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Pitbull Puppies for Sale in Kolhapur

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Pitbull Puppy for Sale in Kolhapur

Before you caricature the pitbull and label it as bad, you must first ask yourself the right questions, especially whether it is the breed of the dog that wants this or if it is not an education issue. Indeed, a hairball is never born bad, it becomes if its owners want it.

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The characteristics of the Pitbull

It all depends on how you look at the pitbull, you will find that when viewed from above its head is shaped like a cone. Seeing it from the front, it looks well rounded. Its muzzle, meanwhile, remains very wide, with very sharp teeth. His body is particularly muscular, robust, while being very short. Its hips are very sloping and wide, giving it the perfect support for starting off "on wheel hats". Regarding the ears, they are straight and have no folds. Pitbulls in Kolhapur have very beautiful eyes, because of their roundness and their radiance, expressing a certain joie de vivre.


Discovered at the end of the 18th century and / or the beginning of the 19th century, the pitbull was designed to fight bulls and bring together the herds of breeders and hunters. He is a cross between the Bulldog and the Terrier.

Although this theory seems plausible, it is also said that the pitbull would derive its origins from the ancient mastiffs, at the time of the wars by the Assyrians. Anyway, the pitbull was marketed by the Phoenicians, during the war against the Romans. The various crosses have therefore given birth to lively, ferocious, active dogs. Currently, the pit bull is catalogued, although its character is quite different.

Breed Name PITBULL
Origin United States
Breed Group Sporting Group
Height Male: 45– 53 inches (57 – 62 cm) Female: 40– 50 inches (55 – 60 cm)
Weight Male: 35 – 60 pounds Female: 30 – 50 Pounds
Lifespan 8 – 15 years
Loyal, Clever, Stubborn, Intelligent,Obidient,Friendly
Apartment Friendly 
Price  25, 000 – 1,00,000

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Character of Pitbull dog

These dogs are actually calm in nature

Apart from the fact that the pitbull could have been trained to do fights, it should be known that by making it live in a calm and serene environment from its birth, it is very affectionate, kind animal, not aggressive at all.

Although he can show some aggression towards other dogs, especially in adulthood, he remains very gentle with humans, including young children. We can't take away his playful and stubborn character either. Regardless of his age, pitbull puppies for sale in Kolhapur keeps an unrivalled intelligence.

These dogs are strong

Robust, the pitbull requires very little maintenance and does not often get sick. However, when you take it out or go for a long walk or run with it, be careful that it does not stay in the sun for too long.

As for grooming, it is not useful to wash it every day. A few brushing (with a rubber brush) is enough to make it look good. Its short hair is very practical for that!

These dogs love to play

There are no rules imposed for a pit bull. Living in a community is always a plus so that his dissatisfaction with other dogs does not develop. It is essential to make Pitbull puppy for sale in Kolhapur exercise. Being a faithful companion who loves sport, he is always ready to do anything to comply when his master imposes a task on him.

Whether it is a difficult mission or not, tiring or not, the pitbull is there. Tireless, his vitality and dynamism are "out of the ordinary". In the midst of children, he knows how to be docile, pleasant and touching.

These dogs are loyal

The label that canine owners put on the pit bull should be removed. Why? Because well educated, he is very charming and loyal.

Show him that the master is you, he will no longer want to take the place of the dominant within your family. From an early age, pitbull puppies in Kolhapur should be socialized, both with other animals and with humans. Taking him out one or more times a day is a good compromise for him to let off steam and get some fresh air, while you teach him the commands "here", "no", "lying", "sitting" or others. You shouldn't be afraid of having a pit bull anymore. As with all dogs, your pit bull asks you for respect, love and a cosy little nest to relax or sleep in. What more? Finally, the pitbull is a good company, contrary to the prejudices that people have about him! You can visit a well know dog shop in Kolhapur and add a new member to your family today.

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