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Labrador Retriever Price In India

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Labrador Retriever Puppies For Sale In India

If anyone asks you to close your eyes and imagine a dog, there are high chances that the first image that comes to your mind will be that of a Labrador! Labradors are some of the most popular dog breeds across the globe, having their footprints across all forms of media. From movies and music videos to television shows and live events, Labradors have always remained visible and loved due to their playful personalities.

At Premium Pet House, we provide you with the best and healthiest Labrador Retrievers for sale in India. Our team comprises responsible and dog-loving breeders who strive to help you bring the cutest Lab puppy home! Depending on the color, size, age, and lineage you are looking for, we will help you select the ideal puppy that would become an inseparable member of your family in an instant!

Moreover, if you are worried about burning deep holes in your pocket, you might want to think again! Premium Pet House gives you all pets at the best Labrador puppy price in India. Being avid Lab lovers ourselves, we ensure that the price does not become a factor that disappoints you and prevents you from becoming a Labrador Retriever parent.

Breed Name Labrador Retriever
Origin United Kingdom and Canada
Breed Group Sporting Group
Height Male: 23 – 25 inches (57 – 62 cm) Female: 22 – 24 inches (55 – 60 cm)
Weight Male: 29 – 36 kg Female: 25 – 32 kg
Lifespan 12 – 14 Years
Gentle, Even Tempered, Kind, Intelligent, Kid, Friendly, Easy to train
Apartment Friendly 
Price  15, 000 – 1,00, 000

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If you have already made up your mind and are ready to welcome a Lab puppy home, you can simply get in touch with us and we’ll close the deal in a jiffy! If you are still on the fence, read on to find out more about Labrador Retrievers and everything that makes them one of the most beloved dog breeds in the world.

The price of Labrador Retriever Anywhere in India falls within the range of ₹15,000 and ₹1,00,000. Based on your budgetary requirements, you can bring home a Labrador Retriever Puppy of your choice.

Labrador dogs are a friendly and outgoing breed of dog. These dogs are considered well-balanced suicide ranges between 21 to 24 inches at the shoulder and the weight goes maximum up to 80 pounds.

The most available color for such puppies is yellow along with the hard coat and they are also available in black and chocolate color varieties. Some part of the head is quite wide and the eyes sparkle with kindliness. They look most adorable and innocent.

Many people are looking for the best breeds of the puppy out of which black Lab puppies are one of the best breeds of the dog. We will help you to go through certain unique features so that you can take interest in purchasing the Black Lab puppies for sale.

The Labrador puppies are renowned for their friendship and affection between the dogs and humans. The cute and appealing personality is responsible for purchasing the Labra puppy for sale in India.

We will also help you with knowing the Labrador puppies for saleand find the best fit for you. The Labrador puppies are the most affordable ones and we don't have to invest a huge amount of money in maintenance throughout life.

A Brief Introduction To Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers, also known as Labradors, are retriever gun dogs having their origins in Britain. They were originally bred to be fishing dogs that helped hunters fetch waterfowl. While they hauled nets and fetched ropes back in the day, Labradors have evolved to become some of the most loved pets owned by dog lovers around the world.

Labrador Retriever is America’s most popular dog breed. It has been featured in a range of different ads, TV shows, movies, and popular events, making it impossible for people to forget how the breed looks. As they have been captured a million times over time, even people who are not dog lovers can easily identify Labrador Retrievers. While most Labs have been domesticated, a few of them still work as efficient working dogs, thanks to the energy they have carried with them over ages. Labradors are known for their agility, intelligence, and unconditional love for their owners.

Labrador Retrievers have two layers of coat – a soft and weather-resistant undercoat that is covered by a short and thick top coat. Three of the most common colors for these dogs include cream, chocolate, and yellow. You can find Labs with many other colors as well, provided the breeder you approach has them.

Labrador Retriever Price In India

On an average, the Labrador Retriever price in India ranges from ₹10,000 to ₹80,000. This vast price difference is due to the varied varieties of Labs you can purchase depending on their coat color, size, lineage, location, and the breeder’s reputation.

Premium Pet House helps you get your furry friend at the best Labrador Retriever puppy price in India. All Lab puppies at our farms are priced reasonably, keeping your genuine love for dogs in mind. Along with giving you a fair price for the puppies, we also give you an estimate of the monthly maintenance cost you may incur after bringing a Labrador Retriever home.

Labrador Retriever Price In India: An Account Of Major Cities

The Labrador Retriever puppy price in India differs in different locations. Depending on where you live, we help you take an adorable Lab puppy home at the best price. Here is how much a Labrador Retriever will cost you in a few major cities across India:

Location Labrador Retriever Price
Labrador Retriever Price In Mumbai ₹10,000 - ₹40,000
Labrador Retriever Price In New Delhi ₹10,000 - ₹40,000
Labrador Retriever Price In Bangalore ₹10,000 - ₹40,000
Labrador Retriever Price In Kolkata ₹9,000 - ₹40,000
Labrador Retriever Price In Hyderabad ₹9,000 - ₹35,000
Labrador Retriever Price In Pune ₹8,000 - ₹35,000

Labrador Retriever Grooming Cost In India

The thick double coats of Labrador Retrievers require extensive grooming. Grooming is also an effective way to control excessive shedding, something Labradors are infamous for. While you can groom your Labrador at home, a session with a professional groomer can cost you anywhere between ₹1,000 and ₹2,000 depending on your location. The grooming routine of your Labrador should include brushing its coat, trimming its nails, trimming its coat (if needed), bathing it, and keeping it aesthetic.

Labrador Retriever Feeding Cost In India

Labradors are high on energy and need a healthy and balanced diet. Consult a dog breeder and/or a vet to know the precise portions of carbs, fats, vitamins, proteins, and minerals in your Lab puppy’s diet. If you choose to feed your pet high-quality dog food, you can spend around ₹1,000 to ₹4,000 on feeding your Labrador every month.

Labrador Retriever Boarding And Pet Sitting Cost In India

If you tend to travel a lot, it is not advisable to keep your Labrador at home alone. You can either seek pet-sitting services or keep your pet at a boarding facility. For this, you can expect to spend ₹500 to ₹1,500 per day to ensure that your Lab puppy is safe and sound.

Labrador Retriever Training Cost In India

Labradors are intelligent dogs that can be trained easily. It is important to provide extensive obedience and socialization training to your puppy at a young age to make it grow into a well-mannered adult. While it is possible to train your Labrador Retriever all by yourself, hiring a professional trainer can cost you around ₹3,000 to ₹5,000 per month. Make sure you train your pet using the most effective methodologies to make it retain the commands taught.

Labrador Retriever Vet Care Expenses In India

Once you bring a Labrador Retriever home, it is important to make regular vet visits for health checkups, vaccination, and preventive care. Ignoring these checkups can make your Lab puppy more susceptible to health complications that could have been avoided. Especially during the first year of its life, taking your Labrador Retriever to a vet can cost you anywhere between ₹5,000 to ₹10,000 per year. This cost will go down as your pet gets older.

Labrador Retriever Toys And Accessories Cost In India

Nurturing a Lab puppy is no different than nurturing your child at home. It needs toys and accessories like a leash, collar, bed, and more to lead a comfortable life. To give your pet these amenities, you can expect to spend not more than ₹1,000 to ₹3,000 per month. Make sure you choose your pet’s toys with precision.

Why Should You Get A Labrador Retriever From A Dog Breeder In India?

When it comes to bringing an adorable Lab puppy home, there are two alternatives you can choose from: buying the puppy from a pet shop or approaching a dog breeder. Going to a responsible dog breeder in India is a preferred option as it makes your journey to be a Lab parent better.

Meeting Your Lab’s Parents

If you are buying a Labrador puppy from a dog breeder in India, they are likely to make you meet your pet’s parents. Meeting them gives you an idea about how your Labrador Retriever will look when it gets older. It also helps you understand the minute details about your pet you won’t find anywhere else.

Choose The Best Lab Puppy

Responsible dog breeders in India also help you choose the best puppy of the lot. All you need to do is give them your preferences regarding the Lab puppy you are looking for and trust them with the rest. They will do their best to ensure that you receive precisely the puppy you were looking for.

Complete Knowledge Of Labrador Retriever

Not many professionals possess all the nitty-gritty details about a Labrador Retriever. As a dog breeder’s job is to rear and breed dogs, you can expect them to be well-versed with almost everything associated with a Lab puppy before you bring it home. A trusted dog breeder will provide you with all the necessary information about Labrador Retrievers, from health considerations and dietary needs to exercising routine and behavioral traits.

Getting A Healthy Labrador

A dog breeder pays keen attention to the health of every Labrador on their farm. Going to these professionals increases your chances of bringing a 100% healthy Lab puppy home. A breeder ensures that the dogs they breed are free from congenital health complications. You can also ask the right questions to the dog breeders in India to confirm that the furry friend you purchase is fit and fine!

Knowing Your Lab’s History

The history of a dog breed dictates several behavioral tendencies of the puppy you purchase. Dog breeders possess complete knowledge about the entire history of Labrador Retrievers. They will give you interesting information about the breed’s evolution and connect the same to the Lab puppy you choose. This helps you understand your pet better and become a better Lab parent.

Why Choose Premium Pet House To Purchase A Labrador Retriever In India?

Extensive Support

Our team of experts at Premium Pet House provides you with extensive and personalized support throughout your journey of becoming a Labrador parent. From the moment you get in touch with us, we resolve your queries and guide you along the way as you choose the cutest Lab puppy for you and your loved ones!

Multiple Choices

Premium Pet House does not limit your choices by giving you a handful of options. We put multiple Lab puppies at your disposal and help you choose the best option.

Responsible Labrador Breeding

We love the cute little Lab puppies just as much as you do! None of our team members indulges in any unethical or unsafe breeding practices to bring Labrador Retriever puppies to you. All the Labradors and their puppies living on our farms are kept in a safe, secure, and comfortable environment. Rest assured that your pet will be leading a happy and comfortable life before you bring it home!

Affordable Rates

At Premium Pet House, you are bound to receive the best Labrador puppy price in India. Being the breeders and sellers of dogs, we keep the prices as low as possible to let you overcome any difficulty in making a purchase. Irrespective of where you live, we offer the best prices for Labrador puppies across the country.

Major Benefits Of Getting A Labrador Retriever

They Have Pleasant Personalities

Labrador is not one of those dogs that possess a haughty and arrogant personality. The breed is known for its pleasant personality that instantly makes it likable. Lab puppies are affectionate and become good friends with everyone they meet. As long as you behave nicely with them, they will have nothing but love for you! Moreover, Labradors are not aggressive at all. No matter how old your Lab is, it will always act like a sweet little puppy.

They Are Fast Learners

Labrador Retrievers are blessed with high intelligence, making them fast learners. Giving obedience and socialization training to your Lab puppy will not be difficult as it will learn your commands without a lot of repetitions. However, make sure you train your pet while it is still young and capable of forming new habits.

They Love Water

If you are planning a trip to the beach, that day is bound to be the best day of your Labrador’s life! Being water dogs, Labrador Retrievers love spending time in the water. Apart from playing games in the water, a Labrador can simply laze around in a pool and spend a considerable amount of time swimming with you. if you take it along. A Labrador definitely makes a family trip to a beach complete with its unconditional love for water!

Labradors Are Playful And Protective

If you are looking for a playmate that is also immensely protective of you, getting a Lab puppy home is the best choice! Labrador Retrievers possess child-like energies that make them playful and fun companions. It is difficult to have a dull moment around a Labrador. The breed is also very protective of its owner and their family. Your Lab puppy’s undying loyalty is just another reason to fall in love with it!

Best Exercising Buddies!

If you have been looking for the right motivation to start exercising and build a healthy routine, your Labrador will help you sweat it out every day! Thanks to their history of being bred for accompanying hunters, Labradors have high energy that makes them the best exercising buddies you can ever have! Your Lab puppy will love joining you for a morning walk, jog, or run as you develop a healthy exercise routine.

Labs Are Your Kids’ Best Friends!

The child-like personalities of Labradors are an ideal match for the kids in your house. Bringing a Lab puppy home is no less than a beautiful gift for your children! You can leave the two parties with each other and watch them have the time of their lives!

They Make Perfect Family Pets

The companionship of a Labrador is not limited to children. Labs make wonderful family pets as they can get along with everyone in your family. From a toddler to a senior citizen, everyone is bound to get charmed by your Labrador Retriever once you bring it home with you!

Labradors Are Cooperative With Other Pets

If you are bringing a Lab puppy home to other pets or bring other pets home to a Labrador, you can rest assured that your Labrador Retriever will not cause any trouble. Labs are very cooperative with other pets and consider them as family members. Their even temperament and lovable personality lead to cordial behavior with other pets, no matter which breed they belong to. If trained well, a Labrador can even live happily with a cat in the same house.

Important Considerations Before Bringing A Labrador Retriever Home

They Are Heavy Shedders

The thick double coat of a Labrador is prone to heavy shedding. Twice a year, your Labrador Retriever will blow its coat, leading to dog hair everywhere in your house. If you are allergic to dog hair, you might want to think twice before bringing a Labrador Retriever home. However, heavy shedding can be controlled by grooming your pet regularly.

They Carry A “Doggy” Smell

If the typical “doggy” smell affects you, know that Labrador Retrievers carry this smell. The skin of your pet produces natural oils that end up giving a peculiar dog smell. Moreover, the years of a Labrador Retriever give off a yeasty smell.

However, if the smell gets too strong, make sure you take your Lab to a vet for a checkup as it may be due to skin or dental infections. The double coat of your Labrador Retriever will block the odor, making them smell more than most breeds.

Daily Exercising Needs

Labradors are high-energy dogs that have been used by hunters for several years. They need their daily dose of exercise to remain fit and healthy. Once you bring an adorable Labrador Retriever home, take it out on at least two 30-minute walks every day. As the food intake of these dogs is also pretty high, it is important for them to burn their calories to prevent health issues like obesity.

Labradors Are Highly Food-motivated

Food plays a major role in a Labrador Retriever’s maintenance. While food acts as a key motivator while training a Lab puppy, the motivation may also become too strong when the puppy grows up. Never make the mistake of leaving food open and available to an adult Labrador as it will never know when to stop. Overeating can make your Labrador obese and lead to a host of health complications. Watch what your pet eats and structure its diet to give it a long and healthy life.

Prone To Separation Anxiety

While Labrador Retrievers love spending time with their owners, their love often turns into separation anxiety if they are left alone for too long. They are not the kind of dogs you tie outside your house. They need human company and love spending time with you. Leaving them alone can make them feel useless and lonely. Always ensure that your Lab puppy has someone to keep it company.

They Need Space

Labradors often need space to walk around due to their size and energy. You cannot (and should not) keep your pet confined in a closed space for too long. If you are planning to bring a Lab puppy home, make sure you have enough space for it when it grows up. If you live in a small apartment, make sure you take your Labrador out more often to help it move around freely.

Age-wise Food And Care For Labrador Retrievers

Labradors love food. They are food-motivated dogs who will never say no to anything that is edible! This makes it important for Lab parents to monitor their pets’ diet and track the quantity of food they eat. Always ensure that your Labrador Retriever eats well without going overboard, irrespective of how old it is.

It is also important to be mindful of the number of meals you feed your Labrador Retriever. Here is the dietary routine you should follow while feeding your Lab at different stages of its life:

Up To 2 Months

When your Labrador Retriever is still a puppy, it is advisable to feed it four meals per day. This is the stage where your pet does the most of its growing up. Unlike most other breeds, it is not advisable to free-feed your Labrador at this age. Labradors tend to eat a lot at all ages and you should not give them more food than what is absolutely necessary.

3 To 6 months

Once your Labrador turns three months old, you can reduce the feeding frequency to three meals per day. You can always give your pet some snack and/or treat without overfeeding it.

Over 6 Months

By the time your Labrador turns six months old, you should reduce its food intake to two meals per day. Instead of growing up, your Labrador’s body will not focus on staying healthy and keeping health complications away. Do not give your Lab unlimited access to food and track what it eats all day.

Health Problems For Labrador Retrievers

Let us now have a look at some of the most common health problems a Labrador Retriever can encounter throughout its life:

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a congenital health condition where your pet’s thighbone does not fit properly into its hip joint. While a few dogs show signs of pain and lameness, others continue living a normal life. Labradors with this condition should not be bred any further.

Elbow Dysplasia

This is another congenital condition caused due to the abnormal growth of the three bones making up your pet’s elbow. Elbow dysplasia leads to joint laxity and painful lameness. It can be tackled with medication or surgery depending on your pet’s condition.


Like humans, Labradors are also susceptible to cataracts. Canine cataracts involve the formation of cloudy spots on the lens of your pet’s eyes. While they do not impair vision, they do lead to severe vision loss in dogs.

Cold Tail

This is a benign yet painful health complication that makes your Labrador’s tail limp. It is not a major issue and your pet will recover from it in a few days.

Ear infections

This breed of dog office from ear infections because of the breeding ground for microorganisms such as bacteria. Hence, they are always recommended to clean their ears and keep them dry.

Osteochondrosis Dissecans

Osteochondrosis Dissecans (OCD) is an orthopedic condition arising due to the abnormal growth of cartilage in your Labrador’s joint. It commonly affects your pet’s elbows, making the joint stiff and painful. Make sure you do not overfeed the conventional “growth formula” foods or foods rich in protein to avoid such health complications.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

PRA refers to the collection of eye-related complications that involve the slow degradation of your pet’s retina. It starts with your Labrador Retriever getting night-blind and makes it lose daytime vision over time.


Myopathy impairs the functioning of your Lab’s nervous system and muscles. The health issue manifests itself in your pet by making it tired and stiff as it walks. You may also see your Lab puppy collapse during training or exercise sessions. While there is no treatment to fully cure myopathy in dogs, the best way to tackle is to keep your Labrador warm and at rest.


This is another common health issue your Labrador can encounter, leading to mild or severe seizures. The fits can be identified by noticing your pet running around frantically as if it is being chased. If you notice such seizures in your pet, take it to a vet at once.

Joint problems

Labradors commonly suffer from the disease of joint problems especially at the elbow and at the hip regions. This health issue is also known as elbow or hip dysplasia.

The conditions are severe because it starts affecting the joints and stop the normal movement of the body. These health issues are also responsible for inducing pain and prohibition of movement of all the body parts especially the elbow and legs.

Obesity and Bloat

These two health issues are quite severe for Labrador dogs. Unhealthy eating habits are highly responsible for affecting dogs severely.

The stomach gets twisted or becomes swelled when the eating habits are compromised at regular intervals. Hence, feed them regularly with healthy meals.

Interesting Facts About Labrador Retrievers

Before you welcome the most adorable Lab puppy in the world, here are a few interesting facts that will make you fall in love with the breed even more:

Labradors Almost Went Extinct

A breed that is extremely popular today was once on the verge of extinction. During the 1800s, families living in Newfoundland were asked to pay taxes to own dogs. Moreover, they were only allowed to keep one dog per family. As female dogs were taxed more, people stopped keeping them altogether, leading to a sharp decline in the Labrador Retriever numbers in Newfoundland. Fortunately, the breed found a resurgence in the UK, preventing it from going extinct.

A Labrador Has Gone To Jail!

Labradors have lived interesting lives! In Pennsylvania, a black Labrador was sent to prison for killing a cat that belonged to the Governor’s wife. It was given a life sentence without parole for murdering the cat. Ultimately, it lived in the Eastern State Penitentiary for ten years.

They Are Incredibly Fast

Along with being avid swimmers, Labradors are incredibly fast dogs. This quality has made them the best choices for hunting and fetching. While they are not the fastest dogs on earth, Labrador Retrievers can reach the speed of 12 miles/hour in three seconds!

They Are Practically Waterproof

Labradors are popular around the world because of their love for water. With their webbed feet and waterproof coats, they are built to thrive in the water! Their double coat insulates them from water and prevents them from getting cold even while swimming in cold weather conditions. When they come out of the water, the coat instantly skims all the water off with a simple jerk, making them dry almost instantly.

A Single Lab Litter Can Have Different Colors

Another interesting fact about Labradors is that the same litter can have puppies of different colors. Breeding a single Labrador can lead to puppies sporting colors like black, chocolate, and yellow. This is another reason why it is better to get a Lab puppy from dog breeders as they are bound to have dogs with a variety of different coat colors.

Led Zeppelin Named A Song After A Labrador

Adding to the immense popularity of Labradors, Led Zeppelin named a song after a black Labrador. While the song “Black Dog” has nothing to do with dogs, it was named when the band saw a black Labrador wandering around in the studio!

Let us explore some interesting facts about them.

1. The labrador retriever is a highly skilled and cute puppy that is famous for its intelligence. The lifespan of these puppies is about 11 to 12 years.

There are three prominent colors of the coat of the Labrador retriever puppies that include yellow, chocolate, and black. Their eyes keep on sparkling and possess a mischievous personality.

2. These are the finest bred of the puppies which are readily available across all counties including India.

We have found that these dogs are highly easy to train and we need low maintenance costs yearly. Hence their affordability is the prime factor behind purchasing them.

3. They always love to please the trainers and that is the reason why we can easily train them and get full control.

These are quite friendly and have dynamic features that enhance their visual appearance.

4. They sometimes act over smart since they have the special ability to learn to do daily activities which investing many efforts.

5. They can easily learn how to open the door of the refrigerator and how to take out things from the shelf after noticing the activities of the owner.

6.You can maintain healthy relation with them by investing a good amount of time and try to reduce giving instructions all the time since they get irritated by such acts.

7.After observing the behavior with keen interest and observation, we have found out that food is the weakness of such a dog breed. We can administer them for rigorous training by providing sufficient food at regular intervals.

The training becomes smoother and hence we can make them learn new tricks every day concerning the procedures of safeguarding the home and the family members.

8.We also need to pay concern about the diet schedule because if they are overly fed, it may lead to health issues.

Therefore, the Lab puppy price in India is extremely cheap for any common individual along with that he or she can take the best care by gathering the required provisions.

Want to Purchase Labrador Retriever Puppies?

Why should you purchase this dog breed?

If you are struggling to grab the opportunity of affordable Labrador puppies for sale, you are right here at the appropriate destination. We can give you a lot of information about the Lab puppy price in indiawhich is comparatively cheaper than other locations.

Labrador Retriever is one of the most demanding dog breeds among the people who find it as a friend and affectionate companion. Nowadays majority of the people are in looking for such a breed since they have certain merits that include good nature and hard work.

They are readily available in all parts of the world and best-known affection and love towards the family members. These dogs become alert whenever they see any type of danger and also at the same time, they are easy to groom.

They show immense love towards our people who in turn show compassion to them. The family members and even the strangers become a fan of this breed of dog because they are highly intelligent and have best of the energy level in doing all sorts of daily activities.

Labrador Retriever's Are Available in 3 Colours -
  1. Fawn Or White
  2. Black
  3. Chocolate.

Fawn Color labrador's are easily And Readily Available At Premium Pet House. For Black Color Labrador you will have to Call And ask for the availablity. And For Chocolate Color Labrador you might have to Wait for Few weeks to few months because it is rearest rare color in labradors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Labrador Puppies In India