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American Bully Price In Birbhum

American Bully Puppies For Sale In Birbhum

American Bully is a fairly new breed of dogs that make great companions to humans. Bred specifically to be companion dogs, American Bullies are shorter than large dogs but have the same aggression, vigor, and strength. They are playful and full of energy, often helping their owners in their daily exercise routines. American Bullies are also extremely protective of their owners and possess unconditional loyalty for them.

American Bullies sport a coat that is short, stiff to the touch, close, and glossy. With a broad skull and sharp cheek muscles, they have high-set ears and well-defined jaws. They look like sturdy little companions you do not want to mess with! Their deep and broad chests make them carry themselves with pride and confidence.

The price of American Bully puppies in Birbhum ranges from ₹30,000 to ₹80,000. This price depends on factors like the dog’s size, color, type, lineage, location, and breeder reputation. At Premium Pet House, we provide you with the healthiest American Bullies for sale in Birbhum. Whatever your requirements are, we have the right option for you at our breeding farms. Our team of ethical and responsible breeders will guide you every step of the way as you look for the right American Bully puppy for you or your loved ones.

Breed Name American Bully
Origin United States
Breed Group Bull Breed
Height Male/Female: 13 – 20 inches
Weight Male/Female: 20 – 60 kg
Lifespan 8 – 13 years
happy, outgoing, stable, Good-natured, amusing, and confident
Apartment Friendly 
Price  30,000 - 80,000

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