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Amazing Fact About Pug Puppies
Pug Puppies

Amazing Fact About Pug Puppies

Who doesn’t love a pug? From its puppy stage, many admire pugs the most. Its popularity in India is now at a growing stage ever since people found it in an ad from a mobile network giant called Vodafone. However, you must know some Pug Facts for sure.

Are you fond of grooming your pug pet? Well, they just get shiny feathers that give you goosebumps when they walk in the evening with shiny sunlight.

A pet requires frequent healthcare to give its feather a proper shine. When you do the trimming with care, give your pug a proper bath, and follow the important grooming tips, then your pet is going to be one of the best among others.

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Here are some amazing Pug Dog Facts for you:

They were bred to be lap dogs

Well, lap dogs live quite luxurious lifestyles and so do pug puppies. If you ever wonder how to keep them with yourself, you must know that they require a lot of attention because they belong to Chinese royalty. Yes, the origin of pugs was from the Chinese royal family.

Their lifestyle with the emperor is quite attractive and filled with luxury.

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They are meant to have wrinkles

Well, you have known the trademark of a pug puppy for having wrinkles. The identity of keeping such wrinkles comes from the breeders. Yes, Chinese breeders do such breeding and make the wrinkle as a permanent one for their pug puppies.

Pugs are quite popular for their wrinkles on facial regions, especially, at eyes, nose, and forehead. Breeders want to create a significant pattern for pugs so that the wrinkle can resemble the Chinese character for the prince. In Chinese, it is “??”.

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They’re very connected to royalty

You don’t know all Pug Puppies Facts. However, it is one of the popular ones. The House of Orange in the Netherlands had officially declared pugs as their official dog (pet). The royal family keeps this title for a pug named Pompey.

This pug saved the life of a Dutch prince once. The prince of Orange got a proper warning and saved himself from the assassin because of the long and ruthless barking of Pompey. It also scratched him to warm the price while he was on his deep slip.

Also, Queen Victoria bred pugs to form the Kennel club in 1873. In the 1950s, when Edward VIII owned several parts of England, the pugs were there accompanying the royalty.

They’re one of the oldest dog breeds

It is believed that people found this breed before 400BC. Well, that makes it ancient. The primitive link of pugs with humans is not just from these days. Yes, history tells us the difference. People don’t know the origin at some point.

History has linked the pugs with itself. Yes, many events were there in the past where the pugs were involved.

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They come in different colors

Color is a fact that you can’t terminate while picking your favorite pet. In terms of a pug’s selection, it plays a significant role.

If you are not sure about the right pick of your dog, then don’t worry and take time for making a final decision. Here, you will get all types of colors found among pugs.

Well, breed standards have their respective variations. But AFC mentioned pugs as they came in three different colors such as black, apricot-fawn, and silver. However, the recent pug puppies have just gotten into something new.

Fresh breeders, nowadays, give pug lovers some new and eye-catching varieties such as caramel, brindle, and black (with a little tan).

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They were the symbol for a Secret Society

Well, it all started after the Pope decided to prevent a group of Catholics from becoming Freemasons in 1738. Then the entire society named themselves the Order of the Pug or Mopsorden.

It all happened in 1740. So, pugs have been linked in ancient histories, haven’t they! This is quite exciting to keep a pug after knowing their links with the past events. This is also one of the interesting Facts About Pugs.

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Napoleon’s wife had a loyal pug

Josephine Bonaparte, the wife of Napoleon, had a pet. The pug was named Fortune. The dog was so loyal to her as Fortune used to carry messages from Josephine’s first husband to the prison where she was imprisoned during the Reign of Terror.

Fortune has received its famous tag after biting Napoleon during the couple’s wedding night. Well, you can’t just blame the pug as the Kind decided to throw her out of the bed.

They’re on the big screen

In popular culture, pugs have received the highest attention. You can say them as the spotlight seeker for many motion pictures and television shows.

Have you watched the Men in Black Movie Series, Pocahontas, and the adventures of Milo & Otis? Then you should know how the directors portrayed the pug in the movies.

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Three or more pugs is called a grumble

A grumble, they say, right! Yes, when you see a bunch of pugs gathering at the same moment, people call them a grumble. It started in Holland.

There, native breeders called the bunch of pugs a “mopshond”. The meaning of that word in English is “to grumble”. It is one of the Fun Facts About Pugs.

The pug life will change you

Well, many dogs are there but no one is there like a pug. The breed gives you a funny vibe, an extreme level of royalty, and is very affectionate. Pugs are quite popular in different regions. Also, their demands in India are now on the rise.

The love for a pug is not going to end at all. Once you get your chance to own one, as a trustworthy pet, it won’t let itself out of your attention. Its immense skills and loyalty will surprise you.


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