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German Shepherd Price In Mumbai

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Mumbai

German shepherd dog breed is an all-time classic. They are intelligent, have good looks, and have dominant personalities. A mature dog is about 1 foot and 10 inches high and weighs about 95 pounds.

In Mumbai, the average price for German Shepherd puppies ranges from 20,000 INR to 90,000 INR. Depending on the quality and Bloodline of the parents. This dog is considered the most powerful and heroic breed in the world. This dog breed has eleven distinct color variants and is usually known for its gorgeous tan, brown, and black color combinations.

It’s a lifelong commitment to have a dog, but they also bring excessive happiness to you and your family members. So commit and buy German shepherd dogs today, and contact Premium Pet House if you are looking for German shepherd puppies for sale in Mumbai. Hurry!

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German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Mumbai
Breed Name German Shepherd
Origin Germany
Breed Group Working Group
Height Male: 60–65 cm Female: 55–60 cm
Weight Male: 30–40 kg Female: 22–32 kg
Lifespan 9 – 13 Years
Intelligent, Amiable, moderately active, Determined, Excitable
Apartment Friendly 
Price  20,000 – 1,00,000
german shepherd puppy price in mumbai

If you need any more information about German Shepherds or want to get your queries answered about the same, we will provide you with all relevant information and assistance that would answer all your questions. just Connect at - 9823704651

Benefits Of Bringing A German Shepherd Puppy Home


A German shepherd is an extremely intelligent dog. Their sharp sense of smell is highly useful. They are courageous dogs that are very common in the police department. Their ability to detect weapons and criminals saves a lot of lives. They are not just intelligent, but greatly trainable.

So it won’t be as tough to train them as compared to other dog breeds. Their obedience and intelligence make them a versatile dog breed. They are the third most intelligent breed of dogs right after poodles and border Collins.

german shepherd for sale in mumbai


Unlike other dogs, the German shepherd is an active and smart dog that responds quite nicely to training. If well trained they turn out to be very efficient and obedient. They enjoy learning and if you reward them with treats, they are highly motivated. They have high IQ levels, they are naturally great learners. Their role in society is pretty large. Their eagerness to please you is helpful too.


The German shepherd can be quite violent on intruders; they are known to be competent. They will always alert you if they sense any kind of trouble and protect your children and home. Due to their strong natural guarding instincts and abilities, they are famous among security companies. They are confident, fearless, and bold dogs.

When it comes to appearance, nobody wants to mess with this dog breed. Criminals will tend to stay away. They have powerful bite strength and jaws. They will back off if a welcome stranger comes to your house; you just make sure to train them properly. All of these qualities make German shepherds the perfect guard dog.


German shepherds are a loyal dog breed. They are always prepared to come between their owners and any threat. They are possessive about other family members, especially children. They are intensely friendly and loyal companions. Training them and socializing is very important for them to get along well with everyone.

The amount and efforts you put into training will only make them exceptionally loyal. Owners who can demonstrate themselves as the paternal-kind symbol at home can grow a strong friendship with their dog that is full of mutual respect and love.


German shepherds tend to be aggressive sometimes but they are extremely friendly with other pets at home. Their personality is heroic, obedient, and watchful. They make great family dogs because they are curious, alert, and confident. They serve various purposes, working with the police department, helping those in need, or simply protecting your house.

They have admirable traits and characteristics, but their best is their beauty. These dogs are elegant animals; they are long and have lush coats. The square muzzle and wide head give them a powerful built. Let’s not forget their big brown eyes and pointed ears give them a vigilant veneer. Their personalities are larger than life.


German shepherd dog breed is huge. They are great for hunting adventures. They like the thrill, so they do need regular mental stimulation and exercises to keep them active and happy. They are herding dogs that put a good amount of energy to complete their tasks. If you live in an apartment, take your dog out for a walk or a run to keep them in shape.

Mental exercises help them to be sharp and keen. If you have children at home, German shepherds will be entertained and vice versa. This is one vital reason why they make amazing family pets. This dog breed is an excellent choice if you are looking to buy German shepherd dogs who love spending time outdoors and playing with your family.


German shepherds require baths rather infrequently. During flea season, however, to control pests, it sometimes becomes a necessity to take a bath more. Over bathing makes their coats weak, the natural oils are stripped and other regulatory mechanisms are disrupted. Bath them every ten days, which is more than sufficient.

It is extremely vital to use a shampoo that is made for dogs, the ph levels for humans are very different from that of dogs. They do need regular brushing. This breed usually doesn’t emit any foul odors and is very clean.

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german shepherd dog price mumbai



A German shepherd is probably not the right choice for you if you don’t have a lot of time to make your dog exercise. They need a lot of mental stimulation and rigorous exercise. According to experts, they need at least two hours of exercising a day to keep themselves happy and joyful. Draining their energy levels help the dog to be more obedient and well-behaved at home.

They do like to chew on furniture and other items. Even though numerous, lengthy walks might be a disadvantage for a couple of dog owners. It can also be very optimistic for people who have free time and want to seek a much healthy and active lifestyle. Dog walkers are convenient and helpful for those who have excessive work commitments.


German shepherds are prone to a lot of health conditions. This can have a serious impact and also can shorten the life expectancy of your dog. Some of the biggest health problems are hip dysplasia, arthritis, degenerative myelopathy, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, etc. Epilepsy is another health problem. They are also susceptible to hereditary diseases that can result in seizures.

This dog breed sometimes suffers from bloating, which occurs due to gas build-up and makes it tough for a German shepherd to breathe properly. This can lead their bodies into a state of shock. Even though these health conditions are a big disadvantage for dog owners, but ample research and finding a reputed breeder will help minimize the likelihood of them occurring to your German shepherd.

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German shepherds have lengthy and thick double fur coats, so they shed a lot. If you plan on getting this breed, well, then you should get ready to find lots of hair around the house. They shed heavily throughout the year, so there might be a lot of vacuuming and fur picking you would need to do. If you can’t handle the shedding, your house would be decorated with a lot of doggy hair. The only good thing is that German shepherds don’t need a lot of bathing.


German shepherds are not needy, but because of their need for stimulation and socializing, and their high level of intelligence, they can sometimes suffer from separation anxiety. This happens especially if you leave them alone for longer periods. Make sure they are always busy with something when you are not around.

Socializing is highly important from the very beginning. German shepherds are easily bored and leaving them alone for extended periods, will just make their behavior destructive and problematic. They might end up barking, chewing, and digging around.

german shepherd price in mumbai

German shepherds, for most parts, are compassionate and loving dogs that are always protective and loyal towards the people they are closest to. However, they can sometimes be very chary of strangers if not socialized properly. If you don’t check on this, this can cause them to growl and bark at other dogs and strangers.

It becomes essential to give proper training and socialization when you are raising your dogs. This can be very exhausting. The German shepherd can become aggressive and violent. Proper training is the only solution; otherwise, they become overly possessive and irritated towards other pets, strangers, and even you and your family members.

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double coat german shepherd puppies for sale in mumbai.
Price 45000
Location vikroli - mumbai
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Sex Female
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Price 55000
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