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Samoyed Price In Alipurduar

Samoyed Puppies For Sale In Alipurduar

At Premium Pet House, we provide you with breathtaking and healthy Samoyed puppies for sale in Alipurduar. Our team of ethical and responsible dog breeders shoulders the responsibility of showing you the best of the lot, helping you bring the cutest Samoyed puppy home. We share your love for these furry friends and guide you throughout your process of becoming a proud pet parent!

Samoyeds are mid-sized herding dogs popular for their thick and white double-layered coats. Belonging to the spitz family of dogs, Samoyeds get their name from the Samoyedic tribe of Siberia, their country of origin. They are descendants of Nenets Herding Laika and were originally used for hunting, herding, and pulling sleighs.

The price of Samoyed puppies in Alipurduar ranges from ₹40,000 to ₹1,00,000. You can choose the puppies and the price based on the type of breed and the variety you are looking for. Before making the final decision, make sure you engage with a dog breeder or a pet store that is reliable and ethical in raising puppies.

Now that you are thorough with both sides of the coin when it comes to getting a Samoyed puppy, you can reach out to us if you are willing to be proud Samoyed puppy parents today! just Connect at - 7722033399

Breed Name Samoyed
Origin Siberia, Russia
Breed Group Working Breed
Height Male: 21-23.5 inches Female: 19-21 inches
Weight Male: 20 – 30 kg Female: 16 - 20 kg
Lifespan 12 – 14 years
Lively, Playful, Friendly, Alert, Sociable, Stubborn
Apartment Friendly 
Price  40,000 - 1,20,000

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