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Siberian Husky Price In Cooch Behar

Siberian Husky Puppies For Sale In Cooch Behar

If you are in the search of some methods of relieving stress, we are here to give the best advice. The Siberian Huskyis one of the adorable and unique breeds of the dog that are highly famous for its sparkling eyes and exceptional personality.

People can easily afford the Siberian Husky price and hence enjoy the company of such lovable socialized citizens. In Cooch Behar, the average price for Siberian Husky puppies ranges ₹30,000 to ₹80,000.

The Siberian husky is the most adorable and mysterious breed of dog whose weight ranges between 45 and 60 pounds and for females it is between 35 and 50 pounds. The personality is quite attractive and it is thickly coated.This breed is available in medium sizes and possesses eyes that are almond-shaped in the shades of blue and brown color. Many people prefer Siberian husky because they are nimble-footed and exhibit mysterious expressions.

If you are struggling in the selection of the right Siberian husky breed for you, we will guide you about the best breeds and affordable slab of husky dog price in Cooch Behar.

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Breed Name Siberian Husky
Origin United Kingdom and Canada
Breed Group Sporting Group
Height Male: 23 – 25 inches (57 – 62 cm) Female: 22 – 24 inches (55 – 60 cm)
Weight Male: 29 – 36 kg Female: 25 – 32 kg
Lifespan 10 – 14 Years
Gentle, Even Tempered, Kind, Intelligent, Kid, Friendly, Easy to train
Apartment Friendly 
Price  30, 000 – 80, 000

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