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Boxer Dogs For Sale In Mumbai

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boxer puppies for sale in mumbai.
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healthy boxer puppies for sale in mumbai.
Price 34000
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show quality boxer puppies for sale in mumbai.
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Want to Purchase Boxer Puppies?

Boxer Dogs For Sale In Mumbai

Dog lovers want to buy dogs that have great personalities. They look for their size, versatility, and habits. If you are looking for a dog that is nothing short of intelligent, friendly, and playful, we have just the correct boxer puppies for sale in Mumbai for you.

At Premium Pet House we assure you that we will offer you the best boxer puppies price in Mumbai. We believe in affordable pricing, we do not want our clients to pay anything more than what’s need to take their new friend home.

Before getting into the various benefits of owning a boxer puppy, let’s briefly talk about the breed.

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All you need to do is reach out to us and we will shoulder the responsibility of finding you exactly the Boxer puppy that you are looking for, Give us a call on 9168044651

Brief Introduction To Boxer Dogs

This breed is a large purebred dog that came from Germany. Its head is square and has a short coat with rigid skin and an anchored tail. White markings are visible on its neck, muzzle, belly, chest, and feet. Female boxers generally weigh up to sixty pounds, whereas male boxers go up to seventy pounds. This breed is very skilled and is considered a present for people.

Benefits Of Bringing A Boxer Puppy Home

Let’s look at some of the pros of having a boxer dog.

Breed Name Boxer
Origin United Kingdom, England and Great Britain
Breed Group Sporting Group
Height Female: 53–60 cm, Male: 57–63 cm
Weight Female: 25–29 kg, Male: 27–32 kg
Lifespan 10 – 15 Years
Intelligent, Amiable, Even Tempered, Determined, Excitable, Gentle
Apartment Friendly 
Price  20, 000 – 80, 000
import bloodline Boxer import bloodline Boxer
They Are Fueled With Energy

They simply love to play and have ample energy. Keeping them happy is important, you can do that by teaching them new things such as playing hide and seek, fetching, going on an outdoor adventure, and other entertaining games. Their energy levels are bound to make its owner energetic too.

Their Personality Is Alluring

Boxer dogs are very lovable and want to shower people they are comfortable with, with an abundance of affection. They are considered Velcro dogs and tend to make a deep and powerful connection with their loved ones. They will stick by your side through every up and down. Their personality is just wonderful.

They Have Great Intelligence

This dog breed is always in demand because they are really smart. They are natural learners and are super intelligent. Flyball and agility are some canine tasks that boxer dogs love to be a part of. To adapt to new environments and conditions, they do require a good amount of constant training and socializing.

They Are Ideal For Families

Boxer dogs are fueled with energy and are cheerful, high-spirited, and lively. Their short coats require very little care. Their astounding personalities are what make them a perfect dog for a family. They are affectionate and will always be loyal to their owners. They do not pose any kind of danger to children.

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Boxer puppies for sale Mumbai

Who wouldn’t want adorable boxer puppies that are loyal and smart? Reach out to us and we will help you to find your furry little friend. Give us a call on 9168044651

Important Considerations Before Buying A Boxer Dog

Along with the advantages of welcoming a new member to your family, it is vital to look at certain considerations before you ahead and get yourself a boxer dog.

They Are Prone To Some Health Problems

This dog breed lives for a long time but it is vital to be aware of some health problems. Colitis which is a bowel disease is very common among this breed. Mobility issues are another problem. Since they are energetic dogs, arthritis becomes quite common too.

They Love To Chew On Things

Boxer dogs enjoy chewing on various things. There can be reasons for this, either they could be teething, or they are anxious and bored, or simply because they are being naughty. This dog breed requires excessive mental stimulation and exercise.

They Have Low Tolerance To Extreme Climate

This breed doesn’t do too well in extreme cold and hot weather. His short coat doesn’t allow them to stay outdoors for too long in winters and makes it humid and hot during summers. They can easily suffer from a heatstroke.

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We are sure that you have enough information about boxer dogs and their abilities. If you want to go ahead and bring an incredible boxer puppy home, you just have to connect with us and we’ll take it further from there.just reach out to us on 9168044651

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