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Essential Maltese Puppy characteristics you must need to know
Maltese Puppies

Essential Maltese Puppy characteristics you must need to know

Maltese is a toy-sized dog breed, and their gentle and playful nature makes them adorable. A Maltese has excellent love-at-first-sight quality, their unbelievably soft coats or velvety kisses.

Physical appearance

Are we are trying to explore Maltese Puppy characteristics; it is better to start with how they appear physically.

Typical Maltese size ranges from seven to twelve inches tall and weighs 4 to 8 pounds.

They were originally available in various hues but were selectively selected to be white.

Maltese dogs feature a tufted tail that curls along their back, cute floppy ears, and a small physique with sloped shoulders. Their rounded head, black nose, and brown eyes are perfectly proportioned.

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Understanding the Personality of Maltese

Maltese dogs are known for being kind, loving, loyal, affectionate, intelligent, and trustworthy. Even as they age, they are still a lot of fun, energetic, and playful.

They love humans and prefer to be near them. They are vulnerable to separation anxiety as they crave attention and connection.

Maltese dogs make excellent family dogs and get along well with older kids, although they can be aggressive with young kids. You may assist your Maltese dog in avoiding this habit by socializing him early and exposing him to many tiny children.

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Temperament of Maltese

This breed is also very quiet and social. Unlike other dog breeds, the Maltese do not attack strangers or animals with their bark. They are so gregarious that they easily get along with strangers and other pets.

Maltese are usually fired up with energy, notwithstanding their unnaturally small frames. They enjoy chasing each other around the home. Toys can also be purchased for them to enjoy. They don’t need to go outside too often, even though they are usually in good spirits.

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Maltese is Loving.

The Maltese are among the world’s most recognized “lap dog” breeds! These cuties enjoy being cuddled and handled, which is why their owners frequently purchase them. The concept of “personal space” is meaningless to this breed; one can pet them everywhere, anytime, and they’ll enjoy it.

You can expect Gentleness and loyalty. 

Loyalty and Gentleness are among the Maltese Puppy characteristics that everyone appreciates. They love their parents and everyone in the house and enjoy cuddling with them. This breed seeks attention, so you should take care of your little one and give enough time so it feels happy and stays healthy. 

The average lifespan of this breed 

The fact that Maltese have a longer life span is among their best qualities. According to experts, a Maltese dog can live for 12 to 15 years. Compared to larger dogs, which can only live for 6 to 10 years, this is a significantly longer lifespan.

However, it’s important to remember that long life necessitates proper care. You can devote considerable time and create more moments with Maltese, provided you maintain their health and keep them happy.

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Are Maltese dogs Obedient?

Smaller dog breeds are commonly perceived as “yappy” by the general public. Although many little breeds use their voices to make up for the size deficiency, the Maltese isn’t one of them.

They are, after all, canines. And any dog that hasn’t been properly trained or socialized can develop the barking tendency at everything. As you instruct your Maltese not to bark – which is quite simple – it can be an excellent apartment companion.

Maltese are fighters 

This isn’t to argue that Maltese puppies aren’t abrasive – they certainly are. These canines aren’t afraid of showing newcomers who is the boss, and they don’t turn back lightly from a fight.

Is this to imply that they are hostile to other breeds?

If you’ve neglected their initial socialization, that is. However, if you leave them unattended in the dog park, you must keep a close eye on them because they can be too bold for their safety.

This is a breed with a lot of energy.

Lap dogs aren’t usually associated with tremendous energy, but Maltese dogs transcend this stereotype. Admittedly, they don’t require as much time in the playground as other dogs – the Maltese are more of an indoor type.

They are incredibly active for an indoor dog and require a lot of playtimes daily. If you don’t have little children and can’t manage time for playing with a little furry bundle of joy, you should consider getting it a companion dog or plenty of toys now and again.

The Maltese are fantastic with children.

All of the preceding must demonstrate that Maltese are wonderful with children. Maltese is indeed a small, soft, fluffy, and affectionate breed that, when properly trained, can be a highly safe breed for your family.

A Maltese can get along with other canines, cats, as well as other kinds of pets just as well. A little socialization and instruction will be needed, but sharing a home with other dogs is not inherently difficult for a Maltese.

The Maltese are somewhere in the middle of the “healthy or not” spectrum

When it comes to pure breeds of dogs, health is indeed a priority. Many breeds have become so famous that they have become overbred, resulting in many significant health issues. Others, on the other hand, are still in good health due to ethical breeding techniques.

The Maltese dog breed is in the middle of the pack. There are a lot of dishonest and unscrupulous Maltese breeders out there that breed Maltese puppies with little or no consideration for their health.

If you are a beginner seeking Maltese Puppies price in India, purchasing Maltese puppies from reputed breeders who provide valid health credentials or reputable shelters/rescues is preferable.


Maltese puppies are ideal companion dogs for anyone who prefers to spend their time indoors and desires a small, controllable, but very affectionate, energetic friend. This breed can be a dazzling beacon of sunshine in anyone’s life because it is gentle, pleasant, friendly, and active.


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