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Beagle Puppies Sale in Mumbai

beagle puppies available for sale in mumbai.
Price 32000
Location dadar - mumbai
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Sex Female
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Price 30000 - 35000
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Want to Purchase Beagle Puppies

Beagle Puppies For Sale In Mumbai.

Beagle dog is a famous breed; they are friendly, loving, intelligent and gentle. Earlier, the height of this breed was only 8 to 9 inches and was known as pocket beagles or miniature beagles. They were tiny enough to carry them around in pockets.

A mixed-breed beagle has no white color on its tail, whereas a purebred beagle shows some white on its tail. They have a great sense of smell and were developed to hunt rabbits. Their superior tracking instincts attached to their noses can be very useful if trained properly. During the quarantine period, many governments use them to inspect food products and other items to check if they are safe.

Beagles have a good temper, are sturdy and strong. Looking for a cute beagle? Premium Pet House has the best beagle puppies for sale in Mumbai. Don’t miss out, call them now and get their low-low price.

show quality beagle puppy

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Beagles enjoy the company of others and have a great temper. They are social and at the same time independent dogs allowing their owners to have some personal space. Since they are naturally social, they might feel a little lonely and isolated if restrained in a kennel.


Beagles are highly fond of human companionship and don’t like to be left alone for a long time. They are inquisitive and strong-minded dogs that make a sweet place in their owner’s heart because of their friendly, loving, and gentle character. They are energetic enough to play all day and are super friendly with children.

Breed Name Beagle
Origin United Kingdom, England and Great Britain
Breed Group Sporting Group
Height Male: 36–41 cm Female: 33–38 cm
Weight Male: 10–11 kg Female: 9–10 kg
Lifespan 10 – 15 Years
Intelligent, Amiable, Even Tempered, Determined, Excitable, Gentle
Apartment Friendly 
Price  30, 000 – 80, 000
import bloodline beagle
top quality beagle male female puppies


Beagles have a short coat that is very easy to maintain. Compared to other dogs, beagles need simple combing and grooming. This dog breed is known to shed very little, so there are lesser messes to clean. An easy bath a couple of times a quarter and brushing the dog about 2 to 3 times a week should do the trick.


Since this dog breed has a history of hunting, they are extremely energetic. They only need to take walks daily to keep their energy levels high. This is a great way for a dog owner to get some exercise and fresh air. Beagles excel in many dog sports and are known to be very athletic.

beagle puppies for sale Mumbai


Beagles always tend to be protective of their owners and home; they simply start barking at potential threats or strangers. They have great territorial and guarding instincts that make them a perfect candidate for a watchdog.


This dog is exceptionally lovable and cuddly. They are also funny; they will always do something that will make you laugh. Their long ears can be very amusing. You might get an offer to play, a chance to snuggle, or a friendly lick from time to time.

beagle heavy quality beagle

Beagles don’t have a strong prey drive like other dog breeds, so they are sociable with other animals as well. If a beagle meets another dog on the streets, they would like to say hello. They are generally good around other animals especially cats. But if you have a rabbit, you might want to consider a different breed.


For people who have little or zero experience when it comes to owning a dog, a beagle is the best option. They brilliantly adapt to new environments and homes. They are very friendly and active with their owners and are a low maintenance dog. This dog breed is intelligent, has a wonderful personality, and provides you with constant love and support.

If you want this adorable breed of dog, head to Premium Pet House, they have affordable beagle price in Mumbai. Contact them, now!

Deal With The Digging

If you have a yard you love maintaining, you are likely to encounter a big hole in the ground one random day if you have a Beagle at home. Beagles have a natural tendency to dig whenever they see a muddy surface. However, you can train your dog to refrain from all the digging to get rid of this habit.



Beagle dogs can be prone to a couple of allergies, even though they have short coats. They naturally are playful and as they dig dirt, smell some kind of items, and want to enjoy moving things. When they get back to their house, they can carry microbes that won’t settle well for people with allergies. Make sure to always clean your beagle before they enter your house.


Since beagles have good smelling abilities, this can sometimes be a problem. While playing with a beagle, they can easily get distracted by a stray tennis ball on the premises. To keep them in focus, it is important to have them in a controlled environment or at least be in a place that they are comfortable with. Familiar places reduce the chances of distraction.


If they catch attention to anything unusual, they will immediately bark. Despite having a small frame, they can bark pretty loudly. If you live in rural areas, it is still bearable, but living in a city the barking can be an issue for other neighbors and tenants. You should always stress the importance of stopping while training your dogs.


A curious nature, a love for digging, and a sensitive nose are what make a beagle adventurous. It should not be a surprise that as soon as you open their leashes outside, you will be spending hours searching for it. They can easily jump over the barrier in your backyard. Since beagles have hunters’ personalities, there is not much you can do about it. Anticipation and supervision are vital.


A certain trick or task can easily be forgotten and will have to redo the whole process. Beagles have tendencies of escaping, love adventure, and easily lose focus. A creative approach is always helpful when it comes to training. A way where they will enjoy and unconsciously learn the teachings.

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