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How to Choose a Dog Breed for The 9 Personality Types

How to Choose a Dog Breed for The 9 Personality Types

How to Choose a Dog Breed for The 9 Personality Types


In the perfect world, everyone would be born with a dog. Our furry companions have the best characteristics that anyone could ask for in a friend. Dogs are fun, loyal, caring, and offer us a lot of psychological comforts.

In this blog, we would like to offer you something different. A dog’s bond lasts a lifetime and so your pet should complement the same personality as yours.

What we are about to do is pair dogs with owners in a way that each personality type of human has a dog with a dog breed personality that is perfect for them.

Before we begin let’s discover what the nine human personality types are.

Personality Types of People

Did you know that there are 9 personality types according to psychology? The Enneagram of personality is a typology of 9 personality types based on how people view the world and react to it.

These nine personality types are unique in their own way.

It’s important to understand that these personality types are a spectrum and a person may have one or more qualities of each type.

What are the 9 Personality types of People?

Before we begin, let’s start with what personality type are you?

Based on what you are about to read, choose a personality type that best matches your way of thinking and view of the world. We will then match you with a dog personality that you share a lot in common with.

The nine personality types are as follows:

  1. The reformer
  2. The helper
  3. The Achiever
  4. The individualist
  5. The investigator
  6. The loyalist
  7. The enthusiast
  8. The challenger
  9. The peacemaker

Which dog matches your personality type?

Dogs come in many shapes, sizes, and colors but they all have one thing in common – a dog (no matter the breed) will always want to be your best friend.

In the above list, we saw the various types of personalities that humans have. You would now like to know which dog suits your personality type. You can use this list to pick a dog breed that most matches your personality. Are you ready to be amazed…

With this human and dog personality test you’ll know which is the right dog for you.

The Reformer

The reformer is a rational and idealistic type of person who is principled and purposeful. A reformer is self-confident and a perfectionist.

The German Shepard breed of dog is a correct match for a person of this nature. German Shepherds are alert and obedient dogs that show signs of human-like intelligence.

German Shepards have dog personality traits that are considered to be very courageous. They have been seen to rush into burning buildings to save a life. German Shepards are active service dogs in the army, police force, and navy.

The Helper

Do you have a friend who is always caring and inquisitive about your well-being? Such people are said to have the helper personality type. People who are helpers demonstrate generosity and people-pleasing traits.

The dog that complements this personality type is the good-natured Golden Retriever. These dogs are known to be very caring and outgoing towards their owners. Golden Retrievers are gentle around children and have ideal dog characteristics that make them great companion dogs for the whole family.

If not a golden retriever you can opt for a labrador retriever for your home dog. You can find many labrador puppies for sale in Chennai with a quick search on the web.

The Achiever

Do you like the taste of success? The achiever is someone who is success-oriented and adaptive.

Such people are driven by accomplishment and are always on the lookout for an opportunity to excel.

The ideal dog for the achiever is the Boxer. This popular dog breed has a graceful walk and is known to be a breed that enjoys being trained to excel. Boxers are energetic dogs and have an in-built instinct to be very protective of their human family. Boxers are brave and calm dogs who do not shy away from being fearless when the time comes.

The Individualist

An individualist is a person who is temperamental, sensitive, and expressive. Individualists can be dramatic at times.

The Alaskan Klee Kai is a small breed of dog that looks like a husky breed but weighs only 7 Kilograms. It’s an amazing breed of a small dog that is related to the spitz-type of the breed. The Alaskan Klee Kai is very energetic and is a companion dog with a lot of personality.

The Investigator

Do you think you have something in common with Sherlock Holmes or the Pink Panther? The investigator is an individual who is perceptive of people and places around them.

The Dobermann is an alert, intelligent and quick dog that is not heavy-footed. The Dobermann has a sleek body and is a dog that is inquisitive of its surrounding. If you have the investigator personality type, maybe this is the dog for you.

The Loyalist

Do you ever sometimes feel that you are a loyal piece on the chessboard? The loyalist is a committed and security-oriented individual who is responsible for their surroundings.

Loyalists are anxious about their surroundings and quite often need a reality check. The Pug breed of dog is a cute dog that just enjoys being around its owner.

Pugs are charming dogs who are attentive and playful. They love attention and are sociable. Also because of their small size, they can clive well in apartments where it’s safe for them.

The Enthusiast

The enthusiast is a sort of individual who is a fun loving type of person. The enthusiast is a productive person who is spontaneous and unpredictable. Some might say that an enthusiast has a scattered personality type and is easily distracted. All of these characteristics make the enthusiast and excitable and spontaneous person to be around.

The breed that best suits the enthusiast is the siberian husky. This breed of dog shows a lot of intelligence and is friendly and outgoing with people. The Siberian husky belongs to the spitz breed of dogs and iis medium to large in size. Siberian husky is a very alert breed of dog and comes in a multitude of colours.

The Challenger

The challenger is an individual who is powerful around friends. They are dominating individuals who show strong-headedness and self confidence. The challenger is decisive and confrontational in everything that they do. They are wilful individuals who are motivated to achieve the most in life. What kind of breed of dog do you think will suit the Challenger most?

The border collie is a working dog breed that is a shepard dog from thee anglo-saxon border region. The border collie is a very active dog breed that works in groups to herd sheep. The border collie is a natural leader that is highly intelligent. These dogs are also known to show the characteristics of being highly intelligent and are very confident.

The Peacemaker

The peacemaker is an easy going sort of person who is calm and composed. The peacemakers are empathetic people who understand the emotional needs of others. Peacemakers are agreeable people who have the quality of being re-assuring to others. They are complacent people who are reassuring to others. Peacemakers always try to find a solution for the differences between people and are the self effacing type of person.

Great Danes are a breed of dog that is a large gentle giant. Great danes are one of the largest dog breeds in the world, but they have a peaceful and protective personality type. Great Danes are tall dogs and stand at 36 inches at the shoulder. Despite the large and imposing nature of the great dane, they are dogs with a friendly nature and with the right training are gentle around children.


In this article we took a close look at the nine personality types in people, and their characteristics. We also matched people with dog breeds that are most similar to eachother. Each of these breeds of dogs are unique and so are these personality types. We hope you had just as much fun reading this article as we did, comparing dog breeds to people’s personalities.