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Guide on How to Train a Pitbull Puppy
Pitbull Puppies

Guide on How to Train a Pitbull Puppy

It is incredibly important to train your Pitbull at a very young age. Pitbulls are having some negative images among some dog keepers about their violent nature. Well, it happens because they haven’t done enough training or provided the right guidance at early phases.

You must have heard the statement about old dogs. It says” You can’t teach an old dog some new tricks”. So, one word for sure, you must provide your pitbull a higher form of training and lessons to ensure its high-quality life.

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What You Should Know Before Training Your Pitbull Puppy

Considering a few facts can help you out to raise a pitbull puppy. You can start your Pitbull Puppy Training when you find the right trainer with our help. However, you must know some basic tips to begin the training.

You can say it as a trainer will let you know what he is going to do.

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When Should I Start Training My Pitbull?

Several ideas are there associated with the training of a Pitbull. However, you must know when and where a trainer starts the entire session and finish it. You may not have sufficient ideas on How To Train Your Pitbull.

Somehow, you may manage at first but that’s not recommended. Without the proper knowledge, you must not start guiding or giving training to your Pitbull puppy.

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The right sessions are quite effective to start your training for your pitbull puppy. You may know a few Pitbull Dog Training Tips but not all of them. So, here you will understand what a dog trainer wants for your pitbull puppy.

Pitbull Training at 3-8 Weeks

Name Calling

This is the crucial part that many new dog keepers forget to begin or just get confused about when to start calling or naming their pitbull puppies. A trainer can start the process for you if you allow him. You must not forget to get familiar with your puppy by saying his or her name.

Every command you provide to your puppy, you must put the name either at first or last. In this way, the succeeding process will be quite easier for you.


It’s a basic command and the simplest one. Most of the dogs are quite easy to get those accents of yours for sitting. It’s not always about commanding your pit about sitting. But you must know some finest trick to trigger the motion gear.

Eye contact and your hand’s smooth and slow touch on your pit’s head can do a lot of things. Also, a few moments of gaze to your pet’s eyes can do the trick. Naturally, they will end up sitting after all such gentle work.

2.Lay Down

It’s just the command that you must not forget to practice right after teaching your pit about a sitting task. How to start the process? You can hold the treat level matching to your dog’s eye and slowly bring it down. The pit will follow you and manage to lay down while you give him or her the treat.


Obvious tricks are there but not many people practice them or don’t know when or where to start. Before you get your best one from the Pitbull Puppies for Sale in Kolhapur, you must know how to train your pitbull. The dog has great listening power.

Many security agencies, the army, and other persons prefer dogs for their domestic protection. So, pitbull is also a kind of breed you can go with for this purpose. For listening or watching several things, the right training sessions and tricks are necessary.

Here, eye contact plays a vital role. This act helps to strengthen the bond between a master and the pit puppy at the early phases of training. Also, your puppy will respond so precisely to your commands. You can start the session while treating your pet or just praise your pit.

Pitbull Training 8-12 Weeks


Basic step but not all know the actual moment to start. Some start with the early phase of their puppies. But there is a big difference between teaching a mature one and a kid. In the case of a puppy, the rules are all the same.

When you pronounce “stay” to your puppy, it won’t respond to you immediately. But continuous practicing of lay down or sitting commands can promote the pause activities. If your dog doesn’t respond much to your stay command, then you must reward him.

Doing so can help a lot in his behavior as a treatment causes a huge distraction for any puppy. So, a pit is not far from that trick to apply over.


Several crucial things are there to teach your dog and teaching your dog about the right response to your command “come” is something else. When it is an emergency, you can call upon your dog and if you train him well, he will respond to you.

So, it is up to you how you want to proceed with the entire work. Yes, going with a whistle or claps can do the trick. The response from the dog to those actions is quite high.

3.Potty Training

Nothing is valid unless you train your dog on how to potty. Well, teaching your pit is a different thing. You must know the trick about How To Potty Train A Pitbull Puppy.

You must punish your dog in the first phases of this training. Also, the punishment task is not that necessary. With positive reinforcement, you must start your training. During such a period, you can praise your pet or give him the right treat.

Also, you must be attentive to your pet all the time while performing this session of training. It is your duty and behavior that will set your pit puppy free from burdens and learn how to potty from these sessions.


From a young age, you must teach your dog about the right socializing manners. If you build an early foundation at first, it will remain lifelong attached with his behavior patterns.

You must monitor and supervise every activity of your pet at first. These early-stage gazes are going to help him to build strong and friendly activities all the time.

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Pitbull Training 12-16 Weeks

1.Leash Walking

Most dog keepers do some wrong things while taking a walk with their pets. In the case of Pitbull puppies, you must not do that. You should treat your dog like yourself and teach him to walk side-by-side.

Your dog will figure out your behavior and will gain fond of you within a few sessions of walking training.


Introducing you with any object in your hands such as a toy, a ball, a wooden stick, or anything playable for puppies is important. Throwing them a certain distance and teaching them to fetch it for you can be the lesson of a lifetime.

Many dog keepers want to do such things but don’t have much patience to continue this task. At first, it may be hard for a puppy to listen to your words or fetch your thrown objects. But regular practices with the right guidance can initiate proper learning.


It is the easiest trick but not many dog lovers try with a pit bull. Yes, you should start the process by keeping the treat at a certain height and asking your pitbull puppy to get it. This is the process of beginning. Then you can say “jump” to him.

Of course, with their tiny paws and little stamina, they may fail at first but it won’t last long. Jump training is easier when you guide them with the right passion. So, you can know how and what excites your pet the most.

Apart from giving multiple treats, you can try those tricks with your Pitbull and make him jump to get the item. In this way, you can start teaching your pet.

4.More Advanced Games

Well, this is the part where you can do some additional stuff. But you can compromise in the selection of your puppy. So, you must get one from our Pitbull Puppies for Sale in Nashik.

Preferring a Tug Toy for your puppy. It is a durable and incredibly safe item for your pitbull puppy. It will help the workout process and give him a dynamic play session at once.