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9 Ways to Encourage Positive Behavior in Your Dog

9 Ways to Encourage Positive Behavior in Your Dog

Spending time with your pet is a very fun and lovable activity. But to spend a happy time with your pet you need to encourage them the follow the house rules and regulations. Most people have a common misconception that training their pet is an execrating process.

Positive training of dogs can help the dog owner to control their dog smoothly. Most of us are aware of how much we love our pets, but discipline becomes eventually necessary.

Positive reinforcement of your pet dog at the early puppy stage or adult stage also helps in dealing with the negative behaviors. Positive Behaviour in Your Dog can only be developed by giving them proper training and practice.

In this article, you are going to explore the various ways by which you can encourage positive behavior in your dog but before that, you must know why you need to train your dog?

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What’s the importance of training your dog?

If you have welcomed a furry member in your family, training that member is very much important and probably the first task in order. Training of the dog seems to be very much challenging, but with the right tricks and techniques, you can have a smooth ride in training your dog to be a polite and well-mannered friend of yours.

Whatever be the age of any dog, all the dogs can be benefited from the proper training. You need to teach your dog the basic command like sit, stand, go, and come so that they can be controlled by you. You need to train your dog adequately so that they can be easily introduced or put forward before the others.

Training also provides a sustainable benefit of establishing a strong bond between the trainer (You) and the trainee (dog). Canines are always eager to learn things that are new to them, and training is the best method of dealing with their curiosity.

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What do you mean by Positive Dog Behavior?

The positive reinforcements techniques which are used to train the dog will never punish or frighten your dog. The fear only leads to results that are very short-term and may lead to traumatizing your dog.

It is advised to go with positive reinforcement. In this technique, you just need to praise your dog along with awarding them for their good behavior, and not punish them for their wrong behavior. With this technique, you instruct your dog that some of their behaviors are good and need to be continued. This technique also helps in teaching the dog those behaviors which everyone accepts and loves. The Positive Dog Behavior techniques help you to control them without scaring them or without causing any harm to them.

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Various ways for encouraging positive behavior in dogs

The most important key for training your dog is to award them with lots of treats and praises. With the treats and praises, you can motivate your dog to practice good and healthy behavior. You need to lessen them with treats they can develop their positive behavior.

It’s better to reinforce the good behavior in your dog at the puppy stage when it grows. Here is the list of the few tips which you can follow to raise your dog.

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1. Spend Time Together

You need to spend a lot of your time with your dog as they don’t like to be abandoned or neglected. So, it’s better to spend quality time with your dog regularly. Dogs like calm voices rather than abrupt voices. They like to follow you if you have a calm voice rather than an abrupt voice.

2. Games

The training of the dog should not be rigorous. You can teach them various commands like sit, stand, and stop through the game mode. In this way, the dog can associate the training with outdoor fun instead of boot camp. To avoid the boring of the dog you can vary the times that you train with your dog. Try to have frequent short sessions that will keep your dog active and attentive.

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3. Teach Them the Basics

Start the positive dog training behavior by giving them a one-word command that is easy for them to understand like sit, stand, stop, handshake, come, eat or stay. Every time they display the appropriate behaviors as per your command praise them with treats. Either you can give them verbal praise or a treat for their appropriate behaviors to your command.

4. Daily Exercise

You might have a question in your mind- how much exercise does a dog need every day? It primarily depends upon the breed of the dog. Taking your dog for a walk around the block is a great start. Countless opportunities are there to exercise your dog in your daily life. Hiking can be ideal for your dog. Dogs also love the outdoor just as much you do. Take your dog along on your next adventure or explore new places like parks and trails in the new area.

5. A Special Trip

Old school methods such as leash correction may not seem useful or encourage any type of positive behavior in dogs. Punishments may also lead to a worsening situation. The best thing which you can do when your pet makes mistakes is to show him that you have forgiven them. Patience is the only key to reinforcing good behavior in your dog. You can encourage them to the good behavior by taking them on a special trip. This is going to help you.

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6. Challenge Your Dog

Dogs also require physical activity and other mental stimulation so that they can remain happy and fit. A recent case study reveals most of the behavioral problems in the dog are only attributed due to boredom. When these dogs get bored they started barking, digging, and chewing your various pieces of stuff. So, it’s become very much crucial to keep the puppy active.

The various breeds of the dog are full of energy and are naturally various curious. So, teach them new tricks, play fetch, or hide various things around the house and ask them to find them. Take them outdoor and introduce new people and dogs to them.

7. Puppy Treats

When you find your dog has done something positive than in that case, tell him that he has done something well. Try to give them constant praise as this can encourage him to repeat those good behaviors. Dogs like treats and praises, so offer them both so that they become aware of the good behavior and practice those later on for the treats.

8. Affection

Just like you, your dog also needs a lot of attention and affection. Many Dog Breeders in Pune suggest giving a lot of attention and affection to the dog irrespective of their mistakes. This will help them to have proper training.

9. Family Involved

You can also involve your family in dog training. But you might have a question in your mind that How to Train a Dog with the involvement of family members. When you are away from your house you can instruct your children or other family members to practice the same commands. In this way, the dog can respond to all the family members.

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Dogs are pack animals, and they loved to thrive in homes where rules are very much clear and consistent. If you are having small children in your house, then keep your dog on a leash during the initial stages. Also, teach your children the appropriate ways of interacting with the puppy or dog.


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