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Guide How to Train a Rottweiler Puppy
Rottweiler Puppies

Guide How to Train a Rottweiler Puppy

Guide How to Train a Rottweiler Puppy


Rottweiler is considered one of the largest, muscular, and active dogs around and is one of the most dynamic and alert dogs keeping track of everything going around. They will take time to warm up to strangers, but they are furiously loyal and rewarding pets to their owners.

These dogs were originally used as cattle dogs that drove herds to the cattle market in Germany. But in the last few spans, they have become popular as defence dogs all around the world.

How Far is The Lineage of Rottweiler?

If you are looking to get a Rottweiler as a companion, you also need a Rottweiler training guide to train this breed of dog so that there are no surprises later. These are some of the oldest breeds of dog whose lineage goes back to Romans, where they served as guard and livestock dogs. They used to accompany the legions over the alps to protect the men and drive the livestock along.

When the roman army reached the small southern German town of Rottweiler, the dogs mated with local canines, leading to crossbreed pups. They continued to guard and drive the herds along with protecting the people and their property. The local butchers also adopted them who concentrated on the dog’s aptitude to produce a robust draught dog.

This is all about the lineage of a Rottweiler dog and how they have made a niche for themselves over the centuries as a protection or defence dog. To train them is also tricky; hence let’s learn some of the Rottweiler training secrets in the below section. 

Whether your Rottweiler is a pup or an adult, you need to learn how to use positive reinforcement to train them, and the most important rule of dog training is patience. 

One of the tips to train a Rottweileris an ongoing commitment that you need to carry out every day. Just because the dog learned the commands in the morning does not mean that they will remember them throughout the day or the next day. 

In addition, you need to keep a tight leash and should not waiver while training them.

Here is an additional list of a train a Rottweiler tip to start the training of your companion at your own home.

  • Training from Young – It is of utmost importance to start training a Rottweiler from a young age. Once you have brought your companion home, start its training immediately. The success rate of training Rottweiler is higher when the pup is between the age of six weeks to six months.  If your Rottweiler is a little older, it will take extra effort, time, and, most important, patience from your side. However, you should not at all get discouraged while training a Rottweiler puppy.  The dog is known for its obedience, intelligence, and loyal companionship. They will strive to make you happy hence do not get discouraged. Proper communication with the dog and positive reinforcement will help you train a dog of any age.
  • Understanding the Dominance – The concept of dominance in theRottweiler Training Guide establishes the rules that the dog will always follow your order and improve its behaviour.  The term dominance is quite frequently used while training, but it is often misunderstood; it is unnecessary to show dominance towards your dog; you need to be kind and carefully understand the dog. There are various pointers through which you can assure that the Rottweiler is at its good behaviour without being rough towards it. The golden rule of training a dog is never to show aggression towards it. Hitting a dog will only make the dog aggressive towards you instead of getting trained and behaving well.
  • Socialize Rottweiler – One of the Rottweiler training secrets is ensuring comfortable around other dogs and people. It can be done by taking the pup out for a walk in the park or to your friend’s house and invite your relatives or friends to your house. For your pup to happy and comfortable, they must socialize. Social contact with other dogs and people will help to shape the personality of your pup. Therefore, it is one of the important criteria from a training point of view and the well-being of your dog.  Once your dog has understood some commands, you can also try using down or sit to distract them. Dogs usually have a short attention span and short memory, and these distractions will help you establish good social behaviour.
  • Positive Reinforcement – This training method includes awarding your dog for its actions, especially which you would like it to repeat—one of the best possible ways to train a Rottweiler by rewarding it for its every correct action.  The pup does not understand human language, but it will soon learn which action will guarantee him a reward. One of the effective ways of training a dog is to make the training feel like a game; for this, you can reward it with toys, treats, and praise. When you are training your pup to follow a command and conduct it as per your liking, immediately reward it. Regarding the rewards as treats, Rottweiler are notoriously overweight dogs.  Training them can be a long process; you might accidentally give too much treat to the dogs, which might prove unhealthy for the dog, so take care while feeding them treats during training.
  • Avoid yelling and physical discipline – One tip you should always follow is never to use the physical discipline method while training. Physical discipline while your Rottweiler puppy training if your pup is not performing the command as your liking can prove counterproductive. Yelling on your dog can only cause them to fear you and discourage them from learning the command altogether. If you get frustrated, walk away, do something else, and try training it later. Physical discipline and yelling will only confuse and frighten the dog.
  • Prompt reactions – To conduct good dog training, you also need perfect timing. The Rottweiler that was punished for causing damage or toileting three hours earlier will not have any idea what wrong it had done. Such dogs should not be punished at all, as it will not work on them. It is an act that is commonly used during utterly useless dog training. For example, if you treat your dog for sitting just when it gets up and walks away, it will get very pleased. This is because you just rewarded it for going away; next time you tell the Rottweiler to sit, it will remember the previous, and the encounter will go away.
  • Simple commands to teach –Whether your Rottweiler’s are pups or adults, they need to learn simple commands to complete the training. These commands can be taught by positive reinforcement exercises, as mentioned above. Commands like sit, paw, no, stay, down, etc., are simple commands that you can easily teach Rottweiler. With the help of these simple commands, you can train your dog into an obedient and well-behaved companion. 
  • Patience – The most efficient and hardest step to train your dog is for you to be patient with it. Always remain cool and calm while training a Rottweiler. As long you are patient with your dog, you can expect to get better results from it. Remember, while training your dog, you always want it to enjoy and allow it to have fun with it. However obedient and intelligent it might be, any breed of dog cannot be trained overnight, nor does the dog’s training ever end. 

As the pet owner, you are responsible for your dog’s training, and it is an ongoing process.

Concluding Lines

For your Rottweiler to be focused while training, you should allow your dog or pup to burn off its energy. It will also calm the exuberant nature of the breed, particularly when you’re considering Labrador puppy price in Chennai.

Keep in mind that this class is very playful and great at playing fetch and other types of dog games. To keep them focused during the training, take your dog for a brisk walk or run, play with it in the yard or let it play with other dogs in the park. Then, it will release its excess energy and focus on its training.

Training does not need to be monotonous or boring and make it fun as you like and your dog. The more fun you and your Rottweiler have, it will be easier for you to train them.

Keep on learning from your mistakes, and always be patient with your dogs while preparing so that your companion is happy and does not get discouraged. Finally, avoid repetitive methods while training your Rottweiler, as this breed is of great obedience and is agile in its work.

Rottweiler is prone to get overweight over the years; hence training is the best way to burn their energy and well maintained.