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Poodle Price In Kalimpong

Poodle Puppies For Sale In Kalimpong

The price of Poodle puppies in Kalimpong ranges from ₹35,000 to ₹90,000. You can choose the puppies and the price based on the type of breed and the variety you are looking for. At Premium Pet House, we provide you with the healthiest and most beautiful Poodles for sale in Kalimpong. Our team of responsible and caring dog breeders breeds every Poodle with the care and sensitivity it deserves. Depending on the type of pet you are looking for, we help you choose the best alternative and guide you every step of the way to becoming a Poodle parent in Kalimpong.

Poodle is a popular breed of water dogs characterized by their furry signature coats and haughty personalities. The breed is divided into four major types based on size – Toy Poodle, Miniature Poodle, Medium Poodle, and Standard Poodle. While the Toy Poodle is the smallest and looks like a toy that breathes, the Standard Poodle is the largest in size. Although the Miniature Poodle is not the most common type, dog lovers are always the awe of Toy and Standard Poodles.

Poodles come in a range of different colors, including white, black, apricot, cream, sable, red, grey, and more. While a Toy Poodle is 24 to 28 cm tall, the Standard Poodle can be as tall as 60cm.

Now that you are thorough with both sides of the coin when it comes to getting a Poodle puppy, you can reach out to us if you are willing to be proud Poodle puppy parents today! just Connect at - 7722033399

Breed Name poodle
Origin Germany
Breed Group Non-Sporting group
Height Male: 23 – 27 inches Female: 22 – 24 inches
Weight Male: 60 – 70 pounds Female: 40 – 50 pounds
Lifespan 12 – 14 years
Intelligent, Alert, Active, Instinctual, Faithful, Trainable
Apartment Friendly 
Price  1,00,000 - 4,00,000

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