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10 Fun Facts You Need to Know About the Popular Shih Tzu Dog
Shih tzu Puppies

10 Fun Facts You Need to Know About the Popular Shih Tzu Dog

Fun Facts You Need to Know About the Popular Shih Tzu Dog

Shih Tzus are well-known toy dogs having long, luscious double hair coats. They are playing as well as mischievous, little but tough. The Shih Tzu is an old Chinese breed bred especially for companionship and served as a cherished lapdog for royalty.

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As per Shih Tzu’s fun facts, they are little ,but tough dogs with long, silky, smooth hair and a double coat that requires a lot of grooming as it brushes the fields. Gold plus white, red with white, black mask, golden, solid red, black and white, solid black, solid liver, liver with White, blue or white, brindle with white, and silver and White are just some of the colours available. 

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Shih Tzus average 9 to 16 pounds that stand 9 to 10 inches in height, appearing significantly longer than tall as Shih Tzu’s dog fun fact. Their heads are round, eyes are dark, muzzles are short with sharp undershot bites, and tails are thickly furred and curled.

Shih Tzus develop and achieve full maturity after 10 months, just like any other toy breed. They usually live to be around 14 to 15 years old. A small white patch on the forehead of several Shih Tzus is known as the “star from Buddha.” 

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According to legend, when Buddha and his small Shih Tzu were traveling, robbers attempted to harm them. As they defended him, the dog soon transformed into a terrifying lion. Buddha embraced his dog and then gave it a small white mark as a token of his gratitude. Buddha’s brightest star The Shih Tzu’s rear patterns are thought to symbolize the saddle Buddha utilized to ride his faithful dog.

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Here seem to be ten interesting facts about any of this long-haired exotic beauty.

1.What’s in a name? 

If we talk about the Shih Tzu history ,facts, then this breed name seems  to spell “Shee Tzoo,” which is not to be confused with such a type of therapy (“shiatsu”). Since this dog was developed to represent the lion in traditional oriental artwork, the name derives from the Chinese word “lion.”

(In Chinese, this Pekingese is also known as the “lion dog.”) Lady Brownrigg, which brought the first Shih Tzu to England, coined the nickname “Chrysanthemum Dog,” which would be simple to comprehend when you see the Shih Tzu dog fact face with flowing topknot.

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2.A dog of many names

This Shih Tzu has a broad range of nicknames for such a small dog. Shih Tzu means “small lion dog” in English. “Under-the-table dog,” “Fu dog,” “shocked dog,” “sleeved dog,” “Tibetan dog,” and many other nicknames abound. Because of their unusual facial fur that fans out something like blossom petals, they are frequently referred to as the chrysanthemum-faced dog.

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3.Famous fans

Many prominent people from all walks of life own or even have their own Shih Tzus. The Dalai Llama owns a Shih Tzu, demonstrating the breed’s immense popularity within Tibetan Buddhism. Bing and Bong are the names of two lion dogs owned by Mariah Carey. 

Bill Gates, the corporate billionaire and philanthropist owned a Shih Tzu. Ballmer has been its name, apparently in honour of Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s former CEO. The Shih Tzu Price in Mumbai is very reasonable.

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4.Tibetan Heritage

This Shih Tzu is often associated with China. However, they originated in Tibet, China’s western border and an independent republic, until the 1950s. Tibet most likely sent dogs as presents to the Chinese imperial family. Then Chinese crossed them with Pekingese and Pugs to make the Shih Tzu we know today.

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5.A mysterious mix

Nobody knows for sure how well the Shih Tzu came to be. One of the most famous theories is that this is the offspring of a Pekingese and just a Lhasa Apso bridge.

Everyone Shih Tzu currently alive may be traced back to one of 14 pups whose numbers dropped to nearly nothing throughout the first part of the twentieth century. That species were  rebuilt with the help of seven males plus seven females.

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6.In demand dogs

The Shih Tzu had been so valuable that the Chinese prohibited trade, selling, or presenting them to every other country for decades. The initial dogs arrived from England and Norway around the 1930s, but it took till the 1960s for the species to reach the United States, where it was rapidly popular.

Shih Tzus were developed to be affectionate companions, having their genetic affinities to wolves. These spoiled dogs lived in palaces and had all the material amenities a canine could desire. 

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Shih Tzu Puppies for Sale In Pune are available, and their thick coats served as powerful radiators, so their keepers relied on them to maintain their beds warm. This was even popular in the past to keep little dogs tucked up in big robe sleeves.

It’s hard to imagine a breed as elegant, portable, and highly bouncy, not catching the attention of jet makers and VIPs. 

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This Shih Tzu has enchanted many celebrities and corporate moguls, including world leaders. Nicole Richie, Geri Halliwell, Betty Buckley (that owns three!), Queen Elizabeth II (yes, not even just Corgis inside the palace!), Bill Gates, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Colin Farell, Andie MacDowell, Betty White, Sharon Osbourne, plus Jerry Lewis are just a few of the celebrities who own Corgis.

7.Winters warmers 

Chinese noblewomen utilized Shih Tzus to stay warm even during cold winter seasons. Dogs would’ve been brought inside royal robes and trained to lay on their legs to maintain their toes warm. There are many Shih Tzu Puppies for Sale in Bangalore as they are beautiful, long, and flowing dual coats of the Shih Tzu has enslaved every Shih Tzu fan.

 It, combined with the unique topknot that ties together the dog’s head coat and emphasizes it most elegantly with a gorgeous silk bow, is the breed’s defining feature.

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Several breeds only come in one hue, but Shih Tzu fans can choose from a wide range of gorgeous tints and mixes. 

Shih Tzu Dogs for Sale in Kolhapur is the darkest black, charcoal grey, and red are examples of solid hues. Towards the lightest shades of gold, silver, and even cream, White with black, gold, and even silver party-coloured (or two-toned) canines are extremely popular and eye-catching. Shih Tzus can even be found with stripes, known as brindle, in both party-colour and solid colours.

8.They could have got you the death sentence.

Throughout China’s Ming and Manchu dynasties, all Shih Tzus were regarded as the royal court’s sole property. Every commoner caught for one could face the death penalty.

9.They almost became extinct.

Whenever the Communist Party took over China, the Shih Tzu was practically extinct like other Chinese canine breeds. Fortunately for Shih Tzu fans, the breed was saved by some determined fanciers, and seven males and seven females survived. These 14 canines were in charge of re-establishing the complete line.

10.Different over the Atlantic

Even during the Chinese communist movement, the Shih Tzu was on extinction. Another main reason has been the death of Dowager Empress Tzu Hsi, which oversaw the world’s largest dog breeding program. Each Shih Tzu fact on the planet may now be directly traced to the 14 dogs who made it through the government transition.

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The Shih Tzu Dogs For Sale In Sangli are specially bred as companions. Shih Tzus will protect you no matter what you do. People are willing to try anything. They are not picky. These are outgoing dogs who enjoy accompanying their owners around. They only want to be around their humans, so they aren’t expected to either hunt or guard — on the contrary, they may welcome intruders with open paws.

That lap is where they want to be as affectionate dogs. Shih Tzus are people-oriented dogs who thrive when giving and receiving affection from their owners. Shih Tzus are observant and joyful dogs who may bark at strangers first, but they’ll quickly become friends with your visitors.

Shih Tzus are naughty and playful because they enjoy stealing your shoes and letting you follow them when they interact with you.

The hair coat of a Shih Tzu is constantly growing. The majority of the owners maintain their hair short, while others like to maintain it long and luxuriant. As a result, regular care and grooming are essential. 

Once or twice a week, comb their hair. Haircuts may be required every few weeks as well. Their eyes may also be irritated by facial hair. The nails must be clipped once a month, but they should wash their teeth regularly to maintain good oral hygiene.


Thus, Dogs have a moderate activity level, so regular short walks plus entertaining activities will make them happy. They could live in an apartment if the owners make time for them to play. Animals prefer to sit on our lap above anything else.