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Boxer Price in Hyderabad

Boxer price in hyderabad

If you are looking for an intelligent and loyal pet, Boxer is the right choice! Though boxers need high companionship, they can be excellent pets for those who love dogs. Boxers can be sensitive to particular weather. For instance, they become intolerant of hot weather. A male boxer weighs 60 to 80 lbs, whereas a female boxer weighs 50 to 65 lbs, and their height ranges from 22 to 24 inches. Their squished faces and floppy years will make people fall in love with Boxers! Who doesn’t like a squishy dog, right? If you are looking to buy a boxer, you are on the right page for a boxer puppy for sale in Hyderabad.

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Breed Name Boxer
Origin United Kingdom, England and Great Britain
Breed Group Sporting Group
Height Female: 53–60 cm, Male: 57–63 cm
Weight Female: 25–29 kg, Male: 27–32 kg
Lifespan 10 – 15 Years
Intelligent, Amiable, Even Tempered, Determined, Excitable, Gentle
Apartment Friendly 
Price  20, 000 – 80, 000

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Boxers tend to be extremely intelligent, energetic, and busy. When it comes to barking, very few boxers bark excessively. If you hear a boxer bark, it might be something important. So, stay alert! Their growling noise is just a way they communicate with others.


Do you know that boxers’ temperament reflects their breeding? Yes! While your boxer is a puppy, allow it to interact and play with other pets. They will develop a good connection with other pets and will maintain good behavior. If you look for a boxer’s temperament, they are friendly in nature, excitable, and quite fun. Since boxers achieve maturity at three years, they need positive training to pipe their energy into something physically active. They prefer family members over anything and everything. Their loyalty is just beyond words when it comes to protecting their home and family.

Training and exercise

Boxers can get easily trained, and they are, of course, easy to please. Teaching them new tricks while playing will encourage the boxers to stay more active. The cost of a boxer puppy in Hyderabad is quite affordable.

Boxer price in Hyderabad

If you plan on buying a dog, the boxer price in Hyderabad is 30000. Boxer puppy price in Hyderabad is worth what you’re spending!

Show Quality Retriever Puppies Price in Pune
Show Quality Retriever Puppies Price in Pune

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