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Common Myths About English Bulldog Puppies
English Bulldog Puppies

Common Myths About English Bulldog Puppies

If an English Bulldog stares lovingly at you, there is nothing you can refuse! With thick folds of skin, flat faces, wobbly gait, and beady eyes, these Mastiffs make some of the cutest pets. If you are planning to bring one of these pooches home, ensure that you work with a reputed breeder in your city. For example, if you are looking for healthy English Bulldog puppies for sale in Pune, you should start looking for the best breeders in town.

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Along with finding the right dog breeder, it is equally important to know common myths about English Bulldogs. People with little to no knowledge of the breed tend to create and spread rumors about these furry friends, hampering the breed’s reputation for no reason. If you wish to be a responsible and informed pet parent, it is important to know the myths revolving around the breed. Busting these myths will make the people you know aware of how precious these pooches really are!

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Here are some of the most important English Bulldog myths you should know before bringing a puppy home:

English Bulldogs Are Always Lazy

English Bulldogs are not some of the most active and energetic dogs. However, this does not mean that they are always lazy and idle. These furry friends experience bursts of energy wherein they get incredibly active. If you do not exhaust your pet, it will always be up for some fun games. It is a common misconception that English Bulldogs, because of being too lazy, are boring. Once you get yourself this pooch, you will realize how fun-loving the breed really is.

They Are Too Aggressive

One of the most common English Bulldog myths is that the breed is inherently aggressive. This is certainly not the case, and these dogs make lovable pets. Even when it comes to strangers, an English Bulldog will never attack anyone unless it is triggered beyond its threshold. These dogs are gentle and cordial with everyone. People spreading such myths might have triggered some English Bulldogs beyond redemption!

English Bulldogs Are Not Intelligent

You might hear some people say that English Bulldogs are dumb because they do not always follow their pet parents’ commands. This is not true. These dogs have high intelligence and observation power. They may not obey your commands because of their stubborn streak. If your pet does not follow an instruction, it is not because it isn’t intelligent. Despite understanding it, your pooch may choose not to follow it. You can avoid such issues by training your English Bulldog early. Younger puppies are easy to train and grow into obedient adults. As long as you train your furry friend well, you have nothing to worry about.

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They Are High Maintenance

English Bulldogs are not at all high maintenance. From food to grooming, you will not spend a fortune on maintaining your furry friend. English Bulldogs have short and smooth coats that do not need daily brushing. You can keep your pet’s coat healthy even if you brush it a couple of times a week. You also need not take your English Bulldog to a professional groomer regularly. The same is true for its exercise routine. As a pet parent, you will not be spending several hours taking your English Bulldog out on walks.

You Cannot Keep Your Pet In Hot Climates

With short noses, English Bulldogs often get exhausted quickly and get uncomfortable in extreme heat. However, this does not mean that you cannot get this breed if you live in a hot and humid region. At the end of the day, it is all about nurturing your pet effectively. If you do not exhaust your pet and keep it in a cool environment throughout the year, the external temperatures will not matter. Limit your pet’s exposure to heat, keep it hydrated, and limit its daily exercise.

English Bulldogs Are Unhealthy

Not all English Bulldogs suffer from health complications. Common heritable conditions in these dogs include hip and elbow dysplasia. If you find a responsible and reputed English Bulldog breeder, you need not worry about your pet’s health. It is equally important for pet parents to take their furry friends to trusted vets regularly.

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They Are Not Good Playmates For Children

If you have children at home, you should not hesitate to buy an English Bulldog. The goofy and playful dogs make great playmates for kids. However, it is advisable to bring in a pooch after the children in your house turn eight to ten years old. Moreover, it is advisable to have your pet and kids under adult supervision.

All English Bulldogs Are Stubborn

While the breed is known for its stubborn streak, you should know that not all English Bulldogs are stubborn. These dogs tend to get more stubborn as they age, provided they are not trained enough. Ensure that you provide your pet with extensive obedience and socialization training before it grows older. It is also important to train your pooch using positive reinforcement. Resorting to negative training techniques will only backfire, making your pet even more stubborn.


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Not The Best Apartment Dogs

If anyone tells you that an English Bulldog is not the best apartment dog, do not believe them. With limited exercise needs and not too large sizes, these dogs can be accommodated anywhere. Even if you live in a compact studio apartment, you can get yourself an English Bulldog. Having said that, ensure that your pet meets its daily exercise needs.

The Final Word

These were some of the most common myths about English Bulldogs you should know before buying your pooch. Understand these myths and bust them whenever anyone tries to convince you otherwise. Moreover, work with a reputed English Bulldog breeder in your town to get healthy puppies. No matter what the rumors and myths are, the best way to know a breed is by bringing a pet home. Get yourself a cute little English Bulldog and it will automatically help you bust most of these myths!