear mites, or allergies, often leading to smelly discharge from ears and/or irritation.

Dental Issues

A failure to look after your American Bully’s oral hygiene can lead to dental issues. Your pet may experience severe toothache, gingivitis, or periodontitis due to the buildup of tartar or plaque.

Interesting Facts About American Bullies

If you have made up your mind about bringing home a beautiful American Bully, you should know a few interesting facts about the breed to enhance your experience as a pet parent:

They Are Not Pit Bulls

It is very common for people to confuse American Bullies with Pit Bulls. Although the two breeds look very similar, they are inherently different. There is also a common assumption that American Bullies are a type of Pit Bull. This is certainly not the case.

While American Bullies do come from Pit Bulls, they have many other characteristics that come from other types of Bully breeds. Due to these characteristics, you cannot call American Bullies Pit Bulls.

American Bully-puppy-loyal

American Bullies Are New Breeds

Another important fact about American Bullies is that the breed is fairly new. Originally bred in the 1980s and 1990s, they were officially recognized as a breed in 2004 by the ABKC and in 2013 by the UK Kennel Club. While a lot of information is available about the breed, it is safe to say that we do not know everything about American Bullies yet.

The AKC Still Doesn’t Recognize American Bully

While the American Bully Kennel Club and the UK Kennel Club have officially recognized the breed, American Bullies are yet to be recognized by the American Kennel Club.

They Were Bred Specifically To Have A Friendly Temperament

American Bullies were bred to be ideal companion dogs, with a special emphasis on making them friendly. The breed was deliberately made to have a friendly personality and even temperament to make American Bullies wonderful companions to humans!

Frequently Asked Questions About American Bully Bullies