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Common Myths of German Shepherd Puppies

Common Myths of German Shepherd Puppies

The German Shepherd dogs are a very beautiful variety and an intelligent dog breed that requires socialization. It is considered as one of the powerful dog breeds and loyal at the same time.

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Common Myths of German shepherd Puppies

Several kinds of German shepherd myths are associated with the ideology of humans that includes at these dogs are aggressive and dangerous in nature. The main aim of the article is to clear out the several kinds of Myths of German Shepherd puppies.

Since we know that every kind of variety possesses negative and positive characteristics and traits including health concerns. The German shepherd cannot be excluded taking in consideration all these aspects. Let us check out some of the German shepherd facts and myths that are covered in this article.

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Myth 1: Older dogs are harder to manage than puppies 

Actually, there is no exact fact that can determine the age of the adult German shepherd since it depends on the type of diet the dog is taking and the routine of the exercise, it can be witnessed that dogs possessing various kinds of health problems may look older in comparison to what they actually are.

Also, the young puppies don’t possess such health problems since they are young and have an energetic routine of exercise and overall health. That is why we consider that the old German Shepherds are difficult to handle in comparison to younger puppies. Age disorders such as arthritis make the elderly dog look Older which are one of the signs of aging.

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The elderly dogs’ habit of barking aggressively can sensitize the children. Especially for children we need not think that the other dogs are appropriate to keep them around their babies for small kids. They can be equally dangerous for you and for the strangers that come to your home.

Myth 2: Puppies are not best for children

People considered that we can easily handle puppies in comparison to adult dogs. It is due to the fact that everyone admires a puppy since it is very small and cute and you may get rejoiced after sing the newborn puppy.

If you are planning to get a puppy for the sake of a child, it will result in no impulse control. Sometimes small puppies may prove dangerous for the little children and we need to monitor the entire situation carefully till the kids are with the small puppies.

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We can’t regard the babies and the small German shepherd puppies as incompatible but we do require the trained dog owners who are capable of handling the situation till the time the child becomes mature enough to handle and adapt to the dog.

It is not necessary that the German shepherd puppies are always aggressive and destructive but they possess proclivity that may result in harmless nipping.

The puppies have a habit to chew the skin or toy which is soft and the same can happen with the small child that was sensitive skin.

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They can destroy the outer covering of the stuffed toy and therefore, it is not easier to say that the adult dogs are considered fit for handling the small babies and playing with them. So, it was one of the German shepherd myths that should be avoided with regard to adult dogs.

Myth 3: Training your dog properly will prevent him from roaming outside an unfenced yard

After you give good training to your pet especially German Shepherds, we can prevent them from going outside especially in the unfenced areas. The rigorous practice can transform the pet into a creature who would become habitual of the surroundings and would be able to identify the strange places easily.

If you are not strong enough to train your pet or you have difficulty in understanding the habits and temperament of the dog, you can definitely seek the advice of the trainer or can hire a professional trainer how to train the dog accordingly.

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Myth 4: Rescue GSDs (German shepherd Dog) are difficult to bond with

It is not always true that the rescue of German shepherd dogs is extremely difficult to get connected with and hence, becomes one of the German shepherd facts and myths. A person can inculcate connection at any time and with any kind of dog irrespective of its breed and origin.

The person should be skilled enough to train the dog so that they would be able to know what you actually Desire from them and make them understand that things present around them and their value for the pet.

Most of the time, the dogs are either scared of delivering thanks to the owner or they are not able to convey their right emotions in a perfect way due to a lack of training or connectivity between the owner and them.

Discipline and other temperament training should be given to make them harmless and emotionally as well as physically mature so that they can be appreciated a lot and love equally.

Myth 5: The German Shepherd dog is Aggressive, Destructive, and Dangerous

It is considered a misconception that the German Shepherds always possess destructive and aggressive behavior and they would also be proved dangerous for everyone. But this can be avoided by comprehending the German shepherd loyalty facts.

The German shepherd is well trained that definitely is not responsible for posing a threat or perils for the society members or even family members. We can consider that any kind of dog possessing an unstable temperament can project unpredictable behavior that can be responsible for the danger for humans taking into consideration the security of people.

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It is regarded as the working breed according to Genetics and the reason behind the excessive caliber of excelling in sports activity and in the military projects that they are strong enough and have sheet will power to fight against the odds.

Moreover, they are well-organized and intelligent dogs, and they have often labeled the uncontrollable and challenging creatures if they by mistake enter the wrong residence or any strange place.

We can make the German Shepherds well-mannered and protective after rigorous practice and training in order to transform them into faithful friends and healthy family members. The owner is solely responsible and should be blamed if the dog is not behaving properly and in case if it is labeled as destructive.

Myth 6: All German Shepherds have hip dysplasia

The owners become as worried as one of the common diseases that is found in German Shepherd dogs is hip dysplasia. The owners are often concerned about them regarding this disorder but it is one of the misconceptions that is embedded in the mind of every person.

The German shepherd dogs need not always suffer from this disease but it can and we found it in some percentage of German Shepherds. This is another German shepherd loyalty fact that needs to be made clear while buying them or getting worried about after buying.

If you go by the investigations made by the Orthopaedic Foundation for pets, it is the survey that the other breeds of dogs possess a greater occurrence of this disease whereas it is just around 20 % which is found in the German shepherd breed.

Hip and elbow dysplasia can be minimized to a greater level in all the available breeds of the Dogs with the help of training methods and valid certification can help them to make the dogs free of this disease before they are ready for breeding.

If you are willing to reduce the challenges and odds of this disease in your German shepherd, you need to learn how to take the differences between the good dog breeders and the bad breeds with regard to the German shepherd loyalty facts.

Myth 7: German Shepherds have Sensitive Tummies

It is another misconception that the German shepherd digestive system is not strong enough to withstand every kind of disease. The stomach present inside the dog body should not be considered more or less sensitive in comparison to the other breeds of dogs.

So, it is considered an untrue fact that every variety of dogs including German Shepherds has stomach issues always. These kinds of issues which are related to the stomach and digestive system can take place because of the delivery of low-quality food that contains artificial ingredients and preservatives including chemicals and fillers.

It is neither hereditary nor pattern of homogeneity that these disorders can be the part of every German shepherd. So, we should not take away such kinds of misconceptions related to common diseases or behaviour.

Myth 8:  All German Shepherds will instinctively protect their Owners

It is not always true to say that the German shepherd is always ready to protect its owners. These types of dogs are very large and exhibit intimidating characteristics. These dogs are basically known for their protective behavior instinctively against strangers and groups of people.

German Shepherds are not in a habit of attacking their owner’s frequent number of times in comparison to the other breeds of dogs and in most of the cases where injury happens, the German shepherd dog is not considered at fault or is not the cause of any incident as the majority of the people think.

The reason behind the injury can be the negligence of the owner but definitely, not the cause because of his aggressive and destructive behavior as many people think to be.

Most people feel that they will always exhibit this protective behavior in case if they are owners or family members. It is due to the fact that mostly the people especially the owners don’t have any idea about how to go about understanding the body language of the dog.

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They often consider their barking behavior in the form of fear and regard the protective behavior when these dogs show teeth towards any of the strangers. Unless you have a clear-cut idea about those traits which are possessed by the German shepherd, you cannot rely completely on the gestures rejected by them.

It is also considered that strong nerves, as well as courage, come from the jeans that are inherited from the parents. But you should be always aware of the type of training and surroundings around with these German shepherd dogs play or dwell.

The environment in which these dogs live plays a critical role in the development of the physique of the dog and making them more protective against the odds. Therefore, you should not totally rely on the external gestures projected by the dog and also believe in the type of training given to the dog with regard to protection and understanding the sense of danger.

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The study of working Genetics is basically carried out in the areas such as your pen Germany where there is a great difference between such studies in comparison to American show lines.

If you are really interested in buying a sports dog or specifically a protection dog, the German shepherd is one of the best choices to be made and lies top among the reputable breeders as a part of working lines. Before buying you should have an idea about the body language and their protective notion otherwise you can get training with regard to the same.

Therefore, it should be considered that the owners of the German Shepherds who actually desire to love them and treat them properly, would always project the statement at advantages and positives behind this kind of breed would overpower the negativities hidden behind them.

So, you should not feel depressed if you are possessing a German Shepherd dog since there is no exception to this kind of breed rather they are exceptionally beautiful and powerful creatures that require socialization and strong leadership at the same time.

Parting tips

Hope these common misconceptions are removed from your criteria related to German Shepherds and if you are planning to buy a German shepherd you can definitely look for the German shepherd puppies for sale in chennai. German shepherd puppy is an ideal choice for your home if you want to add the puppy as your family member.