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Maltese Puppies Price in Mumbai

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Want to Purchase Maltese Puppies?

Everything you should know about Maltese Breed!

When you want to get yourself a small indoor dog, which would be your pride and give you joy, then you should pay attention to the unique breed - Maltese.

Maltese is a subspecies of the Maltese lapdog, the beauty and grace of which has long been known. Such dogs have always personified natural aristocracy and sophistication.

If you are also planning to buy Maltese dog for sale, it is best to contact a reputed breeder, as it offer following advantages:

• A good breeder has a stake in getting his puppy into good hands. Believe me, he is not interested in your decision to get rid of a dog that is “not suitable” for you in about six months. Therefore, he will tell you not only about the advantages of “his” breed, but also about its shortcomings, difficulties and peculiarities of maintenance and care. The seller on the market is not interested in all this, it is only important for him to sell the puppy, and, most likely, he does not know all the subtleties.

• If your breeder is professional enough, in the future you can count on advice and assistance in raising brown Maltese puppies. Good breeders always take great pleasure in tracking their puppies themselves.

• Self-respecting breeders only sell vaccinated puppies. You can ask for Maltese dog price in Mumbaifrom the Premium Pet House experts.

• In case of any misunderstanding, you can always find your breeder, as opposed to a seller from the market.

Show Quality Maltese Puppy Price In Pune

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A brief description about Maltese breed

The head of the Maltese is rather wide. The skull is flat. The transition from the forehead to the muzzle is well marked. The bridge of the nose is straight. The lips are thin. The nose is large and black. The eyes are large and round.

Maltese dogs have a stretched body. Shoulders almost vertical, withers protruding slightly above the top line. The chest is deep, drooping low between the forelegs. The back is straight. The croup is very wide and long, almost straight. The limbs are short and strong. The paws are round, the toes are arched, tightly closed. The tail is thick at the base and tapering towards the end. It is twisted in a large ring on the back and pressed against the croup, the tip hanging down between the hind limbs. The coat is luxurious and long, perfectly straight, without waviness or curls.

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Breed Name MALTESE
Origin Mediterranean Basin
Breed Group Toy Breed
Height Male: 21 – 25 cm Female: 20 – 23 cm
Weight Male: 3 – 4 kg Female: 3 - 4 kg
Lifespan 12 – 15 years
Playful, Affectionate, Sweet-Tempered, Intelligent, Easygoing,
Apartment Friendly 
Price  75,000 - 1,50,000
Maltese-Dog-Breeds Price In Mumbai
Maltese Dogs Price In Mumbai

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The origin of the Maltese breed

Maltese is an ancient breed, the origin of which is still hotly debated. The ancestors of these dogs caught rodents in the ports and coastal cities of the central Mediterranean. It has been established that this breed or a similar breed existed in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and also in Ancient Rome.This exquisite dog enjoyed universal love at the court of Queen Elizabeth of England.

Characteristics of the breed

These dogs endure loneliness:

This dog does not like solitude, he is only surrounded by his family (humans or other household animals). He needs teachers who are available and preferably present.

The periods of loneliness can only be experienced serenely if the Maltese puppy is accustomed from an early age to experience the absences of his masters in a progressive and positive way.

They are good Watch dog

Without ever any aggressiveness, Maltese for saleis a good alarm dog who will know how to make his owners understand that an unusual element is approaching. He warns of any intrusion, but his size and his (falsely) fragile dog appearance do not allow him to be a deterrent.

These dogs are Affectionate

This little dog is an ideal life companion, he is friendly, sociable, playful and above all very loyal to his master. He loves hugs and particularly enjoys spending long moments alongside his master on the sofa to be cuddled.

These dogs are easy to transport:

Small subjects are of course easier to transport to and take with you everywhere, especially by means of a carrying bag. However, large sizes, like the Giant Maltese are just as much thanks to their great adaptability and their intelligence which allow them to properly assimilate the rules of life in society.

These dogs are good companion

Very good companion for children, he loves to play with them and appreciates their presence as long as they respect him of course.

The great adaptability of this dog allows him to integrate without problem a household made up of elderly people. But be careful, he must not undergo a sedentary daily life either, in which case he would lose his joviality and his good nature.

Top Quality Maltese Dog Puppy Price In Mumbai
Top Quality Maltese Dog Puppy Price In Mumbai

Advantages of Maltese breed dogs

One of the advantages of this breed is its long and beautiful coat. Therefore, in order for her to be beautiful, you will have to take care of her every day. It is recommended to bathe the animal once a week. Be sure to use only special shampoos for long-haired animals.

Optimal nutrition for Maltese dogs

The diet of this breed consists of specialized food, in no case overfeed the animal. It is enough to pour food into a bowl 1 - 2 times a day, and the dog will determine the required amount for itself. As for drinking, the Maltese should always have a bowl of clean water, change it often.

It is always best to ask for Maltese dog price Mumbai before finalizing any deal with the breeder.

Maintenance and care of Maltese dogs

Can live in a city apartment, although he needs regular walks, does not like to be alone. The dog should be brushed daily. It is also necessary to regularly wash and monitor the condition of the eyes and ears.


Like all dogs of short stature, Maltese is susceptible to such a disease as tartar. To prevent it, give your dog special bones that contain essential vitamins and minerals. Pay attention to trimming your animal's nails. It is not permissible for them to be long, as the dog can injure itself with them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Maltese Puppies in Mumbai