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Akita Puppies For Sale In India

Japan is known for its zen culture and the dignity that comes from being still and inclined toward discipline. Akita is a Japanese native dog breed that carries the same dignity. Immensely loving and loyal, Akitas are a pure delight to have as pets! With an Akita at home, you feel safe, loved, and cared for by your furry friend!

At Premium Pet House, you get the best and most exotic Akita puppies for sale in India. While Akitas are not well-known in India, dog lovers do not know what they are missing out on! Our team of experienced and passionate canine experts helps you get the Akita puppy of your dreams and add a new member to your family! We guide you throughout the way as you become a loving and responsible Akita parent in India.

Moreover, Premium Pet House gives you the best Akita price in India. We never intend to make our clients cough up money just for making insane profits. We focus more on the love you (and we!) have for our furry friends. Rest assured; you will not find a better Akita puppy price in India anywhere else. Along with giving you cost-effective rates, our team members also help you tend to your Akita puppy by giving you the estimated maintenance cost according to the city you live in.

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If you have already decided to go all in and get yourself an adorable Akita puppy, you can get in touch with us and we will start making the right arrangements immediately. If you are unaware of the breed and want to know more about it, read on to uncover the beauty of Akita!

If you are looking for any more information about the Akita Dog breed that would help you make a solid decision, you can reach out to us and we would be more than happy to assist you in the best way possible. Our Contact Number is 9823704651

A Brief Introduction To Akita

Akita (or Akita Inu) is a mid-sized, double-coated, and muscular dog of Japanese origins. Famous for its loyalty, courage, and dignity, the breed comes with a water-resistant coat. Akitas were originally bred to hunt large wild animals like boars and bears. Over time, the breed has been domesticated and kept as loving pets across the world.

While you may have not known the breed’s name, it is likely that you have seen an Akita somewhere in India. Akitas are wonderful guard dogs that will make you and your loved ones feel safe. The breed sports a range of different coat colors, including brindle, fawn, red fawn, white, and sesame. While an Akita can act a little reserved around strangers, it is not difficult for them to make new friends. Once your Akita puppy gets familiar with you, it is bound to shower you with immense love and loyalty!

As an Akita parent, you should know that the dog loves carrying things in its mouth. You can expect your furry friend to take almost anything between their teeth, including your hand. However, rest assured that this is not your pet being aggressive. It is nothing but a gesture of love.

With an Akita puppy at home, you can feel your family being complete. The wonderful family dogs gel well with everyone and make extremely loyal pets.

Breed Name AKITA
Origin Japan
Breed Group Working Group
Height Male: 64–71 cm (25–28 in), Female: 58–66 cm (23–26 in)
Weight Male: 27–59 kg (60–130 lb), Female: 25–45 kg (55–100 lb)
Lifespan 10 years
Faithful, Intelligent, Courageous, Receptive, Loyal, Composed, Stubborn
Apartment Friendly 
Price  30,000 - 60,000

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Want to Purchase Akita Puppies?

Akita Price In India

The average Akita price in India falls in the range of ₹30,000 to ₹60,000. This price is influenced by factors like the puppy’s coat color, age, size, lineage, location, and the breeder’s reputation. High-end Akitas can cost you as much as ₹1,50,000.

At Premium Pet House, we provide all our clients with the best Akita price in India. All our puppy prices are controlled and we have never intended to burn deep holes in your pockets! Being responsible dog breeders in India, we focus more on genuine care and affection toward your furry friends. We would never want our clients to be disappointed simply because they find their favorite breeds too expensive. We do our best to keep the Akita dog price in India as affordable as possible.

Akita Price In India: An Account Of Major Indian Cities

The Akita price you pay will be different depending on where you live. Before approaching the right breeder for your new little companion, make sure you are aware of the current Akita price in your city or town.

Here is the Akita price in India applicable for a few major cities across the country:

Location Akita Price
Akita Price In Mumbai ₹35,000 - ₹70,000
Akita Price In Delhi ₹30,000 - ₹60,000
Akita Price In Bangalore ₹35,000 - ₹65,000
Akita Price In Hyderabad ₹30,000 - ₹50,000
Akita Price In Chennai ₹30,000 - ₹50,000
Akita Price In Kolkata ₹30,000 - ₹65,000
Akita Price In Pune ₹30,000 - ₹60,000
Akita Price In Ahmedabad ₹30,000 - ₹55,000

Akita Vet Expenses In India

Especially when your Akita puppy is young, regular vet visits are a must. It is important to visit a trusted vet to get your pet vaccinated and for periodic health checks. Make sure you set aside ₹5,000 to ₹10,000 every year to meet your Akita’s vet expenses in India.

Akita Feeding Cost In India

Akitas are muscular dogs that require a balanced diet rich in all nutrients. Do not make the mistake of feeding your pet sub-standard kibble as it can affect its well-being. Depending on its age, feed your Akita quality dog food that helps it grow healthily and sustainably. Feeding an Akita in India can cost you anywhere between ₹2,000 to ₹5,000 per month.

Akita Grooming Cost In India

The thick double coats of Akitas need regular and extensive grooming. While you can always groom your Akita at home, it is better to visit a professional groomer once every few weeks. One grooming session for your Akita can cost you around ₹2,500 to ₹5,000 depending on the services you ask for.

Akita Training Cost In India

Akita needs proper socialization and obedience training to grow into a well-behaved dog. Make sure you hire a professional Akita trainer while your pet is still young. This makes training easier, faster, and more efficient. A professional trainer in India will charge you anywhere from ₹2,000 to ₹6,000 per session.

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Why Should You Get An Akita From A Dog Breeder In India?

If you are ready to bring an Akita home, you can do so in two ways. You can either go to a pet shop in your town or approach a responsible dog breeder. Visiting a dog breeder instead of a pet shop enhances your experience and helps you become a better Akita parent.

Here are a few important reasons why you should get an Akita from a dog breeder in India:

Complete Akita Knowledge

Akita is a relatively lesser-known breed in India as compared to breeds like German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Labrador, etc. If you do not have much knowledge of Akitas, you shouldn’t leap into becoming a pet parent right away. Under such circumstances, you can always rely on a dog breeder in India to give you all relevant information about the breed. From its personality traits to dietary needs, a breeder will have all the information you need to become a responsible Akita parent.

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Buying A Healthy Akita Puppy

Dog breeders often pay keen attention to the health of every puppy kept on their farms. From conducting regular health checkups to testing for heritable conditions, you can trust a breeder to give you the healthiest Akita puppy from the lot. This allows you to parent an Akita that loves a long and healthy life. Moreover, a responsible Akita breeder in India will inform you about potential health issues your pet can encounter in its life.

Choosing The Best Akita Puppy

It is often difficult to choose the right puppy when a breeder gives you a plethora of options to choose from. However, a breeder also helps you make the right decision based on your needs and preferences. If you have a specific preference regarding your Akita’s coat color, lineage, etc., you can always inform a responsible breeder about the same.

Knowing The Akita History

Not many people are aware of the breed’s history. if you wish to understand your pet better, it is important to know the breed’s origin and evolution. Responsible dog breeders in India know the complete Akita history and will inform you about the same. The traits your Akita has today are bound to have some links to the breed’s history. You can ask all questions you have regarding Akita’s history and receive satisfactory answers for the same.

Meeting Your Akita’s Parents

Many trusted dog breeders in India take their clients to meet their puppies’ parents. If you request your breeder, they are likely to make you meet your Akita’s parents and spend some time with them. This will give you a clear idea about how your pet will look and behave once it gets older.

Why Choose Premium Pet House To Buy Akita In India?

Well-rounded Support

Our team at Premium Pet House believes in providing holistic support to our clients as they approach us to take the most adorable Akita puppies home. We are with our clients before, during, and after they make the purchases. You can rest assured that all your questions will be answered and confusion cleared by our canine experts. Even after you bring your Akita puppy home, you can reach out to us for any help you need at any time.

A Variety Of Akita Options

Premium Pet House does not restrict you to a few options to choose from as you embark on your search for an Akita puppy. Depending on your requirements, we provide you with multiple Akita options to choose from. We have always believed in giving our clients the complete freedom of choice while they look for their cute little companions!

The Best Akita Price In India

At Premium Pet House, you will find the best Akita dog price in India. We value and respect your love for these furry friends more than the materialistic desire to make more and more money with every sale. We do not charge our clients exorbitant rates and offer cost-effective deals for all our puppies. If you are facing budget constraints, we can always work things out to make suitable arrangements without letting you make any compromises.

Ethical Akita Breeding

Our love for dogs is a little too much to let us harm them. Premium Pet House follows 100% ethical and safe breeding procedures while tending to Akitas. The health of our dogs and puppies is of the utmost importance to us, preventing us from causing any harm to them. After they are bred, we keep Akita puppies in comfortable shelters before you come and take them home with you!

Major Benefits Of Bringing An Akita Home

Akitas Make Great Guard Dogs

The love and loyalty Akitas have for their owners make them wonderful guard dogs. Thanks to their lineage, Akitas are strong dogs that are fierce guardians. While they can be playful and goofy with you, they can be equally fierce and protective upon encountering potential trespassers. You and your loved ones are bound to feel safer with an Akita at home. Moreover, high alertness motivates an Akita to notify its owner about potential danger. If they are trained well, it adds to their strong guardian instincts.

They Are Intelligent Dogs

Akitas are high in intelligence and easy to train. They have great observation skills that allow them to learn from the actions performed by their owners and other people around them. While they can often come off as headstrong, training an Akita puppy while it is young should not be an issue at all. Most Akitas follow their owners’ commands simply because they have an inherent need to impress them. Whatever the case is, you will not find it difficult to train your Akita as long as you train it young.

Akitas Are Beautiful To Look At!

Their double coats, adorable eyes, and sharp faces make Akitas resemble living teddy bears! They are living and breathing soft toys that love spending time with you and your family. They have a unique appeal to them that is enhanced by their poise and affectionate personalities. If you take your Akita out on a walk, you and your furry friend are bound to attract attention.

Akitas Are Clean Dogs

Another significant benefit of bringing an Akita home is that it is a breed of clean dogs. They often behave like cats and groom themselves cleanly. This allows you to be lenient when it comes to bathing your pet. However, this does not mean that an Akita’s grooming needs are minimal. It will still need extensive grooming to maintain its coat.

No Excessive Barking

You will not face barking issues with an Akita at home. Akitas are not the kind of dogs that start incessant barking with trivial triggers. While your pet may bark upon seeing a stranger enter your house, you can always control it with good obedience and socialization training. Otherwise, your Akita will bark only when it is hungry or in discomfort.

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The Most Loyal Pets

Akitas make some of the most loyal pets one can ever have. They possess unmatched loyalty to their owners and their family members. The life of an Akita often revolves around its owner. Your pet will have nothing but love for you and it will not be afraid to show it. Once it bonds with you, it will be ready to put its own life in danger to save yours. It is extremely difficult to find a pet as loyal as Akita, and your life without it!

Akitas Are Independent

Akitas are not the kind of dogs that suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for too long. They are independent dogs that love their privacy and prefer giving the same to their owners. While your Akita will give you all the love in the world, it will not be clingy and follow you around all the time. Akitas love living in their worlds and do not mind if their owners are not there to attend to them all the time. This makes them ideal pets if you have a job that requires you to stay away from home. As long as there is someone to look after your pet and it has enough food, it won’t mind your absence.

Akitas Make Wonderful Family Pets

If you are looking for a pet that is loved by all your family members, you should get yourself an Akita puppy right away! Akitas make perfect family dogs, thanks to the love and loyalty they have to offer. They become a part of your family as soon as they enter your house. Moreover, they have robust protective instincts that keep all your family members safe.

Important Considerations Before Bringing An Akita Home

They Get Easily Bored

While Akitas are not violent dogs, they get bored very easily. They need some source of entertainment throughout the day. While an Akita loves privacy and is independent, getting bored can get it into all sorts of trouble. If you are planning to bring an Akita home, make sure you can keep it entertained all day long.

Not The Best For First-time Owners

If you are getting a dog for the first time, Akita may not be the best option for you. Akitas often get stubborn, making it difficult for their owners to train and control them. Moreover, dealing with all the shedding may get a little irritating for the owners after a while. It is advisable to get yourself other low-maintenance breeds before bringing in the Japanese beast!

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The Need For Extensive Grooming

Before you get yourself an Akita puppy, it is important to note that you cannot take its grooming needs lightly. The thick double coat of your pet will require regular grooming. Make sure you brush your Akita’s coat every day and take good care of its aesthetic appeal. If you cannot take out enough to focus on all of your pet’s grooming needs, take it to a professional once every few weeks. Ignoring its grooming requirements may lead to tangling, matting, and serious skin-related issues.

Beware Of Their Aggression

While Akitas have an even temperament most of the time, they do experience bouts of aggression. As an Akita owner, you should be aware of this and prepare yourself for the same. It is common for Akitas to get intolerant of other dogs, especially the ones of the same gender. Do not take your pet out without a collar and a leash to keep other animals safe from their predatory instincts. However, extensive training can help your dog stay calm and behave properly.

Akitas Are Heavy Shedders

If you or your loved ones are allergic to dog hair, you may want to think twice before bringing an Akita home. The thick double coats of Akitas are prone to shedding. While your pet will shed its coat moderately throughout the year, it will blow it twice, leading to dog hair all around your house. If you wish to control such heavy shedding, all you can do is groom your Akita regularly and brush its coat every day.

Age-wise Food And Care For Akitas

Akitas are high-energy dogs and require a healthy diet to grow into muscular dogs. As an Akita parent, make sure you feed your pet kibble carrying the right amounts of proteins, fats, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and carbohydrates. Consult your dog breeder and a trusted vet to know how much and what you should feed your Akita puppy once it is home.

Here is the ideal feeding routine you should follow while tending to your Akita at different stages of its life:

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Below 2 Months

Before your Akita puppy has turned two, you can free-feed as it requires a good amount of nutrition to grow into a healthy adult. You need not worry about your Akita getting obese at this stage as it will not eat more than what it needs.

Between 2 And 6 Months

Once your Akita puppy crosses the two-month mark, you can start giving its diet structure. At this phase of its life, you can feed it no more than four meals per day. Space these meals out in a way that your puppy does not go without food for too long.

Between 6 And 12 Months

As your Akita grows a little older, you can reduce its diet to three meals per day. Keep track of your pet’s diet and make sure it does not eat more than it can digest.

Over 12 Months

Once your Akita nears adulthood, its diet should be restricted to two meals per day. You can always feed it treats and snacks between meals, but do not over-feed your Akita as it can get obese and cause serious health complications.

Major Health Problems For Akita

Before inviting an adorable Akita to your home, it is important to know the health complications it is likely to encounter throughout its life. Your dog breeder is likely to prepare you to tackle these issues as and when they arise. You can also reach out to a vet to understand the course of action you should take to deal with medical emergencies.

Here are a few major health complications an Akita can encounter during its life:

Hip Dysplasia

An Akita can suffer from hip dysplasia, a heritable condition where its thighbone does not fit properly in its hip joint. It leads to pain and lameness in dogs, along with clear signs of discomfort. X-rays are the most reliable diagnostic tests to identify the issue. While Akitas with hip dysplasia can lead normal lives, they should not be bred further.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

PRA is a family of eye-related conditions arising due to the slow deterioration of your pet’s retina. It can start with night blindness and make your Akita suffer vision loss during the day as well. If your pet’s surroundings remain the same, it can cope with less or no vision for the rest of its life.


Also known as gastric dilatation-volvulus, bloating is a life-threatening complication you should not take lightly. It is characterized by your Akita’s stomach getting twisted after getting filled with air or gas. Bloating may occur when your pet exercises after eating a heavy meal, drinks a lot of water after eating or eats a large meal. The condition prevents your Akita from throwing up or belching.


This is a health condition arising due to poor thyroid gland secretions. It often leads to complications like obesity, hair loss, epilepsy, hyperpigmentation, allergies, and more. Hypothyroidism in Akitas can be treated with proper diet and medication.

Sebaceous Adenitis

Sebaceous Adenitis is a genetic complication that is often confused with allergies, hyperpigmentation, and other related issues. SA makes the sebaceous glands in your Akita’s skin inflamed, leading to their eventual destruction for unknown reasons. Akitas suffering seriously from the disease develop thickened skin and emit a foul odor. Vets often perform a biopsy while tackling sebaceous adenitis and suggest the most viable treatment options.

Interesting Facts About Akitas

Before you get yourself a beautiful Akita puppy, you can always enhance the experience by reading a few exciting facts about the breed. This will only help you become a better and more informed Akita parent.

Here are a few interesting Akita facts you may want to know before a furry friend home:

Akitas Have Webbed Toes

Hailing from the snowy regions of Japan, Akitas have developed webbed toes that help them walk smoothly on snow. Also, these toes help them distribute their weight evenly, further making it easy to walk on snowy terrain. Back in the day, these dogs also had front dewclaws that made it easy for them to get out of icy water.

They Are Also Called “Snow Country Dogs”

Akitas were once called “snow country dogs” due to their origins in the snowy and mountainous regions of Japan. Here, Akitas were bred to hunt wild boars, deer, and bears.

They Get More Energetic In Cold Weather

Interestingly, Akitas tend to get more energetic when the temperatures drop. Their lineage has made them switch on a “turbo” switch when the weather out there gets chilly! This is because they were used to stay out all night hunting prey and wild animals.

Akitas Have Spiritual Significance

Along with being loved by all, Akitas also carry a spiritual significance in Japan. It is common for families to receive a miniature statue of an Akita when a child is born. The gesture signifies wishing long and healthy lives for newborn children.

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They Were Once Restricted To Imperial Families

There was a time when Akita ownership was restricted to Japanese imperial families and aristocracy. They wore special leashes and were a part of several ceremonies dedicated to them. The breed is still considered a national treasure in Japan.

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