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Tiny Tails, Big Tales: Surprising Fun Facts About Toy Poms
Toy Pomeranian Puppies

Tiny Tails, Big Tales: Surprising Fun Facts About Toy Poms

Have you wondered how a little snowball would look if someone breathed life into it? I know it is a weird question. Replace the snow with soft fur, and you have a Toy Pomeranian! Without a doubt, Toy Poms are some of the cutest pets you can have. They are sassy, witty, playful, and full of love for their pet parents. If you have made a decision to bring a Toy Pomeranian home, let me assure you that you should stick to the plan!

However, it is always advisable to know a breed well before purchasing it. A Google search can be a good start. For instance, if you are looking for a pooch in Pune, you can make searches that get you healthy Toy Pomeranian puppies for sale in Pune. It is equally important to find an ethical breeder who helps you throughout your buying journey.

Before you bring this little furry friend home, let us help you understand the breed better by sharing a few fun facts about Pomeranians:

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Know The Breed’s Origin

As the name suggests, a Toy Pomeranian is a miniature version of a Pomeranian. Originating in Pomerania, a region overlapping Germany and Poland, Pomeranians were bred to be cute companion dogs. However, people couldn’t resist their cuteness and liked even smaller pooches. This made breeders selectively breed smaller Pomeranians, giving rise to this adorable breed.

They Have Enjoyed Royalty

Toy Pomeranians have enjoyed royalty you and I can only dream of! This is probably the reason behind the haughty and sassy nature of Poms. Toy Poms have received extremely regal treatment in the past, especially from the Queen of England herself. There was a time when Queen Victoria was in love with this breed. Marco, her Toy Pom, weighed all but 12 pounds. The queen played an important role in popularizing this breed in the 19th century.

Big Dog Syndrome

If you are planning to become a Toy Pom parent, you should know about this trait. Despite being pocket-sized, Toy Pomeranians often think they are larger in size and can take down large dog breeds. This trait is called the Big Dog Syndrome. While your pet will look cute challenging a Rottweiler, this trait should not be taken lightly. As a pet parent, do not leave your Toy Pom alone when the big boys are around!

Their Coats Have Utility

Furry coats are the most striking features in Toy Pomeranians. These dogs have furry double coats that keep them warm and cold according to the weather. While a Toy Pom’s undercoat is dense and soft, its outer coat is straight and long. Along with making these furry friends look cuter, these coats help them beat all climates. This is a major reason why Pomeranians are ideal pets to have in India. Irrespective of where you live, you can bring a Toy Pomeranian home to your loved ones.

Having said that, you should not ignore a Toy Pom’s grooming needs. These furry friends’ coats need daily brushing and regular visits to professional groomers in your town.

Toy Poms Respond Well To Positive Reinforcement

Toy Pomeranians are like mischievous kids who cannot be controlled easily. If you want your pet to be obedient, it is better to train it at an early age. The best way to train this pooch is through positive reinforcement. This training technique involves luring your little one using its favorite treat. Give your Toy Pom a treat when it follows your instructions. Before you know it, your smarty will start following your commands like a good kid!

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There Is One For Everyone!

If you are fond of colorful puppies, you’d be happy to know that Toy Poms come in multiple colors. It is safe to say that there is one Toy Pomeranian for everyone, looking at the wide range of colors the breed is available in. From single colors like white, cream, fawn, and brindle to a combination of different colors, you can always ask your Toy Pomeranian breeder to get you your favorite color. Most authentic breeders oblige and do their best to get their clients the desired coat colors.

You Will Live With Social Butterflies

With a Toy Pomeranian at home, you will have an extroverted companion who loves meeting new people and spending time with them. These dogs are inherent social butterflies. Bred to be companion dogs, Toy Poms will eventually open up to strangers even if they seem reserved at first. All you need to do is handle your pooch with care and advise your friends to do the same. This quality makes them wonderful family pets. Once a Toy Pom warms up to you, it will give you all the love, care, and attention in the world!

Vocal And Expressive Dogs

This is another Toy Pom quality you should be aware of. These furry friends are expressive and like being heard. You will always find your little companion barking or making adorable sounds to communicate with you. From alertness and anger to excitement and sorrow, Toy Poms express every emotion by being vocal. However, if you do not control your Toy Pomeranian’s barking habits, it may irritate your family members and neighbors. Give your pet the right amount of obedience training to keep excessive barking under control.

Do Not Get Rough With Them

Toy Pomeranians are some of the most sensitive pets you can have. Once you bring a puppy home, you will need to be extra careful while handling it. Even pulling its leash a little tighter can damage your furry friend’s trachea, leading to issues like tracheal collapse. Think twice before cuddling your Toy Pom and surprising it with a hug. When it comes to these adorable pooches, it is always better to take things slow!

The Final Word

We hope you know Toy Pomeranians a little better now. We know you cannot wait to bring your new family member home. Your Toy Pomeranian is waiting for you, fully equipped with unconditional love and loyalty!