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7 Tips for Hyperactive Dogs

7 Tips for Hyperactive Dogs

It is exciting to have a pet at your place, but most people overlook the responsibility that dogs and cats bring with them. If you are planning to adopt a dog, then it is necessary to understand all the aspects related to taking care of the dog as it will help you manage your pet well.

The most common complaint that dog parents have is that their dog is hyperactive. If you see that your dog is overexcited or over happy, then it could be likely because of lack of stimulation and boredom. To address this issue, the first thing that you should do is assess the way you interact with your dog and the different activities that you do with them.

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It is difficult for most people to understand that why their dogs behave in a certain way. There are instances when pet parents find it difficult to deal with the changing behavior of their dog and they aren’t aware of the steps that they should take.  Many pet parents panic and end up taking their pet to vet, the fact is there are other ways to help your dog with tips for Hyperactive Dogs.

Here are 7 Ways to Calm Hyperactive Dogs:

Ignore the behavior

If you think that only cats seek attention, you need to think again as dogs also seek attention from you. If you pay attention to the outbursts of your dog, then you will reinforce the behavior that you wish to eliminate. If you see your dog nipping or jumping next time in an overexcited manner, then try not to have eye contact, no touch, or no talk.

This will make the dog settle down without you putting much effort. Most dogs start to behave properly once you give a lack of attention to their shenanigans.  It is one of the important aspects of 7 tips for hyperactive dogs.

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Give a job to your dog

A focused task helps animals a lot.  Hyperactivity is there in dogs because of various psychological needs. You can distract your dog with toys or make their attention go somewhere else. This changed focus on the energy of your dog will easily reduce hyperactive behaviour.

There are many toys that you can find in the market and on the internet that will keep your pet engrossed in playing for a long time. Such toys also keep their health in check as dogs can otherwise become lethargic. You can get Dogs for Sale in Pune online.

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Go for a walk

If your dog has a lot of energy, then going on a walk will be an excellent idea as it will redirect their energy. It will help you to burn that extra energy and your dog will feel exhausted after that. It is an easy way to calm the hyperactive behaviour of your dog.  Dogs love to go for walks, the more time they spend out, the better they like it.

Is your dog sterilized?

The most common reason why dogs are hyperactive is that they aren’t spayed/neutered.  If you have an adult dog and you see that the behavior of your dog has changed drastically because of any other evident reason, then you should consider getting your dog sterilized. There are many cases when dogs start to bite as well because of this reason, thus you should get the surgery done when your dog is above 6 months of age.

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Go Slow

You might feel a little disturbed by the behavioral change in your dog, but you should go slow with the ways that you choose to calm your dog down. Your dog could also feel irritated if you start experimenting with many things in a single go.  If you want to see good changes in your dog, then you must be patient as this will make it easy for you to see the required changes in your pet.

Contact a professional

If you don’t have the time and energy to manage the hyperactive behavior of your dog, then you can also opt for the services of a behaviorist that will train your dog in the right manner. The professionals are well aware of all the methods that could be used to calm hyperactive dogs.  You can get in touch with a professional online and share the concerns that you have related to your dog.

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You need to consistent

There are pet parents that feel tired of dealing with the hyperactive behavior of their dog.  You must be consistent with your efforts of making changes in the behavior of your dog. Once you are consistent in doing that, then only you will be able to see a good chance in the overall behavior of your pet.

If you have been stressed about the behavioral change in your dog, then don’t worry as it is easy to deal with it with the right planning. Pets are easy to manage once you understand their needs and cater to them in a better and effective manner.