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5 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Dog Healthy

5 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Dog Healthy

It is the best thing to have a dog at your home as dogs are the best pets to make the environment of a house joyful.  By giving some time daily, you can easily ensure that your pet will be healthy and happy.  Once you have planned to adopt a dog, you should consider their needs from the first day.

The transformation from a puppy to a dog is the time when you need to be careful about the growth of your per. It is necessary to seek the advice of an expert at every step to ensure that you are not making any mistakes. There are many pet parents that find it confusing to deal with the lifestyle and behavioral changes of their pets, the fact is it easy to do everything if you have the right knowledge about it.

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There are many things you can do to keep your dog healthy starting from finding the right diet, having a proper schedule, grooming the pet, and taking them to the vet at regular intervals.  You can find all the information that you need on the internet to keep your pet in a good shape.

A healthy and happy puppy grows as a wonderful adult dog that will bring happiness into your life. If you have been finding it challenging to deal with the needs of your pet, then you should consider talking about it to a professional that will be able to guide you better. If you want to get a dog then you can adopt or find puppies for sale in chennai.

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What to consider?

If you are thinking that how to make a dog healthy, then there are some important aspects that you need to keep in mind:

What is the age of your dog?

The needs of a puppy and a dog are different in various ways; it is not possible to deal with both of them in the same way.  Before you plan to make any change in the lifestyle or diet of your dog, you should consider their age.

Do you see any changes in the behavior of your dog?

Animals cannot speak like humans, but they do react in certain ways that can help you understand when they are happy or sad.  If you see that your dog has become depressed all of a sudden or behave in a hyperactive way, then you should consider looking for ways that will calm your pet. The most common mistake that pet parents make is that they ignore such behavior of their pet.

Is your pet healthy?

There are some aspects in pets that can help you understand if they are healthy or not and for this purpose, you don’t have to visit a vet. If your dog is lethargic, grumpy, or weak, then there could be an underlying health condition. It is necessary to keep a tab on the overall health of your dog by keeping a check on them.

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Here are 5 things you can do to keep your dog healthy at home

Keep your pet at a healthy weight

Your pet shouldn’t be over or underweight. Many pet parents don’t keep a tab on what they feed to their pets that leads to excessive weight gain. Any kind of issue with the weight of your pet can make them face health-related problems.  Obesity is a common problem among dogs. If you don’t feed your dog at proper intervals and you have the habit of giving them treats a couple of times a day, it could be problematic for their health.

How to manage the weight?


The calorie intake of your dog should be less, you should feed them the things that are low in fat.  You should consult the vet to know the supplements and diet you should give to the dog. It is also important to measure the quantity of food that you give to your dog. It is necessary to know the Best Feeding Schedule for Dogs.

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Limit treats

You may love to see your dog jumping again and again for treats, but it is necessary to limit the number of treats you give to them.

Exercise. We all know how important it is to give pets regular exercise.

It is essential for your pet to exercise at regular intervals as it helps them to have a balanced weight. The role of exercise is not only limited to weight as it also ensures the overall well-being of your dog. There are different exercises that are used to help the dog be happy and healthy.  You can also seek the guidance of an expert that can guide with the best exercises for your pet.

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Why is it necessary?

  1. Keeps the pet active
  2. Your dog will be active and happy with daily exercises.
  3. They will eat food without any fuss.
  4. The overall lifestyle of your dog will be good.

Parasite Prevention

It is common thing for dogs to be infected with parasites. With some of the best shampoos, soaps, and other such products available in the market and on the online platform, you can easily prevent parasites.  It is also necessary to take your pet to the vet for proper investigation so that you will know all the measures to take care of your dog.

Parasite treatment includes:

  1. Tablets and chews
  2. Annual injections
  3. Topical applications
  4. Shampoos and sprays

There are instances when pet parents end up using the wrong products, thus it is always suggested to research well before you start any treatment.

Vaccinate your pet against potentially deadly diseases such as distemper, parvo, panleukopenia, and rabies

Just like humans need different vaccinations to save themselves from risky diseases, it is the same with dogs as well. There are deadly diseases like distemper, parvo, panleukopenia, and rabies that can infect your pet, thus you should get them vaccinated at the right time. Most vaccinations start when the puppy is small and they go till the late age of the dog.  With the help of vaccination, you can ensure that your pet will be safe from all such diseases.

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Why is it important?

Vaccines are made to protect dogs and dog parents as well.  With the use of vaccinations, you can ensure that all the diseases will be at bay from your pet.  With the guidance of an expert pet, you can get a clear picture of all the vaccines that will help you to keep your dog healthy. There is a specific timeline when you need to opt for vaccination of your pet as any kind of delay could lead to various diseases. Taking your dog to the vet at regular intervals will ensure that they are healthy and all their medical issues are in check with time.

Spay or Neuter

There are many pet parents that don’t know about the term “Spay or Neuter.” This is what makes them see their dog suffering or becoming aggressive. Spray and neuter doesn’t only help in controlling the reproduction of your dog, but it also helps in offering better health. There are many diseases that dogs face as they are not spayed or neutered at the right time. If you don’t want your pet to get overactive, start biting, or have unnecessary behavioral changes, then you should consider getting them sterilized.


Spraying is the term that is used for females as their uterus is removed so that they cannot reproduce.  There is a surgery that is performed by an experienced vet to remove the uterus. Once the female goes through the surgery, it is also necessary to offer post-operation care so that there will be no risk of infection.  The most common issue that pet parents face is the problematic behavior that goes beyond their understanding of their pet is not sprayed.

Once your female dog is six months of age, you can get them sprayed. It will help you ensure the healthy and happy life of your dog.


Neutering is the term that is used for the sterilization of dogs. Dogs get very hyper if they are not neutered and it could become a challenge for you to manage such behavior of your pet. Once your dog is of 6 months, you can get the surgery done.  This will help you calm your pet and you will see a better chance in the overall behavior of your dog.

What to look for?

Book an appointment

It is necessary to book an appointment with the vet to ensure that your dog is healthy to go through the surgery. The vet can do a regular checkup and help you understand the best time for the surgery.

There is a proper diet that you need to give to the dog after spraying/neutering; It takes some time for the animal to recover from it. It is also necessary to take care of the emotional needs of your pet after the surgery.  There are some medicines that you need to give to the dog after the surgery, you should be careful about it as it will help in healing the dog without any risk.