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Poodle Puppies for Sale in Mumbai

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poodle puppies available for sale in powai mumbai .
Price 85000
Location powai - mumbai
Contact 9168044651
Sex male / female
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top lineage poodle puppies for sale in goregaon mumbai.
Price 85000
Location goregoan - mumbai
Contact 9168044651
Sex male / female
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champion bloodline poodle puppies for sale in andheri mumbai.
Price 95000
Location andheri - mumbai
Contact 9168044651
Sex male
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Poodle Puppies

And then the day came when you finally made up your mind. We really hope that your decision did not come about spontaneously, but you methodically weighed all the pros and cons, and also completely decided on the breed. Then the question arises "Where can I get a Poodle puppy?" The first thing that comes to mind is to take the armpit of your household and go to the bird market. But if you don't want to become the character of an old joke: "Where is that guy who sold this hamster to me as a bear last year?!"

When buying a puppy from a breeder, you can ask him to show you the puppy's parents (in any case, his mother for sure), their documents (preferably in the original) and Poodle price in Mumbai. You can ask the breeder how long he has been engaged in this breed, what success he has achieved. After all, many offer puppies from champions and winners. By contacting the breeder directly, you can verify the authenticity of all documents and poodle dog price.

Show Quality Poodle Puppy Price In Pune

If you are looking for any more information about the Poodle Dog breed that would help you make a solid decision, you can reach out to us and we would be more than happy to assist you in the best way possible. Our Contact Number is 9168044651

A brief Description about Poodle Breed

Varieties: a) large (height 45-60 cm); b) medium (height 35-45 cm); c) dwarf (size 28-35 cm); d) miniature (Toy) (size 24-28 cm)

The four size varieties of Poodle puppies in Mumbai(large, medium, dwarf, and miniature) are in turn divided into five colour sub-varieties: black, white, grey, brown, and apricot. However, the standard is the same for everyone. The general appearance is that of a harmonious, medium-length dog with a characteristic curly coat; there is a cord variety, but it is now very rare. The head is elegant, straight, well cut, proportioned to the trunk: it should be neither heavy nor massive, but not too thin either. The strong neck proudly carries the head held high. The body is well proportioned, with the trunk slightly longer than it is high. The limbs are perfectly upright. The thoracic circumference measured behind the shoulders must be greater than the height at the withers by at least 10 cm. The tail, tied high, is shortened to about a third of its length. It is worn obliquely. The poodle's gait is an important characteristic of the breed: light and hopping, it resembles that of the Arabian horse.

Size: 24 to 60 cm

Weight: 6 to 23 kg

Breed Name POODLE
Origin Germany
Breed Group Non-Sporting group
Height Male: 23 – 27 inches Female: 22 – 24 inches
Weight Male: 60 – 70 pounds Female: 40 – 50 pounds
Lifespan 12 – 14 years
Intelligent, Alert, Active, Instinctual, Faithful, Trainable
Apartment Friendly 
Price  1,00,000 - 4,00,000
Poodle-Dog-Breeds Price In Mumbai
Poodle Dogs Price In Mumbai

Now that you are thorough with both sides of the coin when it comes to getting a Poodle puppy, you can reach out to us if you are willing to be proud Poodle puppy parents today! just Connect at - 9168044651

Character and aptitudes

These dogs love to Play

With a great vitality, the Poodle as the Anglo Saxons call him, has a lot of energy to spare and is not the last when it comes to having fun and clowning. The education sessions are also for him often synonymous with play since he loves to learn and to please his master. You should therefore never hesitate to offer games that are both fun and educational.

These dogs Fearful / suspicious of strangers

Rather good alarm dog, poodle for sale keeps a certain vigilance when an unusual element upsets his routine. However, when he is confident he is very kind.

These dogs are ideal for apartment

Very versatile, the Poodle, especially the Toy Poodle puppies, can adapt very well to the city but also to the countryside where it will find in both environments a way to flourish, as long as it enjoys regular walks.

Very comfortable in an apartment, he can also live in a house with a garden where he appreciates being able to spend time indoors and outdoors.

These dogs are Independent

Very loyal and attached to the members of his social group, poodle dog for sale could spend all his time with his master. In this, he is absolutely not resourceful and needs almost permanent contact with his family to flourish.

If left to himself, he loses his joyful exuberance that makes him so likeable and can become barker and neurotic.

These dogs are Easy to educate / obedient

He is a very easy and pleasant dog to train because he quickly assimilates what is asked of him. Endowed with a remarkable intelligence and a beautiful sensitivity, the coercive educational methods will have only a very negative impact on him. It is therefore necessary to favour gentle, positive methods based on a relationship of trust.

Despite its great docility, education must still be initiated as soon as the Poodle puppies Mumbai arrive at home to avoid bad habits, especially for toy and dwarf subjects who are too often granted privileges.

These dogs are Intelligent

The Poodle puppies in Mumbai are renowned for their loyalty and remarkable ability to learn. He adapts to many lifestyles and in this, he is a very intelligent dog who is a particularly pleasant life companion.

Top Quality Poodle Dog Puppy Price In Mumbai

Need for exercise / sports for Poodle Breed

Very dynamic and active, this dog needs to exert himself both physically and mentally, socially and in an olfactory way to be well in his paws.

Many activities must be offered to him so that he can express his full potential. Thus, long walks constitute a classic basis of daily expenditure to which must be added more stimulating activities such as sessions of obedience, tracking, swimming, etc.


• Resistant / robust:The only weak point of this dog are his ears: they are prone to ear infections if they are not cleaned regularly. He is also a very robust dog and the one who lives the longest in absolute terms: he does not live on average twelve years but fifteen and sometimes even much more!

• Withstands heat:During summer periods, and mainly heat waves, it is advisable to organize walks early in the morning and late at night and to promote walks with bodies of water so that poodle puppies for sale can cool off. Of course, water at will and a corner of shade must be made available.

• Withstands the cold:The toy and dwarf jigs are a bit more delicate and often suffer from the cold. They must therefore almost necessarily live indoors.

• Tendency to gain weight:Especially during education sessions, we often tend to give a lot of treats as rewards, and that's great! But in this case, it is important to regulate with the daily ration to avoid overfeeding and overweight which can quickly gain this dog.

Frequently Asked Questions About Poodle Puppies in Mumbai