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Pug Puppies for Sale in Mumbai

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Want to Purchase Pug Puppies?

Pug Breed: History, Characteristic, Price and Features

If you are looking to purchase a puppy from a breeder, you will most likely have to spend a little more time. There are many people who love and breed their dogs, and these are the breeders you should look for.

Many breeders have a certain waiting list, which is both a plus and a minus. This is a plus on the side that you know that there is a demand for pug puppies for Sale and the owners take care of the dogs and do not breed them too often. At the same time, this means that you will have to wait several months before you can get pug for adoption in Mumbai.

Some of the breeders do not care about the welfare of their dogs and puppies and breed them just for the sake of profit. Many dogs live in poor conditions and are usually far from the best health. Keep in mind that many people and inexperienced owners are fooled by the simply beautiful photographs on the websites. So, it is best to do your own analysis on pug for adoption in Mumbai and find the right breeder for you.

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If you are looking for any more information about the Pug Dog breed that would help you make a solid decision, you can reach out to us and we would be more than happy to assist you in the best way possible. Our Contact Number is 9823704651

A Small Introduction about Pug

The Latin expression "multum in parvo", meaning "a lot in a little space" is quite rightly used to describe the Pug. Indeed, this little being has many surprises in store! Thanks to his charm, his incomparable humour and his intelligence, the Pug puppy for sale in Mumbai offers wonderful moments of entertainment to his master, every day!

History of the Pug

Back in the days of Imperial China, having a Pug was a real privilege. This dog was considered the "dog of the emperor": the latter was the only one able to enjoy the company of a Pug and to touch it. The lives of these dogs were luxurious, to say the least. It was not uncommon for them to have the protection of a bodyguard. It was thanks to English breeders that the Carlin breed avoided extinction. In the 1900s, this dog celebrated its comeback and gained more and more admirers around the world.

Breed Name PUG
Origin China
Breed Group Toy Breed
Height 30 – 36 cm
Weight 14 to 18 pounds (6.3 to 8.1 kg)
Lifespan 12 – 15 years
Charming, Clever, Playful, Mischievous, Docile, Stubborn
Apartment Friendly 
Price  15, 000 – 80, 000

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Appearance of the Pug

The Pug is extremely compact and its stocky body shows off its strong musculature. His straight back makes his body appear square, but the Pug should not look slumped or leggy. His physique should not be confused with an overweight situation!

The ideal weight of this dog is between 6.3 and 8.1 kilos. The standard does not give a precise indication of the height at the withers of the Pug, although this should not exceed 35 cm.

The Pug's head looks relatively large, compared to its small size. Its small fangs and black, flat nose with large nostrils are characteristic of the Pug.

Its small ears should drop forward with the tip level with the contours of its round head. However, “ears in pink”, facing backwards and revealing the inside of the ear, are also accepted by the standard.

The Pug's short, smooth and shiny coat is a solid colour. In accordance with the breed standard, there are four different coat colours:
• black
• silver grey
• apricot
• the light fawn (which pulls towards the sand)

The Pug's mask, characterized by the spots on its forehead as well as the moles on its cheeks, provide a certain contrast to the solid colour of her dress. These must stand out and be as dark as possible.

The Pug character

In the dog world, the character of the Pug is considered to be comparable to that of a little clown. It is not his curious face, very wrinkled, his flat nose or his large black eyes that make you smile, but the extraordinary sense of humour of this dog. With a Pug, every day has its share of new nonsense and silliness, usually ending in good laughs for the masters.

These dogs are incredibly playful

Despite his very short legs, he likes to move and exercise. He amazes with his skill when show jumping to games of skill or even when it comes to accompanying your master for a little bike tour.

These dogs are cheerful

This cheerful little dog does not bark and does not display aggressive behaviour. In this sense, it may happen that he underestimates the warning signs of a dangerous situation or even that he does not know how to detect them, for example when he meets other aggressive dogs. The Pug rarely lets himself be intimidated by his fellows.

These dogs are easy to educate

Living in the company of a Pug turns out to be child's play on a daily basis! This small dog is content with little space and does not have a hunting instinct. Finally, his loyal nature and affectionate character make him an easy to educate dog.

These dogs enjoy family company

The Pug is a real doggie who enjoys staying calm at home. He sleeps a lot and loves small naps, rocked by his soft snoring. In his basket, on the sofa or nestled on his master's knees, everything suits him! However, we cannot qualify him as a small apartment dog. The character of the Pug can change from one minute to the next! He can seem quite calm or even lethargic and suddenly show exceptional dynamism if something has piqued his curiosity. In these cases, the Pug wags its tail, hops around and rejoices in being able to have fun with its owner or engage in an activity. In general, it is appreciated by its congeners.

These dogs are faithful companion

This little cabbage with a big heart loves his master above all else and loves to accompany him wherever he goes. He follows him and therefore proves to be a true faithful companion. When he feels upset, for example when he feels that his master is not giving him the attention he deserves, he may be stubborn. When he pretends not to hear or see you, and he purposely ignores you, giggles are guaranteed!

Top Quality Pug Dog Puppy Price In Mumbai
Top Quality Pug Dog Puppy Price In Mumbai

Pug breeding and health

People wishing to buy a pug from pug puppies for sale still have to pay relatively high sums of money today. With serious and trustworthy breeders, a puppy of the Pug breed costs between 1100 and 1300 euros. Most of the time, you know that you are investing your money in the right way. Indeed, by turning to Premium Pet Shop, recognized and qualified breeder, you are guaranteed to adopt a healthy and sane Pug, who will be able to spend long and beautiful years by your side.

Pug feeding

The health of the Pug does not rest solely in the hands of the breeders. Masters take responsibility for providing their Pugs with appropriate care, a balanced lifestyle and healthy food. Many diseases can thus be avoided or diagnosed very early.

From this point of view, food, in the form of croquettes or boxes play a decisive role. A high meat content, a few vegetables, a low percentage of grains and an absence of sugars ensure essential nutrients and minerals for Pugs.

Pug care and well-being

In order to avoid certain diseases, your Pug obviously needs you to give him enough care. By nature, the Pug has a tendency to shed impressive amounts of hair. That's why he needs be brushed regularly. His eyes and ears also require your attention: check their condition from time to time and clean them using products suitable for them.

You are encouraged to play with your Pug and make him want to work out. This is the only way to prevent him from becoming limp and listless. Active days consisting of walks and small games will prevent your dog from gaining weight. With enough motivation, your Pug will be very lively and playful! So your new friend will enjoy their nap on your lap even more!

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