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A Complete Guide To The Best Dog Training Techniques

A Complete Guide To The Best Dog Training Techniques


Having a dog as a pet can be extremely rewarding in its way. However, to properly manage a pet, it is also necessary to train the pet. Dogs, in particular, are rapid learners and can be prepared quickly compared to other pets. Dog Training is essential and should be done correctly.

Various dog training methods can be used for training dogs. However, each has its pros and cons. As a dog owner, it can be unclear to try them without knowing whether it is suitable for the dog.

Best Dog Training Types You Need To Know About

Given below are some of the best dog training methods that are pretty popular and used-

1. Positive Reinforcement

By positive reinforcement, a dog is trained to do good deeds with a reward. For example, dogs can be rewarded with their favorite snacks. This reward should only be given when the dog has done good behavior. If the behavior is wrong, it will not be followed by any rewards. This way, corrections in the behavior of the dog can be reinforced.

Once the dog performs the desired behavior, a reward or treat is immediately offered. Over time, the dog will recognize the behavior as a way to get the reward. However, positive reinforcement needs to be consistent. That means that a specific desired behavior should have the same commands and rewards.

Also, only good behavior should be rewarded. Rewards can be in the form of treats, petting, and toys. For treats, the food should be offered in a limited manner.

2. Scientific Training

This method of training dogs is a little complex. The data is constantly changing, and the dog’s nature is studied to be altered or conditions. The effect of punishments or rewards on the dog’s personality is also considered.

Dog psychology is essential in this aspect. The dogs are trained based on these findings. When a specific dog behavior is corrected, the dog psychology close to it is studied. Thus, the behavior can be changed most effectively.

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This method of dog training is widely used by the other dog training methods as well. The scientific training method focuses more on building a positive relationship with the dog without any reward or punishment.

Since this method relies on constant information, it is more suitable for professional trainers than average dog owners.

3. Clicker Training

This method is similar to positive reinforcement. However, instead of verbal commands after the desired behavior, this method uses tools. The tools can vary from clickers to whistles. The main aim is to provide the dog with a signal, which will trigger a specific response from the dog. It can be achieved by practice.

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The signals can be light or noise that the dog will associate with a particular task. With training, the dog will identify the clicker signal as the time to perform the desired behavior. This allows the dog to identify the task and the reward quickly.

The conditioning with the clickers can be done to teach a dog multiple tasks. This method is also mainly used by professional trainers. Normal owners may have a tough time removing unwanted behavior by this method, though.

4. Electric Training

Many people wonder how to train a dog with an electric training method. While this method is considered harsh by many people, it is still an effective way to train dogs. This method gives citronella spray or a light electric shock to the dog via an electric collar. When the leash is removed, this method can be used to correct unwanted behavior.

This method helps teach a dog preventive methods in hunting, resting, and other situations. Rather than mechanical or choke callers, this method is relatively safer.

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Since this is preventive dog training, dogs are restricted from doing certain things rather than learning new tricks. Also, using this technique can cause anxiety and stress issues for the dog. Even though it is used for behavior correction, electric training shouldn’t be overused. Also, such activity shouldn’t be attempted other than professionals.

5. Model Rival/Mirror Training

This is a modern technique that trains dogs by letting them observe. Good behavior models are presented to the dogs so that they can mimic these behaviors. The basis of this training type is that dogs will learn positively from observing good behaviors.

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Also, this training can help dogs to accomplish tasks faster. When the dogs are learning from visual examples, they learn it quickly. This method is one of the most successful dog training methods, and regular training sessions can be skipped with such mirror training.

6. Alpha Dog or Dominance

This is one of the promising dog training techniques that is used for establishing dog dominance and submission. Just like wolf packs, dogs also form a hierarchical order that they strictly follow. When the dogs are trained this way, they treat their own family as their pack.

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In this method, the dogs think of themselves as the pack’s alpha, and hence, learn new social interactions. This way, a great bond between the dogs and their owner is established.
The behaviors involved in this type of training include providing confidence, acting first, using a leash, eating and running, etc.

Dogs are made to realize that their owners are their masters. Thus, the dogs become dominant to their owners. Even though this training method is useful, it is considered outdated by many trainers.

7. Relationship-Based Training

This type of dog training depends on the one-to-one relationship between the dog and the owner. This method uses several techniques, but the approach is more personalized. The communication, interaction, and behavior between the dog and the human are strengthened in this manner.

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Undesired behaviors are limited by keeping the environment better. When a dog learns about a new technique, it must learn it in favorable circumstances. The difficulty level of the behaviors should be increased step-by-step.

The downside of this method is that it takes a lot of time. However, the advantage is that the bond between the dog and its owner becomes extremely strong with the proper approach.

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How To Train A Dog Effectively?

We understand that you love your furry friend but things could be really difficult when you’re trying to train them. Various dog breeders in Pune say that despite knowing the best training techniques for your doggo, you need to have a clear approach to train them for good. Know that you may have to deal with various unexpected behaviors.

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You have already read about the different types of dog training. But you still need to decide on how to use these training methods and which one of these will work the best for your dog. We have some cues for you, stating how to start, what to do and what not.

If you observe carefully, the above-mentioned training techniques can be distributed into two main categories:

The first method is aversive-based and the second one is a reward-based method. Aversive-based or discipline training is when you prefer using a positive punishment along with some negative reinforcement techniques for your doggo. Reward-based methods are suitable for the habits and routine that you want your dog to follow.

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On the other hand, aversive training is used to correct unpleasant noises or physical activities. It involves some harsh scolding to make your dog behave the way you want. Based on your dog’s behavior only you will be able to know which training technique works best for them. Different people will suggest different things to you but you have to make an informed decision for the sake of your pet.

Understand Your Pet’s Learning Patterns

Dogs learn just like little kids. Their intelligence is close to that of a two-year-old human. They mostly care about immediate consequences. As they continue to grow, they start to understand the words we use. Some intelligent breeds will be able to respond very quickly. However, in most cases, dogs respond to the tone of your voice more than the actual words used for speaking to them.

According to scientists, there are three types of dog intelligence:

? Instinctive
? Adaptive
? Working and obedience

Instinctive learning is when your pet learns those behaviors that they were bred. Adaptive learning is about learning from their surroundings and solving problems on their own. Working and obedience are about how they learn from the commands and tasks you give them.

In order to make your dog obedient, you should emphasize training methods that involve obedience and specific behaviors that you want them to learn. Both reward-based and aversive training methods would work well according to different situations. If your pet is very loving and sensitive, reward-based training will be more suitable. It reinforces a loving relationship, without developing any fear within them.

Final Words

These are some of the best training types that are used for training dogs. From international professional trainers, Dog Price chennai | Dog Breeders chennai - Premium Pet House and other cities is also available. Regardless of the type used, the main aim should be to improve the relationship between the dog and the owner. Unless the relationship turns into a bond, the training should still go on.


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