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Samoyed Price In India | Samoyed For Sale In India

Samoyed Puppies For Sale In India

If you are obsessed with all the fluff and fur in your pet, you are looking for a Samoyed for you! Known for its furry coat and vibrant personality, a Samoyed puppy can win your heart in a jiffy! Like most dog breeds, Samoyeds were bred to hunt, ultimately leading to their evolution as domestic animals. However, since its initial days, Samoyed has proven to be a loyal and loving companion to its owners.

At Premium Pet House, we provide you with breathtaking and healthy Samoyed puppies for sale in India. Our team of ethical and responsible dog breeders shoulders the responsibility of showing you the best of the lot, helping you bring the cutest Samoyed puppy home. We share your love for these furry friends and guide you throughout your process of becoming a proud pet parent!

Moreover, rest assured that you will receive the pet at the best Samoyed price in India. None of our team members at Premium Pet House prioritize profits over your genuine love for dogs. All we want is for our little companions to find the right homes and loving parents who love them unconditionally.

If you are looking for a beautiful Samoyed puppy for sale in India, all you need to do is approach us for more information. We will help you make the right decisions and give you all valuable information about the breed.

Samoyed Price in India
Breed Name Samoyed
Origin Siberia, Russia
Breed Group Working Breed
Height Male: 21-23.5 inches Female: 19-21 inches
Weight Male: 20 – 30 kg Female: 16 - 20 kg
Lifespan 12 – 14 years
Lively, Playful, Friendly, Alert, Sociable, Stubborn
Apartment Friendly 
Price  40,000 - 1,20,000

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A Brief Introduction To Samoyeds

Samoyeds are mid-sized herding dogs popular for their thick and white double-layered coats. Belonging to the spitz family of dogs, Samoyeds get their name from the Samoyedic tribe of Siberia, their country of origin. They are descendants of Nenets Herding Laika and were originally used for hunting, herding, and pulling sleighs.

Samoyeds are lovingly called “Sammy smiles” due to the inherently upturned corners of their mouths, making it look as if they are smiling. If you are looking for a Samoyed in India, you should be happy to know that it is a joyful breed with a positive attitude. Samoyeds can adjust to any environment and like giving their owners company.

The fondness they have for humans stems from their initial days when the dogs spent a lot of time with the Samoyede tribe in Siberia. This tribe bred and raised the dogs for several years, showering them with love and kindness. This has brought the breed closer to humans. With a Samoyed at home, you will have a constant companion who loves you unconditionally.

Samoyed Price In India

On average, the Samoyed price in India ranges from ₹45,000 to ₹1,30,000. This price depends on factors like size, lineage, color, and breeder reputation. As compared to other breeds, the price of a Samoyed falls at the higher end of the spectrum.

At Premium Pet House, we acknowledge your love for dogs and give you the best Samoyed puppy price in India. All the Samoyeds with us are priced without giving priority to making profits. You can rest assured that our dog breeders will give you the most cost-effective prices that help you bring your furry friend home.

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Samoyed Feeding Cost In India

A Samoyed needs high-quality food in decent quantities to survive in India. As the native Indian climate is not for this breed, it is important to pay special attention to its feeding needs. If you want to make no compromises in giving your Samoyed puppy protein-rich food every month, you may have to spend around ₹10,000 to ₹15,000 for feeding your pet.

Samoyed Grooming Cost In India

Thanks to its thick and double-coated fur, a Samoyed needs to be groomed regularly and extensively. If you shoulder the responsibility of grooming your pet every day, you can take care of its grooming sessions at home. You can also seek help from a professional groomer once in a while. The Samoyed grooming cost in India can be anywhere between ₹1,500 and ₹3,000 per session. It is advisable to pay regular visits to professional groomers to keep your pet good-looking and healthy.

Cost Of Vet Visits For Samoyed In India

As Samoyeds were not originally bred to thrive in the Indian climate, it is important to make regular vet visits after bringing your pet home. During these visits, the vet will guide you in important matters relating to your Samoyed’s health. You can also ask the vet about your puppy’s diet and training to keep it healthy. The first vet visits for your Samoyed will be slightly more expensive, costing you anywhere between ₹8,000 to ₹24,000.

Samoyed Medication And Vaccination Cost In India

Depending on the age of the Samoyed puppy you purchase, you may need to give the necessary vaccines to your pet. Most responsible dog breeders handle matters like medication and vaccination of the puppies at their farms before they find suitable homes.

Once you bring a Samoyed home, you can expect to spend around ₹3,000 to ₹4,000 for medication and vaccination expenses. Make sure you do not ignore or hesitate when it comes to these expenses as they influence your pet’s well-being.

Samoyed Neutering And Spraying Cost In India

Getting your Samoyed neutered and sprayed saves it from multiple life-threatening diseases, including cancer. Most dog breeders in India advise you to undertake both of these processes to keep your pet healthy. While the pain is short-lived, it gives your Samoyed the gift of a long and fruitful life. To get your dog neutered and sprayed, you might need to spend around ₹8,000 to ₹15,000, provided you do not intend to breed your Samoyed further.

Samoyed Price In India: An Account Of Major Cities

Depending on the location you live in, you might want to check out the Samoyed price in a few major Indian cities:

Location Samoyed Price
Samoyed Price In Mumbai ₹50,000 - ₹1,00,000
Samoyed Price In New Delhi ₹55,000 - ₹1,10,000
Samoyed Price In Bangalore ₹55,000 - ₹1,20,000
Samoyed Price In Chennai ₹60,000 - ₹1,10,000
Samoyed Price In Kolkata ₹60,000 - ₹1,10,000
Samoyed Price In Pune ₹55,000 - ₹1,10,000
Samoyed Price In Hyderabad ₹60,000 - ₹1,10,000
Top Quality Samoyed Dog Price In India

Why Should You Get A Samoyed Puppy In India From Dog Breeders?

Samoyed lifespan in India
Samoyed Dog Breeds in India

Complete Knowledge Of Samoyeds

A dog breeder knows the breeds they rear more than anyone else. When you approach ethical dog breeders in India to purchase a Samoyed, you can rest assured that they will have all the information you need about the breed. As you choose a Samoyed puppy, you can ask any question related to it and expect a detailed answer from the concerned breeder. From its history and habits to its personality and health conditions, the breeder will provide you with all the nitty-gritty details about the pet before you bring it home.

Bringing A Healthy Samoyed Home

Dog breeders are very conscious of the health of the puppies bred on their farms. From the moment they are born, breeders make sure they lead long, healthy, and happy lives. Along with providing you with valuable information about its health, a dog breeder will make sure you take a completely healthy Samoyed puppy home with you.

Learning The Samoyed History

If you are not familiar with the history of Samoyeds, the dog breeder you approach will fill you in. From the initial purpose of their breeding to the traits your Samoyed puppy has retained from its ancestors, breeders help you understand everything about your pet’s history, down to their exact date of birth.

Meeting Your Pup’s Parents

Knowing a puppy’s parents can give you an idea about how it will look and behave after growing up. Most breeders allow customers to meet the parents of the Samoyed puppies bred by them. You can meet your new furry friend’s parents and spend time with them to know the puppy better.

Making The Best Choice

A dog breeder will always help you choose the best puppy from the lot, depending on your needs and preferences. They will guide you in making the right choice and ensure that you bring an ideal companion home! If you are confused between different types or colors, a breeder can always assist you in making the best choice.

Holistic Support

Along with helping you choose the right puppy, a dog breeder also provides you with personalized support once you have made the purchase. Irrespective of your query or confusion, you can seek quick and precise answers to your questions regarding your Samoyed puppy by approaching the dog breeder you got it from.

Why Choose Premium Pet House To Purchase Samoyed Puppies In India?

End-to-end Assistance

Our team at Premium Pet House provides all our customers with complete assistance from the moment they reach out to us. From choosing the right Samoyed puppy to making the right preparations to welcome the new member home, our dog breeders assist you at every step of buying a beautiful Samoyed puppy.

Affordable Rates

We do not believe in charging exorbitant rates to genuine dog lovers. All puppies available at Premium Pet House are sold at the best Samoyed price in India. Our dog breeders will also help you calculate the maintenance costs associated with raising a Samoyed puppy in India.

A Wide Range Of Options

With multiple options of Samoyed puppies at your disposal, you can choose the best of the lot with Premium Pet House. Even if the puppy you are looking for is not available at the moment, we will ensure that you get your furry friend as soon as possible!

A Team Of Ethical Breeders

We love the cute little companions as much as you do! None of our dog breeders can even think of harming dogs while breeding them. Rest assured that the Samoyeds at our farms are bred responsibly and given nothing but the best shelter to live in.

Samoyed Dog Price in India
Samoyed Breeders in India

Benefits Of Purchasing Samoyed Puppies

Samoyeds Make Family-friendly Pets

The love and loyalty they have for humans make Samoyeds some of the best family-friendly pets. Bringing a Samoyed puppy home will immediately make it a part of your family, winning everyone’s heart in no time! From the senior-most members of your family to toddlers, everyone is bound to have a great time being around your Samoyed.

They Can Live In Any Apartment

Being medium-sized dogs, Samoyeds can be accommodated in any apartment. Whether you live in a massive mansion or a studio apartment, you will not face any trouble moving a Samoyed puppy in. Even after it has fully grown into an adult, a Samoyed will not take up a lot of space in your house. However, make sure you make necessary arrangements for your pet’s exercise if there isn’t enough space in your house for it to move around freely.

Samoyeds Are Sociable

Bred to live in a close-knit community, Samoyeds are highly sociable dogs. They are very welcoming and friendly to everyone they meet. Once you bring a Samoyed puppy home, you will see how easily it makes friends with almost anyone and everyone. Samoyeds are great with people and show no signs of being awkward around them. Whether you invite your friends over or take your pet to a party, your Samoyed is bound to have all the limelight to itself.

They Are Fast Learners

Samoyeds are intelligent dogs. Their intelligence makes them quick learners. Experts believe that a Samoyed doesn’t require more than 15 to 20 repetitions to learn a new command. This makes it easy to train your pet and make it obedient while it is still young. With Samoyeds, you may not need to seek help from a professional trainer. You can train them at home without facing any problems.

Always Smiling!

Staying true to the nickname of “Smiling Sammies,” Samoyeds have inherent smiles on their faces, thanks to the curves at the corners of their mouths. While this does not necessarily mean that they are happy all the time, this look certainly makes them more appealing. It has a positive psychological impact on the owners as they are greeted with a smiling face every time they wake up or get home after a long day!

Cuddly Blankets

If you are looking for a cuddly partner who also keeps you warm during chilly winters, Samoyeds get the job done just fine! Thanks to their thick double coats, Samoyeds can keep you warm when the weather is too cold. Your Samoyed can act as a living and breathing blanket that will not stop cuddling you during winter!

Important Considerations Before Bringing A Samoyed Home

Samoyeds Shed A Lot

With their thick double coats, Samoyeds bring their habit of heavy shedding with them. Having a Samoyed puppy will make you deal with dog hair all over your house, pretty much for the entire year. Samoyed owners often keep a vacuum with them to clean all the dog hair in their houses. Samoyeds are heavy shedders who blow their coats once or twice every year. If you or anyone in your family are allergic to dog hair, a Samoyed may not be the best pet option for you.

Samoyed smart puppies in India

The Need For Regular Grooming

If you are planning to bring a Samoyed home, you cannot ignore the need for regular grooming. The thick double coats of Samoyeds require extensive grooming, preferably every day. Grooming is also an effective way to control heavy shedding. If you skip multiple grooming sessions, be prepared for a storm of Samoyed hair in your house! Moreover, a lack of regular grooming can get your Samoyed puppy’s hair tangled or matted. If you do not have enough time to groom your puppy regularly, make sure you delegate the responsibility to keep the pet well-groomed every day.

Stubborn Pets

The intelligence of a Samoyed comes with its own share of complications. These little companions often make very stubborn pets! If you prevent your Samoyed puppy from doing something, it is very likely to find a way around to do it anyway. To control this, you need to train your pet from a very young age to obey your orders and behave properly.

Samoyed breed price

Samoyeds Need Daily Exercise

Samoyeds require their daily dose of exercise to burn their calories and stay in shape. Owing to their history as sled-pullers and hunting companions, Samoyeds are high-energy dogs that require a substantial amount of high-quality food. Regular exercise allows them to burn the calories they gain and deplete their energies. With a Samoyed at home, it is advisable to take it out for a 30-minute walk at least twice a day. Also, allow your pet to roam around in your house and indulge in physical activities to stay healthy.

Expensive Dogs

If you are looking for a Samoyed puppy for sale in India, note that Samoyeds are expensive dogs. As compared to most breeds, bringing a healthy Samoyed home will cost you more. This, along with the maintenance cost of the pet, should be considered before finalizing your decision of becoming a Samoyed parent. However, approaching dog breeders like us can help you purchase a Samoyed in India at affordable rates.

Keep Them From Running Away

Samoyeds were originally bred to hunt reindeer, making their preying instincts pretty sharp. These instincts can make your pet chase smaller animals if it is not on a leash. Once your Samoyed goes too far, it may find it difficult to get back home. Moreover, Samoyeds have a tendency to run away if they are let loose for too long. Whether it is to chase prey or simply out of curiosity, your Samoyed can run far away from your house without knowing its way back home.

Age-wise Food And Care For Samoyeds

The dietary needs of a Samoyed are similar to any medium-to-large dog. Their lineage makes them high-energy dogs, making it important to feed them a balanced diet. As a Samoyed parent, make sure you do not overfeed your pet as it can lead to issues like obesity.

As Samoyeds are high on energy and need to maintain their double coats, it is important to match their daily calorie needs. On average, an adult Samoyed needs around 1,500 to 2,500 calories to stay healthy. Typically, the diet for your pet should include 30% protein, 50% carbohydrates, and 20% fats. You can always make room for some treats and snacks in between.

Here is the frequency of feeding your Samoyed at different stages of its life:

8 Weeks

This is the stage where the frequency of feeding your Samoyed puppy is the highest. When it is eight weeks (or two months) old, your pet needs two to three times the food needed by an adult dog of the same weight. For example, a Samoyed puppy weighing 4.5 kilos will need around 14 to 20 kilos of food every week. It is important to note that younger puppies have a greater appetite to grow into strong and healthy dogs. Most Samoyed owners divide their pets’ daily food intake into three or four meals.

6 Months

The food intake of your Samoyed puppy should gradually decrease as it gets older. When it touches the 6-month mark, it is advisable to feed it two to three meals per day. It is advisable to include only high-quality dog food in the first meal and a combination of dog food and home-cooked food for the second or third meal.

1 Year

Once your puppy starts adulting, you should become more careful about their feeding habits. An adult Samoyed will refuse any food offered to it. If you are not mindful of the food you feed your pet, it may lead to unwanted health complications.

Do not feed your dog more than two meals (around 3 to 4 cups) every day at this age. Maintain this feeding routine for the remaining years of your pet’s life, unless suggested otherwise by a vet. Along with feeding your Samoyed, make sure you help it burn its calories by taking it out for walks and indulging it in physical activities.

Samoyed dog for sale in India
Samoyed health problems
Major Health Problems For Samoyeds

If you are looking for Samoyed puppies for sale in India, make sure you know the health issues they may encounter. Ideally, the dog breeder you approach will give you all information about the complications you should worry about.

Here are some of the most common health problems a Samoyed can encounter in its life:

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a common health problem faced by medium and large dogs. It is an inherited complication wherein the thighbone of your pet does not fit perfectly into its hip joint. While some dogs show signs of pain and lameness, others do not exhibit any visible symptoms or discomfort. You can get your pet tested for hip dysplasia through X-ray tests. As it is an inherited condition, dogs having this issue should not be bred further.


Glaucoma is a health condition arising due to increased pressure on your Samoyed’s eye. There are two major forms of glaucoma that can affect your pet – primary and secondary. While primary glaucoma is hereditary, its secondary variant is caused due to reduced fluid in your pet’s eye. Glaucoma is associated with a loss of vision and pain. Its treatment options commonly include surgeries or reducing the symptoms using eye drops.

Samoyed Hereditary Glomerulopathy

This is a genetic condition that affects your pet’s kidney. It is more common in male Samoyeds who appear to be healthy for the first three months of their lives. In most cases, the health problem leads to death by renal failure at the age of fifteen months.

Patellar Luxation

Patellar luxation is a disease where the patella of your Samoyed gets dislocated. It occurs when the knee joint of your pet slides out of place, leading to painful and crippled walks. However, most dogs manage to lead healthy lives despite suffering from patellar luxation.


Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from thyroid gland disorders. Inefficient functioning of their thyroid glands leads to conditions like epilepsy, obesity, lethargy, hyperpigmentation, alopecia, pyoderma, and more. Such complications can be tackled with medication and a well-structured diet.

Diabetes Mellitus

This is another health condition in Samoyeds that is similar to the one experienced by humans. Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a health issue arising due to your pet’s inability to regulate blood sugar in its body. The disease is associated with symptoms like excessive urination, excessive thirst, chronic weight loss, and increased appetite. Just like human beings, Samoyeds can be treated with insulin to tackle Diabetes Mellitus.

Subvalvular Aortic Stenosis

This is a common health complication resulting due to a narrow connection between your pet’s aorta and its left ventricle. It is a life-threatening issue that may lead to fainting or even death. Make sure you obtain the necessary information about heart disease from a dog breeder or a vet as you purchase a Samoyed puppy.


As unfortunate as it sounds, dogs are not immune to cancer. If your Samoyed shows symptoms like sores that don’t heal, abnormal swelling, lumps, breathing difficulties, or bleeding from a specific region without an identifiable cause, rush to your vet and give immediate medical attention to your pet.

Interesting Facts About Samoyeds

Before welcoming a Samoyed to your family, here are a few interesting facts about the breed that will make your journey as a Samoyed parent even more eventful:

Samoyeds Were Renamed By A British Zoologist

Samoyeds were not always called by their current name. For the longest time, these dogs were called by their Russian name “Bjelkier.” In the late 1800s, a British zoologist named Ernest Kilburn Scott transported one of these dogs to England and named it Samoyed, paying homage to the local Samoyedic people who were the first to domesticate the breed.


They Share Their Genes With Wolves

It is easy to spot the resemblance between Samoyeds and wolves. Interestingly, they belong to one of the fourteen breeds that share their DNA with wolves. However, unlike wolves, Samoyeds have their inherent smiles intact at all times and are much more social and playful.

Samoyeds Product A Different Scent

If you are worried about dealing with the peculiar dog smell in your house, you should be relieved to know that Samoyeds do not stink. While some Samoyed parents claim that their pets do not have any smell at all, it is not true. Their scent is different from most dogs, making it almost unnoticeable when the dogs are around.

They Have Unique Coats

Although Samoyeds look like large Pomeranians, it is important to note that their double coats are unique. It is extremely easy to clean a dirty Samoyed, thanks to their stand-off coats. Their coats have also led to Samoyeds being called “Teflon Dogs” as they do not let dirt stick to their bodies for too long. If your Samoyed’s coat is slightly soiled, you can get rid of all the dirt with a forced air dryer.

Samoyeds Were Used In Expeditions

In the days gone by, Samoyeds were used by explorers in their expeditions to the north and south poles. Their double coats make them capable of dealing with some of the coldest climates in the world. This, coupled with their high energy and never-ending curiosity, made Samoyeds ideal expedition companions.

They Perform Wonderfully In Competitions

With the help of an efficient trainer, you can make your Samoyed participate in and win a range of different competitions. Samoyeds have won many MACH titles due to their speed, agility, and energy. They also have a history of beating some of the most well-known herding breeds in herding competitions.

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