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Cocker Spaniel For Sale In Kolhapur

Want to Purchase Cocker Spanial Puppies?

Cocker Dogs For Sale In Kolhapur

One of the best breeds of puppies that we have in our shelter is known as a cocker spaniel. Currently, we have this dog breed listed for sale in the Kolhapur region. So if you are planning to buy one, we must tell you how to take care of them.

Since not knowing their needs, their feed routine, and the things they can like can cause problems for you.

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So if you are someone looking for cocker spaniel sale in Kolhapur, you must look at these points:

Make your children know about the dog

There are many households where the children are not aware of what might hurt the dog. The children’s mostly injure the dog without knowing that it is frightening the dog or injuring it while playing. So make sure that when you bring home the dog, you educate your children’s first

Don’t be possessive

Usually, first-time dog owners are very possessive about their dog. They don’t want their dog to meet other pets. Never do this with a cocker spaniel. They usually get into depression when they are not socialized with other pets

Breed Name Cocker Spanial
Origin USA and England
Breed Group Sporting Group
Height Male: 14 – 21 inches Female: 13 – 20 inches
Weight Male: 12 – 19 kg Female: 10 – 16 kg
Lifespan 10 – 14 Years
Gentle, Even Tempered, Kind, Intelligent, Kid, Friendly, Easy to train
Apartment Friendly 
Price  15, 000 – 40, 000
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Adjustment time

Give them adjustment time: normally, your cocker spaniel will act a little frightened when they get into a new environment, don t expect the dog to know the house at the back of their minds at the first go. Make sure that you give them time to adjust to your house.


Obesity can be an issue for a cocker spaniel; hence you must take the dog for a walk at least 30 minutes per day. During the walk make sure that the leash is kept semi-loose, so that your dog can roam freely, but you will also be under your control

Please note that grooming is a very important aspect of a cocker spaniel. Its time consuming too. So if you are not prepared to provide time for your dog, we advise that you stop searching for cocker spaniel price in Kolhapur as this is not for you. Make sure to use a brush every day to keep the coat free from any tangled fur. At the first, during brushing, they can act nervous, but soon they will start loving it.

Health problem

Some of the common heath problems associated with cocker spaniel is cataracts, patellar luxation, and glaucoma. So be prepared for regular health checkups if you're planning to buy English cocker spaniel breeders in Kolhapur

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