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German Shepherd Price In Paschim Medinipur

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Paschim Medinipur

In Paschim Medinipur, the average price for German Shepherd puppies ranges ₹20,000 to ₹1,00,000. Depending on the quality and Bloodline of the parents. This dog is considered the most powerful and heroic breed in the world. This dog breed has eleven distinct color variants and is usually known for its gorgeous tan, brown, and black color combinations.

The German Shepherd, a huge, agile, muscular canine of noble temperament and great intelligence, is generally regarded as dogkind's finest all-purpose worker. The German Shepherd is an absolute treat for dog lovers since he is loyal, self-assured, brave, and steadfast. German Shepherd Dogs may reach a height of 26 inches at the shoulder, and their form seems more like a picture of rounded, flowing curves than sharp angles. Their normal gait is a loose and effortless trot, but they have the ability to accelerate things up a bit and achieve high speeds.

If German Shepherd dogs should begin socializing and obedience training early in life to help prevent over-guarding and aggressive behavior. German Shepherd dogs weigh up to 95 pounds(41 kilograms). He has a well-built dog. The head is large and gracefully taper to a pointy nose. The ears are rather big and upright. A level, powerful back is complemented by a bushy tail that curls downward. The coat is thick and coarse and can be gray, black, tan, or black and tan. Although long-coated individuals are common, the coat should be rough and of medium length. You can get a proper German Shepherd puppy for sale in Paschim Medinipur from the best place.

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Breed Name German Shepherd
Origin Germany
Breed Group Working Group
Height Male: 60–65 cm Female: 55–60 cm
Weight Male: 30–40 kg Female: 22–32 kg
Lifespan 9 – 13 Years
Intelligent, Amiable, moderately active, Determined, Excitable
Apartment Friendly 
Price  20,000 – 1,00,000

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